General information

Trichodermin: properties, action, order and application patterns


All cultures, irrespective of the place of cultivation, be it a window sill in an apartment or a summer cottage, can be periodically attacked by pests and affected by various diseases. The cause can be both fungi and viruses. But now a huge amount of funds are being released that help to cope with all the problems; it is only important to use them in time. Sometimes it is difficult to choose from a huge range. We will try to help a little and consider what is better than "Trichodermin" or "Fitosporin" in the fight against plant ailments.

To begin, consider the features of each drug.

The composition and scope of "Trichodermina"

Biological product "Trichodermin" is an antifungal agent that can destroy more than 60 types of diseases provoked by parasitic fungi. Most often, manufacturers produce the product in powder form, but recently appeared "Trichodermin" in a liquid state.

The drug contains:

  • Spores and mycelium of the fungus Trichoderma.
  • Soil substrate in the form of a powder or suspension, obtained on the basis of peat, fermented by a fungus.

Why use the tool "Trichodermin"? The instructions for use indicate that it is intended to:

  • Fight against fungal diseases of cultivated plants.
  • Seed treatment before planting.
  • Planting dressing.

The drug is suitable as a disinfecting and prophylactic agent. It effectively fights against plant diseases such as:

  • Late blight.
  • Fruit rot.
  • Fusarium
  • Microscopy.
  • Rhizoctoniosis.
  • Mealy dew.
  • Scab.
  • Blackleg.
  • Phomoz and many others.

You can use the tool for:

  • Soils.
  • Seed and other planting material.
  • Plant seedlings.

Anyone can purchase “Trichodermin” for plant protection, its price is quite affordable - within 100-200 rubles (depending on the size of the pack).

The principle of the drug

So, we talked about the composition and cost of "Trichodermin". Instructions for use will be discussed below. For now we will study the mechanism of actions of this means:

  1. After using the preparation for treating plants, the fungus, which is part of it, proceeds to enhanced reproduction. At the same time, biologically active compounds and antibiotics are secreted.
  2. Enzymes and released substances have a negative effect on the reproduction process of pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. Means allocates carbon, which takes part in the process of splitting organic substances into inorganic. Compounds of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus are formed.
  4. The soil is enriched with nutrients.
  5. The process of nitrification and decay is accelerated.
  6. Cell sap boosts immunity in plants, accelerates growth processes. Culture grows faster, acquires resistance to diseases and negative environmental factors.

"Trikhodermin" or "Fitosporin" - which is better? It is hard to say. But after processing, positive results are noticeable after a short time.

Recommendations for use

The drug "Trichodermin" can be used to care for many cultivated plants. Recommendations for use can be given as follows:

  1. Processing planting material and seedlings. As for the seeds, they should be soaked in a 2% solution for 5 minutes or you can sprinkle with the preparation powder. To prevent the rot of bulbous crops, before planting the bulbs and root crops, treat with “Trichodermin” suspension, 30 kg is enough for a kilogram of material. In the process of planting seedlings directly into the ground, you need to make 3-4 ml of the drug per plant, you can directly pour the powder in the amount of 25 grams per square meter.
  2. Use for tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetable crops. How to breed "Trichodermin" in this case? Add 100 ml of the preparation to the bucket of water. For prophylactic purposes, use the solution for spraying plants every 14-20 days. The procedure is best done in the evening or in cloudy weather.
  3. When growing potatoes, the drug helps protect the planting from fomoz, scab, and black leg. Processing can begin with planting material. To process 100 kg of seed tubers with a solution, to take 200 grams of Trichodermin powder for 10 liters of water. Processing should be carried out three times: after emergence, during flowering and after it.
  4. Fruit and berry cultures. "Trichodermin" helps to save the planting from rot, cytosporosis, phytophtoras. The solution is used for spraying. To prepare the solution, you need to take 50 ml of the suspension in a bucket of water. The procedure can be carried out from the moment of bud swelling and during the growing season several times.
  5. It is recommended to use "Trichodermin" to improve the composition of the soil and disinfection. In the fall, you can add the drug along with mulch, green plant residues or shed the soil in the spring just before planting.
  6. For indoor plants means is used at the rate of 10 grams of powder per liter of water.

From the above it is clear that “Trichodermin” is widely used, the price of the drug allows you to purchase it without problems for the family budget. Moreover, you can always buy a smaller amount of funds.

Drug benefits

The tool is popular with gardeners and gardeners, and to answer the question: "Trichodermin" or "Fitosporin," which is better? ", Consider the merits of the first tool, and they are:

  1. Substances that are part of the drug are completely safe for animals and humans.
  2. Does not have a toxic effect on plants.
  3. The drug does not affect insect pollinators.
  4. Does not pollute the environment.
  5. Significantly increases crop yields.
  6. When used, it does not accumulate in fruits, root crops.
  7. Can be used together with fungicides, pesticides, except chemicals with the addition of copper and mercury.
  8. Shows identical efficiency on different types of the soil.
  9. Retains its effect for a month after processing.
  10. Increases plant immunity.
  11. Accelerates growth processes.

These benefits explain the great popularity of the drug.

And then it is logical to consider the features and use of "Fitosporin" to answer the question of which of the drugs is better.

Purpose of "Fitosporin"

The drug "Fitosporin" is a biofungicide for fighting fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. The product is environmentally friendly, due to the use for the production of bacterial culture of natural origin. The basis of the drug is the spores and cells of the microorganism Bacillus subtilis 26 D.

Effective in dealing with:

  • Late blight.
  • Root rot.
  • Scab.
  • Powdery mildew
  • Brown rust.
  • Septoria.
  • Mold and other diseases.

After treatment, the drug immediately begins to have an effect. The tool is available in several forms:

  • Powder "Fitosporin".
  • Paste.
  • Liquid.

Depending on the purpose, one or another form is chosen for a more effective impact.

Ways to use "Fitosporina"

Among the main uses are the following:

  1. Tillage or compost heaps. Produce watering in spring or autumn. Dissolve a tablespoon of the product in 10 liters of water.
  2. Soaking seeds, tubers, bulbs, cuttings before planting. Enough 4 drops of funds for a glass of water.
  3. Processing during the growing season. You can apply spraying or watering. 15 ml of product for 10 liters of water.
  4. Watering indoor plants.
  5. Processing before storing. Agricultural products are sprayed or dipped and dried.

Depending on the form of the drug, a different type of treatment and concentration is used.

Popularity "Fitosporina" for cucumbers

Among all vegetable crops, cucumbers, tomatoes occupy a special place on our plots. Cucumbers are often affected by various diseases, which leads to a sharp decrease in yield or even to the death of the plant. To avoid this, you can use «Phytosporin ". Instructions for use for cucumbers is as follows:

  • Treatment with the drug should be carried out at all stages of the growing season, starting with soaking and ending with a fruiting period.
  • For spraying cucumbers use 5 g of "Fitosporin" per 10 liters of water. Repeated spraying after a week.
  • To carry out processing in the evening, because the bacterium in the composition of the agent dies in the light.
  • If the solution is used for irrigation, it can be done in any weather, but given the slower effect, it is better to carry out the procedure every five days.

If you do not be lazy and regularly carry out processing of crops on the site, then you can be sure that the harvest will not suffer.

We process strawberry plantations

"Fitosporin" for strawberries can also be used at different times and for different purposes:

  • Soaking seeds, if you decide to multiply the culture in this way, is carried out in a solution prepared from half a teaspoon of the drug per 100 ml of water. Soak the seed in such a composition for a couple of hours.
  • Before planting strawberry seedlings, place the root system in a solution prepared from 10 grams of the preparation and 5 liters of water.
  • In order to prevent or treat a disease, use the solution in the same concentration, spraying is carried out 2-3 times, the interval between treatments is 2 weeks.

"Fitosporin" for strawberries, as for other crops, must be used in the evening or on an overcast day.

Reviews of "Fitosporine" and "Trichodermine"

The information presented in the article does not give a definitive answer, which is better - “Trichodermin” or “Fitosporin». Both drugs do an excellent job with bacterial and fungal infections. Can be used in different periods of the growing season. Do not pose a threat to humans and animals.

If you take "Trichodermin", customer reviews are only positive. Almost everyone who decided to use the drug, note the friendly emergence of shoots, increasing yields during tillage. At the initial stages of fungal and bacterial diseases, the tool copes with them perfectly.

Reviews of the drug "Fitosporin" is also excellent. All gardeners and gardeners are satisfied with the result. After processing, not only vegetables feel good, but also houseplants get rid of diseases, accelerate growth and delight their owners with lush flowering.

Both drugs can be used even on the day of harvest, it will not affect human health. As for one tool, and for the second there is a small recommendation for use in the evening or in cloudy weather. Here's how after this you can give preference to one of them? Gardeners will have to decide for themselves what means they prefer to use and in what form.

Why do I need a drug

In the cultivated lands, the mechanism described is being degraded. The reason is our selection work. During it, fruit and vegetable crops are optimized for fruit bearing, flower and decorative plants for flowering and decorative qualities. As a result, the sleek pampered cultivated plants lose their resistance to diseases.

Each summer resident and owner-plant grower knows: it is impossible to leave stubble and litter on the site to rot naturally, because the embryos of pests and pathogens will well overwinter in them, and in the spring they will spread over easy prey. But mushrooms are not autophages. Not receiving sufficient organic nutrition, their communities are degraded, primarily useful saprophages, and, on the contrary, pathogens that feed on living plant tissues will become better. Therefore, the lack of trichoderma in the cultivated land has to be replenished by regular introduction of spore material. As a result, cultivated plants, even with a minimum amount of nutrition, grow almost as strong, resilient and viable as savages, without losing their beneficial qualities, see fig. If the use of biocides from pathogens (in this example of copper sulfate) simultaneously inhibits plants, then Trichodermin, on the contrary, contributes to their development and accelerates it.

Comparative data for the use of plant protection biocide (copper sulfate) and trichodermine

Note: the indirect effect of the accelerated growth of green mass by plants is an increase in their resistance to adverse environmental conditions. The effect of the second order is a slight increase in yield with proper use of the drug (see below) and more ripening of fruits.

Forms of release

Trichodermin is available in the form of a dry powder and an aqueous suspension. Both drugs contain at least 9 billion live spores of the fungus in 1 g and 1 ml respectively, i.e. in dosages of 1 ml of suspension can be changed to 1 g of powder and set. Powdered Trichodermin is stored longer unpacked (up to 3 years depending on the manufacturer), the liquid is more convenient to use.

If dry liquid is used instead of liquid Trichodermine, then before preparing the working solution it is necessary to prepare a masterbatch: 1 g of powder per half glass of water, or a package of 10 g per 1 l of water. The powder is slowly poured into warm water with continuous stirring. Then the mother liquor is left for 1-2 hours in a dark warm place (not lower than +15 Celsius), so that the spores wake up, prepare the working solution and use it for 6 hours.

Note: Powdered Trichodermin is not stored in the opened package. Without moisture and food, airborne spores die. Not instantly, rather slowly, but it is impossible to predict the efficacy of the dry preparation from the bag.

What a means of "Trikhodermin"?

Trichodermin - is a biological tool that is intended for the prevention and treatment of dozens of the most common root infections of flowers and plants. The tool is universal, so the range of its application is quite wide.

Let's look at the scope of the drug:

  • Prevention and treatment of domestic plants. This includes not only the usual home plants that are in almost every home, but also rare ornamental species.
  • Improvement of the soil. The soil is often inhabited by many bacteria and infections, which at any time can strike a plant. "Trichodermin" is able to clean the soil, as well as fortify it.
  • Used for processing vegetable seeds before sowing.
  • Great for spraying garden plants. This includes all fruit and berry trees.

Available drug in the form of tablets, powder or liquid in various bottles.

The composition of the drug

Let's take a closer look at the composition of the drug, what it includes and how certain components work:

  • Fungus Trichoderma Lignorum. As mentioned earlier, this fungus is the main component and the main active ingredient in the preparation. Inhibits the growth and development of phytopathogens by a parasitic pathway, competition for a substrate, as well as the displacement of other biologically active organisms. In simple words, it inhibits the growth and development of parasitic organisms that live and feed on the plant, thereby destroying it.
  • Grain barley substrate. It is the main environment in which the main component grows and develops (Trichoderma Lignorum Mushroom). Serves as the basis of the drug.
  • Other vitamins and chemicalsthat perform auxiliary functions to combat the phytopathogens.
  • Vitamins. In addition to the main components, the drug has a number of vitaminizing substances that help restore the soil and the horse system of the plant after the disease. Also help the growth and development of plants.

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Purpose of means "Trikhodermin"

Let's talk about the appointment of the drug, how and where it should be applied:

  • Prevention and treatment of domestic plants by entering the drug into the soil. Getting into the soil, the active substances begin to fight with various phytopathogens and bacteria by displacement. Left without food, phytopathogens die.
  • Preparation of soil and seeds for sowing. The drug can be used for spraying the seeds or as a fertilizer for the soil during planting.
  • Treatment of garden, fruit and berry plants. In such cases, the problem is often not in the horse system, but in organisms that parasitize the branches and leaves of the plant. The drug effectively and quickly fights with such pests.

Similar properties has the drug Bitoxibacillin. It affects pests without penetrating plant fibers. Here you can read the instructions for use Bitoxibacillin.

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"Многие дачники сталкиваются с колорадским жуком, мухами, муравьями, тлей, гусеницами, долгоносиками, кротами и многими другими паразитами. Очень досадно, когда урожай достается вредителям. Прибор купил муж, прочитав о нем на форуме огородников.

I regularly inspect my site, the result makes me very happy! I liked very much that it works on a solar battery. I advise the repeller to everyone. "

Prevention Treatment

The best treatment for a disease is to prevent it. In this case, prevention is carried out when planting or transplanting plants into the ground. This may be planting seedlings or transplanting indoor plants.

In this case, it is necessary to make a solution consisting of 5 grams of Trichodermin per 5 liters of water. Substance pour into the soil before planting.

Treatment during treatment

In this case, do the following:

  • It is necessary to prepare the same solution as in the prevention (5 g of the drug per 5 liters of water).
  • Next you need to get the plant from the soil and release the entire root system from the clods of earth.
  • Using scissors or pruning shears remove all small rotten areas, and then rinse the root system well in suspension. You can also leave the plant for 1-2 minutes in this solution.
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to transplant the plant into a new soil.

For vegetable and ornamental crops

In this case, there are a number of therapeutic and preventive procedures:

  • Seed preparation for sowing. In this case, it is necessary to process the seeds at the rate of 20 ml of the drug per 1 kg of seeds. For convenience, you can mix the product with water and spray the seeds.
  • The introduction of the nutrient mixture during sowing. The second variant of seed treatment immediately before planting. Here you need only 2 ml of the drug per well or pot. This will not only protect the seeds, but also fertilize and clean the soil.
  • If not seeds are planted, but plants, it is also necessary to add the drug to the soil along with the rest of the fertilizers. In this case, the required dose of 5 ml per plant.
  • Watering infected plants. If plants begin to wither and die, it is necessary to add the drug in the proportion of 100 ml per 10 liters of water when watering into water.
  • Spraying plants. You can start with the phase of the appearance of two leaves every 15-20 days. The calculation here is 250-300 ml of the drug per 10 liters of water.

Analogs means "Trikhodermin"

Consider the most common and popular analogues of the tool:

In addition to these funds, there are many other, less popular ones on sale that are similar to Trichodermine.

Stories of our readers!
“They always used fertilizers and dressings in their garden. A neighbor said he was soaking seeds using new fertilizer. The seedling grows strong and strong.

Ordered, followed the instructions. Wonderful results! This we did not expect! We have collected a wonderful harvest this year, now we will always use only this tool. I recommend to try. "

Trikhodermin or Fitisporin - which is better?

Unlike Trichodermin, Fitosporin acts a little differently. It is based on a spore culture, which displaces and suppresses the appearance and reproduction of various bacterial and fungal diseases by the processes of its vital activity.

Thus, each drug has its own advantages. Trichodermin acts faster, and its effect is longer. In turn, its competitor is able to fight a number of other diseases, but this process takes more time.

Precautionary measures

Let's look at all the precautions in various cases:

  • When working with the drug is strongly recommended to use waterproof gloves.
  • In case of contact with the skin, it is necessary to wash the preparation with a large amount of water.
  • If the drug gets into the body, it is necessary to clean the stomach. You need to drink as much water as possible and then induce vomiting. If there is deterioration, you must immediately contact the hospital.

Feedback on the use of "Trichodermina":

  • Oksana Mironova: “Houses began to wither all the flowers. Began to wither and fall to pour. I decided to transplant the plants and saw that their roots are covered with mucus and rot. The local flower shop advised Trikhodermin. Spent three days for transplanting and washing the roots of all plants. I am satisfied with the result, only a few small flowers did not suffer the disease, the rest came to life and continue to please the eye. ”
  • Andrey Boyko: “At the dacha is a large vineyard, which began to disappear. I tried a lot of tools, but Trichodermin was effective. He sprayed only 3 times, and the disease was gone, the leaves stopped wilting, and it even turned out to harvest some crops. This year the vineyard flourished again with the same strength. ”
  • Love Piskun: “We live outside the city and keep a small kitchen garden, so that there are always fresh homemade vegetables to the table. But this year after planting, many plants began to wither. Sinned on the weather and poor watering. But then more and more plants began to wither. We decided to buy Trichodermin and add it when watering. About a week later, the plants came to life. I recommend to everyone!"

Where can one buy?

The drug can be purchased in any city. Most often it is sold in specialized flower shops with home plants. It can also be found on the shelves of hardware stores and hypermarkets.

It is possible to purchase Trichodermin in natural markets. In cases where there is no drug nearby, it can always be ordered online.


Summing up, we can say that the drug "Trichodermin" is one of the best among analogues. It is able to cure and prevent the emergence of more than 60 of the most common plant diseases. He also has a quick effect and a wide range of possibilities of its application.

Drug description

The drug is developed on the basis of spores of fungi from the species. Trichoderma lignorum. Often this biological product is found in the form of a dry powder, but also in the form of a liquid. There are several types of "Trichodermine" depending on the substrate on which mushrooms are grown:

  1. Peat
  2. Sawdust
  3. Straw
  4. Polovoy
About 1 billion bioactive spores of fungi can be observed in 1 gram of dry matter; therefore, Trichodermin is a very rich concentrate. These spores also secrete active bio-substances that enhance the effect of the drug. Mushroom Trichoderma lignorum has a high biological activity and due to this it participates in the processes of decomposition of organic substances, thus enriching the soil. And bioactive substances secreted by the fungus accelerate the growth of fruits of vegetable crops and protect them from various diseases.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

Controversy Trichoderma lignorum biologically active in soil rocks and act as an adversary of bacteria and other fungi that infect plants. The substance plays an important role in the decomposition of ammonium and nitrite, enriches the soil with phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for normal growth of crops.

Instructions for use

"Trichodermin" has found its application in the treatment of seeds, plants during the growing season and the soil. Seed treatment takes place two to three days before planting. You need to make a concentrated solution of the drug powder and water (instead of water, developers are advised to use kefir or milk). Add 5 g of substance to 5 liters of water. For 12 hours, the seeds should remain in this solution, after which they can be planted.

  1. Cereals - 20 ml per 1 kg
  2. Corn - 50 ml per 1 kg
  3. Sunflower - 150 ml per 1 kg
Seed treatment of all vegetable crops, such as cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, etc., is carried out at the rate of 20 ml per 1 kg. "Trichodermin" has extensive instructions for use, which varies depending on the type of culture and place of use. For the prevention of vegetable roots, it is necessary to use 5 ml of an enriched solution for one root. You can water the plants every 3-4 days with a solution of 100 ml of the preparation per 10 liters of water. Spraying is performed with a solution of 100-300 ml of the preparation per 10 l of water.

"Trichodermin" can be used for fruit plants and grapes. These cultures should be sprayed every two to three weeks for the prevention of pathologies and to enhance growth.

American scientists have taken care of how to use Trichodermin for cucumbers and tomatoes with the best effect of action. They made a mixture of powder with a solid matrix and showed that the yield of these products is doubled. Treated the seeds before planting and roots during transplantation to the plantation.

Benefits of using the drug

So, how to use "Trichodermin", now everyone has become aware. The advantage of the drug is that it is biocompatible with many dietary supplements. Thus, if it is mixed with some other drug and added to the soil, then nothing catastrophic will happen. The drug completely transports the soil of various types (although it is most active in peat).

Security measures. Hazard class

"Trichodermin" has a high degree of security. All you need to work with the solution - gloves. Biologically active fungi affect only parasitic fungi and all sorts of bacteria. For the human body, the drug is absolutely safe. If you sprinkle grape fruits, then after a few days you can eat them.

Composition and release form

Trichodermin reaches such a broad spectrum of action due to the special fungus Trichoderma Lignorum, which is present in the formulation. It is considered to be the main active component, due to its inhibiting effect on the development and growth of various phytopathogens in a parasitic way.

The beneficial fungus not only competes with other pathogens, but also supplants other destructive biological active organisms. In other words, the fungus inhibits the growth of pathogens, thereby killing them.

But Trichoderma Lignorum is not the only component of the drug, whose actions have a positive effect on the soil.

As additional elements of Trichodermin include:

  • Grain substrate of barley. This element of the drug acts as a beneficial environment for the development of the fungus Trichoderma Lignorum.
  • Vitamin complex. The drug is additionally saturated with a number of vitaminizing substances that feed and restore and stimulate the growth of the root system of various garden and ornamental plants.

Forms of release at Trichodermin may be different, it may be:

  • tablet form
  • special liquid in ampoules of various sizes,
  • powders for dilution with water.

When is the drug prescribed?

Apply Trichodermin to solve such problems:

  • For preventive and therapeutic effect, as the drug immediately after entering the soil begins an active fight against various harmful phytopathogens and bacteria and effectively destroys them in the shortest time.
  • Often with the help of the drug they disinfect the seeds and the soil before planting.
  • As a treatment for fruit and berry plants and fruit trees, when they suffer from parasitic organisms to effectively eliminate pests.

For fruit crops

For the treatment of fruit and berry crops, a special solution for spraying damaged foliage is diluted from the preparation.

Trichodermin in the amount of 150 ml is diluted in 10 liters of water, and the patient culture is sprayed with the sick culture every 15-20 days until complete recovery and removal of pests.

Toxicity and precautions

Trichodermin is a non-toxic drug, since its main component is considered to be a useful fungus, whose action does not affect the health of people, animals and beneficial insects. However, some precautions when using the drug should be observed.

The safe use of Trichodermin involves:

  • Dilute the drug better in waterproof gloves,
  • If the product comes into contact with the skin or mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse them with plenty of clean and warm water,
  • The ingestion of the agent into the stomach requires immediate rinsing with warm water with further provoking vomiting.

Trikhodermin or Fitisporin - which is better?

Trichodermin and Fitosporin differ in their action, therefore it is not quite appropriate to compare them. If the first drug works due to the presence of a beneficial fungus, then the second one contains a spore culture that replaces fungi and infections.

In addition, Trichodermin does not penetrate into the structure of the plant, in contrast to Fitosporin, which allows for faster action on pathogens. But for the processing of fruits and bulbs before long-term storage, it is the analog used.

Compatibility with other drugs

The drug is quite effectively promoted with other care products and home or garden crops.

It is acceptable to use Trichodermine in combination with other biologics, with the exception being considered only Mikosan. To increase the effect of Trichodermin, you can share Phytodoctor or Fitosporin.

Where can I buy the drug and how much does it cost?

No complicated steps are required to purchase Trichodermin. The drug is widely available, so you can find it in any specialty store. Or you can order the drug on the Internet, because such products are a large number of sites.

The price of Trichodermin is very democratic. In the capital, the tool can be purchased in the amount of 25 ml for 200 rubles. In the area for almost the same price you can buy already 50 ml (250 rubles).

Description and Scope

Trichodermin (Trihofit) is a biological tool of the new generation, which was manufactured for the prevention and treatment of many common root infections. The drug is versatile, so its area of ​​application is quite large. Today, biological insecticide is actively used in the following industries:

  • Improvement of the soil. Quite often, there are many different infections and bacteria in the soil that can infect a defenseless plant. The unique properties of Trichodermin help to clean the soil, as well as to vitaminize it.
  • Prevention and treatment of indoor plants. It is worth noting that Trichodermin is actively used for processing ordinary flowers and rare decorative species.
  • Seed treatment before planting in open ground.
  • Planned spraying garden plants. This includes all shrubs and fruit trees.
  • In cosmetology. The universality of this biological product is used by modern cosmetologists for the preparation of nourishing and regenerating hair masks.

High efficiency of an insecticide is achieved due to the fact that it contains Trichoderma Lignorum Special Fungus. This component is able to suppress the development of dangerous microorganisms that inhabit the soil. In other words, the drug is able to fight those bacteria that infect the soil, as well as provoke rotting of the root system.

The drug can be used as a disinfectant. It effectively fights diseases such as:

  • Scab.
  • Fruit rot.
  • Fomoz.
  • Late blight.
  • Microscopy.
  • Mealy dew.
  • Rhizoctoniosis.
  • Fusarium