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Sounds good boyars! Useful and tasty hawthorn tincture on vodka at home


Tincture of hawthorn improves heart function and elasticity of blood vessels. It helps to reduce tachycardia and arrhythmia.

When used moderately, tincture lowers blood sugar and boosts immunity, helps fight depression, insomnia and vitamin deficiency. In tincture hawthorn retains all the benefits.

Tincture of hawthorn on vodka

For a more saturated solution, it is better to use dried hawthorn fruit.


  • hawthorn - 0.2 kg.,
  • vodka - 1 l,
  • honey - 30 gr.,
  • cinnamon, vanilla.


  1. Take a clean can of 1.5-2 liters.
  2. Put dried hawthorn berries and fill with a liter of vodka or any alcohol corresponding to the strength.
  3. You can use brandy or diluted alcohol.
  4. Close the cap tightly and place in a dark place.
  5. About once a week, the contents of the container must be shaken.
  6. After three weeks, the solution will turn red and the berries will give all the beneficial substances to the tincture.
  7. Strain the solution through cheesecloth, carefully squeeze the berries and add vanilla, cinnamon and honey to taste.
  8. Leave in the dark for another week.
  9. It is better to store ready tincture in a glass container of dark color.

For therapeutic purposes, it is enough to drink one teaspoon per day.

Tincture of hawthorn and rosehip

Hawthorn tincture on vodka at home with the addition of rosehip is enriched with vitamins and has a slightly sour taste.


  • hawthorn - 50 gr.,
  • wild rose - 50 gr.
  • vodka - 0.5 l,
  • sugar - 50 gr.,
  • water.


  1. Place the dried hawthorn and wild rose fruits in a suitable-sized glass jar.
  2. Cover with vodka and seal the lid tightly.
  3. Insist in a dark place for one month, occasionally shaking.
  4. At the end of the period, strain through cheesecloth and carefully squeeze the berries.
  5. Prepare sugar syrup by dissolving granulated sugar in a small amount of water.
  6. Bring to a boil and allow to cool completely.
  7. Add to the container with tincture and mix.
  8. Insist for about a week, and then strain and pour into a bottle of dark glass.

If you use such a drink as an aperitif before dinner in small quantities, you will not have problems with sleep. If you add chopped kalgan root, the drink will have a slight bitterness inherent in cognac.

Tincture of fresh hawthorn berries on vodka

You can prepare the tincture from fresh, ripe berries, but they will need more.


  • hawthorn - 1 kg.,
  • vodka - 0.5 l,
  • sugar - 30 gr.,
  • cinnamon, vanilla.


  1. Ripe berries need to sort, remove the stem and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Dry the hawthorn on a paper towel and place in a glass jar of a suitable size.
  3. Fill with vodka or purified moonshine and seal the lid tightly.
  4. Insist on for about a month in a cool dark place.
  5. In this recipe, sugar can be added immediately; when shaken, it will completely dissolve by the end of the specified period.
  6. Strain and pour the tincture into the bottle.

It should be used in therapeutic doses to relieve tension, increase immunity, prevent colds and viral infections.

Tincture of hawthorn and mountain ash

You can make a therapeutic tincture with the addition of black chokeberry, which matures simultaneously with the hawthorn.


  • hawthorn - 150 gr.,
  • rowan - 150 gr.,
  • vodka - 1 l,
  • sugar - 100 gr.


  1. Fresh berries need to sort out, removing the spoiled fruit and twigs.
  2. Rinse thoroughly under running water and dry on paper towel.
  3. Put the berries in a jar and fill with vodka.
  4. After two weeks, add sugar and mix thoroughly so that the crystals are completely dissolved in the drink.
  5. Leave to insist for a few more days.
  6. After this solution must be filtered and poured into bottles.
  7. To use this tincture should also be in medical doses.

This drink has a rich beautiful color and a light, pleasant bitterness.

Tincture of hawthorn berries is a powerful tool and has contraindications for use for people who can not drink alcohol. Before using this tool, consult your doctor.

Hawthorn tincture on vodka should not be given to children and pregnant women, and people who are allergic to any component.

Try to prepare hawthorn tincture according to any of the suggested recipes, and your relatives will not have problems with heart diseases, depressions and seasonal colds.

Useful and harmful properties of hawthorn tincture

Hawthorn - probably one of the most useful fruits that grow in our latitudes in the wild. Healing substances in it - darkness! Pectin and tannins, which are currently popular flavonoids, iraising free radicals at the root — the culprits of aging and oncology (as it is believed); a lot of microelements and vitamins, including those useful in combination with alcohol C and PP.

Before you prepare hawthorn tincture on vodka, you need to choose the right berry. The fact is that there are more than a thousand species of this plant, in the spaces of the former USSR - about 30. Each species has its own flavor, aromatic and biologically active properties.

In order not to be sprayed, today we will discuss only recipes for blood-red hawthorn spirit tinctures - the one used in pharmacology. But this does not mean that green, yellow or brown-black berries can not be used - it is possible, only the recipe will need to be adjusted "by itself". Fortunately, unlike, for example, juniper, poisonous species of hawthorn does not exist.

Tincture on hawthorn helps with:

  • stresses of various forms and configurations (as, indeed, all the delicious homemade booze),
  • overstrain of mind and body (again)
  • insomnia (hawthorn has a good sedative effect),
  • neurosis (not only eliminates the effects of neurotic reactions, but also contributes to minimizing them),
  • The IRR diagnosed in 70% of city dwellers is in cardiological and hypertensive (but not hypotonic!) Form,
  • disturbances of heart rhythms, arrhythmias, partially - tachycardias,
  • fluctuations in blood pressure - “puts in place” your blood pressure, counteracting further sharp jumps,
  • increased risk of heart attacks and other heart problems - for example, in adulthood and for a number of specific diseases,
  • surprise! - chronic herpes.

So, the answer to the question "is it possible to drink?". If you have pressure, poor sleep, IRR - hawthorn tincture on moonshine according to the recipes given below, it is quite possible to use in reasonable quantities - it will be only better (they say that it is much easier for hypertensive people to hangover from this kind of alcohol than from ordinary booze). You can also pour 20 grams of this mixture to your favorite old aunt at dinner.

But if the “motor” is mischievous or you have any disease of cardiovascular system diagnosed - drink only after consulting a doctor!

Moonshine on hawthorn - a recipe for a simple "drinking" tincture

The hawthorn berry itself has a weak taste and smell, therefore, in order to make the product more pleasant to drink, the fruits of this plant are combined with other ingredients. For example, in this recipe - with a standard "tincture" set: honey, cinnamon and vanilla. On a liter jar of tincture we need:

  • 800 g of moonshine or alcohol 50%
  • 1 cup dried hawthorn berries
  • 1 small cinnamon stick
  • whisper vanilla or 4-5 g vanilla sugar
  • 1 tbsp. l fragrant honey

Preparing the tincture is extremely simple. Berries need to fall asleep in a jar, add cinnamon and insist for at least 3 weeks - ideally, until the fruit gives the drink all the color, and they themselves become barely yellow. After this, the tincture must be properly filtered through cheesecloth, squeeze the pulp and again pass it through a cotton filter. Next - slightly heat the honey, mix it with vanilla sugar and pour in the tincture. Thoroughly stir and let it rest for another week - during this time a sediment (wax and other impurities from honey) will fall to the bottom of the bottle, therefore the hawthorn tincture on alcohol will need to be banished again through cotton wool. All you can drink!

She helped, she said, to her poor serfs: to whom - decoction, to whom - tincture, to whom - by the cherished word. And when the boyar's time came to die - the grateful peasants went to the forest witch and asked for eternal life for the lady. And she took it and turned it into a plant, giving fruit, healing from all ailments. The thorn bush was called “hawthorn”. So, help people.

Tincture on vodka: hawthorn with rosehip and kalgan

The combination of hawthorn and wild rose is a classic! Rosehip will give the drink a slightly sour taste and make the taste more complete, enhance the healing properties and improve the color of the drink. And the kalgan will give a slight sharpness, peculiar to bitter tinctures and a certain "woody", "cognac" taste. The recipe is developed and tested by the Ukrainian moonshineman, known in the network under the nickname "Alkofan". For half a liter of vodka we will need:

  • 500 ml of vodka / alcohol / moonshine 40-50%
  • 1.5 Art. l dried hawthorn
  • 1 tbsp. l dried rosehip
  • 1/2 tsp crushed Kalgan or 2-3 cuts of 3 mm fresh
  • 1 tbsp. l sugar and water - for syrup

Preparing this tincture is also easy. Dried berries and kalgan should be thrown into a jar, filled with vodka and kept for 3 weeks - a month in a dark warm place, occasionally shaking. At the end of this period, drain and strain the liquid, squeeze the berries with gauze. Make a standard syrup of equal parts of sugar and water, sweeten the tincture and give them a few more days to rest. Done, you can taste!

Bitter Erofeitch tincture with hawthorn

"Erofeich" - a drink that has nothing to do with Benedict Erofeev, who does not even have a single exact recipe. In the 18th-19th centuries, the Russian district nobility became involved in preparing home-made moonshine — then the “official” vodka was completely of poor quality (as well as now). The taste of distillate needed to be improved - and a variety of herbs, roots, berries and spices available in a given region were used, giving rise to hundreds of the most interesting variants of this bitter tincture.

In the relevant material you will find as many as 10 recipes for various “erofeiches”, and today - a recipe for tincture with hawthorn on moonshine from a certain Andrei Lazarev. According to the author, the drink is a 100% replica of the Soviet “Yerofich”, which at one time was produced by the alcoholic beverage industry in large quantities.

I’ll say right away that there are many ingredients here, and not all of them are widely available. But in our case, experiment is an important and, at times, inevitable thing. Therefore, we take what we have, and use the recipe only for advisory and informational purposes.

  • 1 liter of high quality moonshine 50%
  • 5 g hawthorn berries
  • 5 g dried Hypericum
  • 5 g dried peppermint
  • 5 g dried lemon balm
  • 5 g dried oregano
  • 2.5 g dried thyme
  • 2.5 g dried clover
  • 2.5 g dried marjoram
  • 2.5 g dried bitter wormwood
  • 2.5 g dried yarrow
  • 2.5 g of dried spring primrose (initial letter white)
  • 1.25 g cardamom seeds
  • 1.25 g of seeds of anise (not badin!)

Speaking of spring primrose. So can call the first spring flowers of different plants. I will give the whole list (it hurts so funny):

... baranchiki, sheep, initial letter white, yellow, green, tubercles, firstborn, jaundice, yellow liberia, ice cream, Nicolas, traveling proleska, magpie, flight, God's handles, heavenly keys.

"Arguments and Facts"

Preparing this tincture on vodka with hawthorn is easy, especially if you have good kitchen scales. All ingredients are poured into a jar, poured with moonshine or sorting the appropriate strength and poured with vodka, thoroughly churned and sent for a week in a dark place. After infusion, the liquid is filtered through gauze and cotton wool. If necessary, it can be slightly sweetened (no more than a teaspoon of sugar per liter of drink). Give a rest a couple of days - and you can taste that at one time drank all sorts of Sheremetyevo, Morozov, Koshkin and other Troyekurovs.

Drink with pleasure, do not be zealous, and you will be healthy!

How is hawthorn useful?

Hawthorn - This is a wild berry. It is distributed in many territories, due to which it is widely available. This berry is just a storehouse of vitamins and other beneficial substances, which it transfers to alcohol when insisting. Due to this hawthorn liqueur has the following useful properties:

  • Slowing the aging of the body.
  • Cancer Prevention.
  • Relief of heart pain.
  • Normalization of the cardiovascular system.
  • Soothing.
  • Normalization of the joints.
  • Relieving bouts of rheumatism.
  • Improving the digestive tract.
  • Cheer up.
  • Improve memory and performance.

Homemade hawthorn tincture has a complex effect on the entire human body. Pouring should definitely cook yourself. This is the only way to select the best quality and ripe berries and good alcohol. It is the combination of first-class raw materials and home-made that gives such a positive health effect and a pleasant taste to eat.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that some tinctures are prepared for normal use, and some for medical treatment. Their formulations may differ, as well as a positive effect on the body. Therefore, when choosing the technology of preparation, you need to immediately determine what kind of pouring you need to get. Medical infusion can be taken only in small doses, but the reception should be regular, for a long time. Tableware hawthorn liqueurs on the contrary consume more, but the positive effect of their reception will not be as noticeable as the previous ones.

How to make hawthorn tincture

The tincture of hawthorn fruit is primarily berries. Therefore, the initial stage of preparation is the selection and preparation of raw materials. The easiest way to purchase hawthorn berries is to buy them at the nearest pharmacy. But medical fruits may not be sufficiently ripe or of high quality. It is better to harvest it in advance so that it remains for the winter.

Hawthorn is not only red. Just so we used to see him more often. In fact, the berries can have a yellow, scarlet, brown, and even brown tint. The tincture can be made from any variety, as the hawthorn has no poisonous species, and it is impossible to be mistaken. One has only to take into account that the bulk of the recipes are designed for the use of exactly red, that is sold in all pharmacies. If the berry was harvested on its own and has a different variety, then it is necessary to take into account its taste properties and, if possible, add additional ingredients to obtain a pleasant drink.

Berries are collected at the end of the first autumn month and thoroughly dried. To do this, you need to sort out a fresh crop of leaves and debris and lay out in one layer. It is important that the room was well ventilated, and, when using a special dryer, the temperature in it did not exceed 50 degrees.

The second stage is mixing the ingredients before insisting. In order to get quality tincture, good alcohol is selected. Most often for these purposes are used: vodka, alcohol or thoroughly cleaned home brew. Tincture on hawthorn on vodka or alcohol at home is aged in a dark container. It is important that it be from such material that will not interact with the alcohol component. Do not use metal and plastic. From exposure in such containers form harmful substances that spoil the taste of the drink.

Hawthorn berries are poured into the selected container. It should occupy about three quarters of the total volume. The rest of the jar is filled with alcohol. If there are other ingredients in the recipe, they are also added at this stage. Sometimes the berries have to pre-knead, soak or boil. It is worth paying attention to when choosing a recipe.

Sometimes, in order to enhance the taste and transfer to alcohol, as much as possible of the extracts of hawthorn berries are kneaded to obtain juice. There are also recipes with a decoction. In this method of cooking has its advantages, but due to heat treatment, hawthorn will lose most of its useful properties.

The filled bank is tightly plugged and sent to storage. At this point, the third stage begins. Insist the mixture in a dark, preferably cool place. The temperature of the room should not exceed 23 - 25 degrees. The duration of the extract tincture takes from one to two months depending on the recipe. The finished drink is filtered through a sieve to separate the solid part and poured into a convenient container for storage. Keep it cool. Additional infusion of liquor is not always required, but the longer it is stored, the better the bouquet opens and the taste becomes brighter.

The easiest and most popular way of cooking is hawthorn tincture with vodka. The recipe for fresh berries includes two main ingredients. Hawthorn and alcohol are mixed and infused until fully prepared. In more complex recipes flavoring and aromatic additives are added. Honey, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, various spices and many other things may be present, which the author’s imagination is enough for, since the preparation of hawthorn tincture is not limited in composition to rigid frames. Every cook can bring something of their own, even in the most unusual recipe.

In addition to flavoring infusions of hawthorn may also be included in the infusion.Even the berries themselves can be added both as a whole and crushed. The bones are separated or stored depending on the recipe. Often they are not recorded anywhere, but simply from year to year are transferred to each other from experienced manufacturers. The most ancient technologies are learned by heart and are periodically improved.

To make the taste even more interesting and more versatile, it is practiced to add other wild-growing berries to the flavor. The most popular are: rowan and wild rose. They are a bit similar in their properties and taste characteristics with hawthorn, so its taste is not set off by additives, but, on the contrary, is enriched and revealed with new notes.

Hawthorn tincture on vodka: an old recipe

The hawthorn tincture recipe on vodka is considered a classic and has a pleasant soft taste and aroma. It fits perfectly to the table as an aperitif and has an affordable and reasonably cheap list of ingredients.

  • Hawthorn berries dry - 200 grams.
  • Vodka - 1 liter.
  • Cinnamon chopsticks - 1 piece.
  • Vanilla - on the tip of a knife.
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon.

In this recipe, real vanilla can be replaced with vanilla sugar, but it will take a little more - about half a standard sachet. Honey can also be replaced with regular sugar. But it is better to use the specified ingredients. Thus, the traditional taste is preserved from the ancient times.

The classic recipe involves 2 stages of infusion. At first you need to put the berries in a jar and pour them with vodka. The mixture is hermetically sealed and thoroughly agitated. Capacity is removed in a dark place, excluding the ingress of direct sunlight and maintained for 20 - 30 days. The ambient temperature should not be hot and not very cold, in the region of 23 - 25 degrees. All this time, 2 times a week, the container should be shaken to evenly distribute the berries. The readiness of the primary tincture is determined by the loss of color of the berries. They become light or yellow, depending on the initial color.

After that, the liquid must be separated from the berries, pressing them. The resulting tincture can be left alone and prepare a sweet additive. Honey needs to be melted. When using sugar to touch it is not necessary. Honey or granulated sugar is mixed with vanilla and added to the filtered liquid. Cinnamon is also sent there. The whole mixture is tightly sealed with a lid and infused under the same conditions for another week.

The hawthorn tincture obtained after aging should be filtered through cheesecloth. It is better not to use a sieve, as it is necessary to separate the cloudy precipitate. The clear liquid is poured into containers for further storage and placed in a cool place. Such a drink will have a strength of 33 to 35 degrees and can be stored for up to three years.

Pouring hawthorn with rowan

The recipe for making liqueurs from these berries is quite simple and quick. It does not take a lot of berries and time for aging. With this technology of preparation, additional insistence is applied, but it is not great. Therefore, this method of obtaining tincture of hawthorn is suitable for those who are in a hurry with preparing for any holiday, or simply do not like to wait long. For cooking will need:

  • Vodka or alcohol - 1 liter.
  • Hawthorn berries - 100 grams.
  • Rowan berries - 100 grams.
  • Sugar - 1 tablespoon.

Selected berries are cleaned of leaves and other debris, washed and poured into a jar. You can crush them a little. In order for them to continue to give juice. But do not completely knead the berry mashed. It will be superfluous. Fruits are poured with selected alcohol and sent for aging. The premises for this need to be chosen in such a way that it provides a stable temperature of 23 degrees and excludes direct sunlight. Good for this fit a variety of pantry. The exposure time is about two weeks. The liquid should be painted in the color of the berries.

After that, you need to separate the tincture from the berries themselves through gauze or a sieve. The resulting liquid is mixed with sugar. It is added to taste, so the amount can vary and not coincide with that indicated in the recipe. This tincture is poured into a storage container and kept for another 2 to 3 days, periodically stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. After the time you can start tasting.

Hawthorn on vodka with wild rose and calgane

Preparation of hawthorn tincture with rosehip and kalgan at home is another popular recipe. The combination of hawthorn and rosehip only improves and enhances the taste of the tincture. Plus, dogrose gives spicy sour drink. If everything is clear with this berry, then not many people know what Kalgan is. This is the root of the plant, something resembling ginger. It has a bitter spicy taste and many beneficial properties. Its addition gives the tincture cognac-woody notes refining drink. For cooking will require:

  • Vodka - 1 liter.
  • Hawthorn berries - 100 grams.
  • Rosehip berries - 100 grams.
  • Ground root powder - 5 grams.
  • Sugar - 1 tablespoon.

The berries are mixed with the ground Kalgan root and placed in a container. Instead of ground, you can use fresh root, but then you need to cut 3 thin slices. The mixture is poured with alcohol and sent to insist in a dark place with a constant room temperature. The bottle should be shaken every three days. The exposure time is about one month. Willingness is determined by the acquisition of scarlet liquid.

After that, the tincture is filtered from the berries and Kalgan and mixed with pre-prepared sugar syrup. This mixture is bottled for storage and kept for a couple of days, constantly stirring. Only after this tincture can be considered ready and proceed to tasting.

Tincture "Erofeich" on moonshine

Tincture of hawthorn on moonshine with such a sonorous and rare name at one time even released on an industrial scale. Now, to enjoy this taste will have to work a little, as the tincture contains a lot of different herbs. Its taste, unlike its fellows, is quite bitter and tart, for the amateur. But try to make such a drink, alone at least once worth it. For cooking will require:

  • Pure moonshine 5 degree - 1 liter.
  • Hawthorn berries - 5 grams.
  • A mixture of herbs mint, melissa, St. John's wort and oregano - 5 grams each.
  • A mixture of thyme, marjoram, clover, yarrow and bitter wormwood - 3 grams each.
  • Anise is simple - 2 grams.
  • Cardamom seed - 2 grams.

The entire long list of ingredients is mixed in one container with alcohol and thoroughly shaken. The resulting mixture is aged in a dark place at room temperature for two weeks. The resulting tincture must be carefully filtered. To do this, apply gauze, folded several times with cotton between layers. The finished drink is poured into bottles for further storage and infused for a couple of days until full readiness. After that you can start tasting.


Such a drink does not have any individual contraindications, other than traditional ones, applicable to alcoholic beverages. You can not use this drink is not reached the age of majority, especially young children. Also, do not forget about this restriction for pregnant girls and nursing mothers. Care should be taken to use those who have problems with the stomach, pancreas or liver. In the presence of peptic ulcer disease, you should abandon the use of hawthorn tincture. In other cases, you just need to be careful in the application. Allergic reactions to components of the tincture are possible. In this case, the use is terminated.

Hawthorn tincture is a very useful and tasty drink when properly prepared. Drink non-therapeutic format is now hardly possible to find on the shelves. That is why it is necessary to try to cook it yourself.

Hawthorn is useful for old people, who with age begin to weaken the heart muscle, as well as young people, whose heart is subjected to a serious load due to high physical activity, stress, diseases.

Hawthorn preparations, including the infusion of berries, enhance the action of cardiac glycosides. This allows in some cases to reduce the drug dose of the latter. The hawthorn tincture itself can cope with small deviations in the heart rhythm. For severe disorders, tincture should be combined with medication.

In heart failure, when the body does not fully cope with pumping blood to peripheral organs, the tincture causes it to contract more strongly, while at the same time holding back the frequency of contractions.

It dilates the blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in blood pressure. In the initial stages of hypertension, its use can stop the development of the disease.

At later stages - the tincture must be combined with medical preparations that lower the pressure.

The fruit's ability to neutralize blood vessel spasm can be used to reduce the incidence of angina attacks. Hawthorn tincture regulates lipid metabolism, which can significantly reduce the concentration of cholesterol. It also affects the state of the coronary vessels during ischemia of the heart. In this case, it will be more efficient to apply a mixture of motherwort and hawthorn tinctures.

Tincture has antioxidant orientation. It interferes with the action of free radicals, which destroy healthy cells, leading the human body to premature wear and aging.

We offer you a video describing the healing properties of hawthorn and the recipe for making tincture:

Tincture of hawthorn at home: popular recipes. How to prepare tincture of hawthorn at home

For most people, the very mention of hawthorn tincture is immediately mentally sent to a pharmacy, where these familiar drugs are in dark bottles. However, not everyone knows that not only curative but also simple drinking liqueurs are prepared from these berries. It is exactly the recipes for how to prepare hawthorn tincture at home, we will devote the following material.

The presence of hawthorn tincture at home will always be the right and necessary solution. This drink has long been recognized by doctors and is recommended by them in the treatment of angina, hypertension and many other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

However, this is not all the useful properties of this drink, the list of which is very wide. It is also included in the list of medicines, but it was used by the people long before it received official recognition.

To date, this tincture is widely available to anyone, because, firstly, its cost is very low, and secondly, it can be purchased at any pharmacy kiosk. The benefits of hawthorn has long been proven, and even today it is very popular with people who care about their health.

The benefits of hawthorn tincture

All the beneficial properties of these drugs are primarily associated with their special chemical composition, which includes various alkaloids of the plant, its basis, a lot of vitamins, macro- and microelements, amino acids, as well as fatty, essential oils and ethanol. The highest concentration of nutrients is present in the flowers, leaves and fruits of hawthorn.

The useful properties of this drug should include:

  • the ability to normalize heart rhythms and lower blood pressure due to the cardiotonic effect,
  • positive effect on blood circulation in the brain and myocardium,
  • the ability to reduce total cholesterol in the blood, which has a preventive effect on the formation of vascular atherosclerosis,
  • very well shows sedative properties, calming the nervous system,
  • helps the body to cope with various stressogenic factors
  • has a rejuvenating effect, slows the aging process,
  • helps to eliminate cramps in the vessels
  • a positive effect on the immune system,
  • has a tonic effect,
  • improves the activity of the thyroid gland,
  • positive effect on the cognitive functions of the brain,
  • able to alleviate the condition of women during preclimax and menopause.

Harm and side effects tincture

Despite the positive effects of this drug described above, there are a number of contraindications and cases where taking such a tincture can cause significant harm to your body. Here is a list of such cases:

  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • hawthorn preparations are not recommended for children under 12 years old,
  • vascular dystonia of the hypotonic type,
  • constant use of antiarrhythmic drugs,
  • allergy to the components of the drug or another type of individual intolerance,
  • various heart defects
  • consistently low blood pressure
  • tachycardia and arrhythmia.

Among the possible side effects should be identified drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, the occurrence of allergic reactions, abdominal pain. However, it should be noted that the likelihood of the development of such reactions in the case of the use of this drug in therapeutic dosages is extremely small.

Indications for use

  1. Hypertonic disease. A particularly pronounced effect from taking such tinctures is observed in the case of recently identified hypertension. Sometimes, to control all symptoms, it is enough just to take tinctures, without concurrent use of other medications. It is recommended to take it for 30-35 drops before meals 2-3 times a day.
  2. Atherosclerosis. From atherosclerosis well helps mixed tincture of hawthorn, along with propolis. They are mixed in equal proportions and take 20-30 drops every day before meals 3-4 times.
  3. Rheumatism. From rheumatism is best to use tincture prepared on the flowers of this plant. It is recommended to apply both directly on the affected joints, and take orally 35-40 drops half an hour before meals.
  4. Disorders of the endocrine system. First of all, it is worth mentioning the hyperactive work of the thyroid gland and menopause. With a similar pathology hawthorn take 20-25 drops before meals 3-4 times a day.
  5. Insomnia, disorders of the brain. In case of such pathologies, these drugs are most often prescribed as an adjuvant therapy, due to the extremely difficult methodology of their therapy and the long waiting time for the onset of its active action. The most commonly used tincture is 40% alcohol, 2-3 times daily before meals, 25-30 drops.
  6. Flu. With various acute respiratory viral infections and flu, hawthorn is primarily prescribed as a drug that promotes the active work of the immune system and has general tonic properties. More often in this case it is taken 2 times a day before meals, 30-40 drops.

How to cook at home

It should be noted that there are a huge number of different recipes that give recommendations on how to properly make these or other hawthorn tinctures, but in this article we will limit ourselves to the most popular and proven ones. Below you will find a small list of different tinctures and methods for their preparation.

Hawthorn tincture on water

  1. Carefully wash 2 tablespoons of berries and 2 tablespoons of hawthorn leaves.
  2. Fill them with three glasses of boiling water.
  3. Put in a warm place for 2-3 hours.

The resulting product must be stored away from sunlight. He is able to provide its healing properties for 2 weeks.

Tincture of hawthorn on alcohol

  1. Take 100 g of the berries of the plant, wash them and dry thoroughly.
  2. After that add to them 1 liter of 70% alcohol. It is advisable to put everything in a glass jar.
  3. Allow the infusion to infuse for three weeks.
  4. Strain the solution and discard the berries.

This tincture must be protected from excessive heat and sunlight. It has no expiration date.

Tincture of flowers

Flowers - one of the components that contain a fairly large number of alcohol-soluble biologically active substances. Therefore, for the preparation of medicines based on hawthorn flowers, it is recommended to use pharmaceutical alcohol with the highest concentration.

  1. Take 100 g of flowers from the plant, wash them thoroughly and chop them in a blender.
  2. Add to them 500 g of 98% alcohol.
  3. Allow the tincture to stand in a dark, warm place for two weeks.
  4. Strain the solution and discard the rest of the flowers.

The obtained drug must be stored so that it does not fall into direct sunlight. It has no expiration date.

Some more recipes

To enhance the natural positive properties of this plant, it is recommended to prepare medicines that would include some other plants in addition to hawthorn, for example, rosehip, calgane, cinnamon, etc. Here are a few of these recipes:

  1. Take in equal proportions hawthorn berries and wild rose.
  2. Fill them with the same amount of 70% alcohol.
  3. Let it brew for 14 days in a dark place.
  4. Отфильтруйте настой и выбросьте плоды.

Полученная настойка очень хорошо помогает организму бороться с различными простудными заболеваниями и гриппом.

  1. Возьмите 2 столовые ложки боярышника, 1 столовую ложку шиповника и половину чайной ложки калгана.
  2. Добавьте к ним 1 столовую ложку сахара и пол-литра водки.
  3. Mix all ingredients until smooth and allow to brew for 2-4 weeks.

This tincture helps very well to cope with various cardiovascular pathologies, and also has the maximum tonic effect.

  1. Take 3 tablespoons of hawthorn berries.
  2. Add to them 1 tablespoon of honey and carefully mash everything until a homogeneous slurry forms.
  3. Fill the resulting mixture with 100 grams of vodka.
  4. Let the medicine stand for 2 weeks.

Such a tool is excellent for coping with headaches, migraines, insomnia and other neurological disorders.

Remember that the recipes of traditional medicine - this is certainly a good method of treatment, but they are not always able to replace traditional medicine. So do not hesitate in case of such a need to seek help from a doctor.