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Chickens breed Pharma


Chickens Master Gray represent an outstanding achievement of the poultry industry, eggs and chicken-type chickens. The name Master Gray gave them a color - elegant plumage of gray color with white specks.

It is believed that this breed of chickens was originally bred by the French for keeping birds in private rural farms and small poultry farms. However, there are sources that claim that the Master Gray is Hungary is the country of origin of the hybrid. Hubbard company displays a hybrid (Master Gray M and Master Gray C) in laboratories and centers in the USA and France.

Breeding such a breed is difficult, but breeding chickens can be no problem. The bird is not just beautiful, but rather, it can be called elegant.

Description of breed Master Gray

Chickens Master Gray - meat and egg good layers. They begin to bring eggs, reaching the age of four months, in the amount of about 300 pieces per year. Body weight is a good indicator - three-month-old chickens weigh up to 3 kg, roosters up to 7 kg. Unpretentious and hardy bird, beautiful in appearance. The plumage is gray-white. For them, acceptable floor and cellular content.

With the cellular content of meat indicator is more than two times higher than with the outdoorbecause 1 square. m placed more chickens in the cage than on the floor.

Breed differs in high survival rate of chickens - to 98%. A private farm filled with Master Green hens brings many large eggs and the meat of extra chicken for sale or stew.



  • The meat is juicy, tasty, tender, non-greasy, has high dietary properties, a small amount of fat, an appetizing dish looks good on a plate, a significant amount of meat - roosters reach 7 kg, chicken - 4 kg. Chickens are larger than other breeds.
  • The bird has a calm, sociable, not shy, manual nature, perfectly replaces pets. But, in relation to each other, the young can be very aggressive.
  • The hen cares for the chicks, patient hen.
  • Elegant appearance pleases the hosts, uplifting. The meek disposition favorably distinguishes it from heaps and Adler chickens.
  • In addition to meat, chickens give eggs in a fairly decent amount - 300 eggs from one chicken for meat and egg breed is a very good indicator of egg production.
  • Increased Stamina.

A possible disadvantage is the fact that the hens of this cross grow much slower than broilers.

Content and cultivation

The breed is grown in conditions identical for breeding ordinary domestic breeds, not picky about conditions, temperature, normally tolerates difficult climate conditions. Chickens do not require supplementation of the diet with various additives.A balanced diet will suffice. The amount of feed should be sufficient.

In the very first photo in all its glory, the cock of our breed appears in a classic pose on the fence:

In the next three photos, you will see chickens with a reddish tinge. They are also called RedBro:

What is the situation in practice?

Reviews of Master Gray fowls are excellent. Owners of small farms describe their own chicken breeding experience. One of them told the following story: “I sampled Master Gray chickens and Red Bro. The seller claimed that for 6 months, roosters gain weight 7 kg, and chickens rush from 3.5 months. This assurance did not inspire confidence in me, but decided to try.

Speaking of feeding, I did not use factory feed, but ground grain mixed with wet mash with fishfish and flour. Paz on clover, gave whole grain at night. Chickens began to carry fairly large eggs weighing 65-90 grams at four months of age. Roosters increased their weight on a kilogram every month. My impression of the rocks - Red Bro look higher, Master Gray is square in body shape, heavier, more horizontal.

It seemed to me that Master Gray had genetic roots from Corniche and Sussex. Half-year-old roosters gained weight from 5 kg 300 g to 6 kg 200 g. Carcasses look like broilers. I was very pleased. ”

Characteristics of the growth of chickens during the growth period:

  • 14 days - 0.305 / 0.299 kg when eating 1.3 kg of feed per kilogram of chicken weight gain,
  • 35 days - 1.258 / 1.233 kg with a feed consumption of 1.7 kg per one kilogram of weight gain,
  • 63 days - 2,585 / 2,537 kg, feed intake - 2.3 kg per one kilogram of weight gain.

Thus, the growth rate of the mass can be considered quite intense, and the breeding of chickens of this breed is economically justified, beneficial, in terms of profit.

Where to buy chickens in Russia?

To get representatives of this breed, as a rule, it is possible in a large city. Local breeders are not the best choice of supplier. Turn to specialized firms - safer. In Russia there are numerous poultry farms where various breeds similar to this cross chickens are bred:

  • LTD "Orlovsky courtyard"That in 1 km from Moscow Ring Road on Yaroslavl highway, the official website of the company, contact phones - +7 (915) 009-20-08, +7 (903) 533-08-22,
  • Farm "Golden feathers»Moscow 20 km from Moscow Ring Road on Nosovihinskoe highway. Tel. +7 (910) 478-39-85, +7 (916) 651-03-99 from 10-00 to 21.00,
  • Personal Homestead "Ecofarm»Tel. +7 (926) 169-15-96.
  • LTD "Hatchery»Address: 142305, Moscow region, Chekhov district, Chekhov city-5, Sergeevo tel: +7 (495) 229-89-35.

However, Master Gray is not easy to find in Russia. For the most part, the breed is bred by Ukrainian chicken farms. In Russia breeding of breeds is widespread: Orpington, Rhode Island, Moscow, Poltava clay, Plymouthrock, Sussex. In Ukraine, chickens can be found in almost every poultry farm.

The closest one to the Master Gray breed is the cross Foxy chick, which differs from Master Gray only in color. The bird is unpretentious to care, its appearance in the yard and the content brings not only benefit but also pleasure.

There are some more similar crosses:

  • Pharma Color - meat-egg cross with colored plumage, giving cream-colored eggs in the amount of 250 pieces per year weighing 60 grams.
  • Tetra-N - meat and egg cross-hens of brown plumage, raspberry eggs, weighing from 2.8 to 4.5 kg, egg production - 250 eggs per year, egg weight - 62 g
  • Redbro - meat and egg chickens for private households, not demanding to temperature fluctuations, not whimsical, with high egg production - up to 300 pieces per year.
    At three weeks, such chickens have a live weight of 335 grams, at four - 529 g, at 6 weeks - 950 g, at 8 weeks - 1370 g, at 2.5 months - 2 kg 200 g, roosters - up to 2 kg 500 g .

Chicken Maran incubates eggs chocolate. Chickens of such eggs are rapidly gaining weight!

Rumors about the healing properties of aloe vera are passed down from generation to generation. Now you have the opportunity to learn the truth about this plant. Read here!

Meat-egg breeds of chickens have the following characteristics, which favorably distinguish them from other breeds:

  • viability,
  • excellent ability to adapt to local content;
  • superiority in terms of egg mass and live weight over egg breeds,
  • disease resistance.

All this justifies a slightly increased feed consumption while maintaining them.

Master Gray will be an excellent decoration for any farm, darling and nurse. Among the branches of animal husbandry, breeding birds is the most profitable direction in terms of profit and speed.

Appearance and color

Pharma Color - hens that combine the qualities of broilers and layers. These agricultural birds have color plumage, mostly red. Outwardly, they look like Master Gray chickens. They have a massive physique, strong and strong legs of medium length. Their distinctive feature is a well-developed chest, which allows you to get a large amount of white meat from the carcass.

Basics of proper feeding

Nutrition Pharma Color chicken should consist of:

  • finished feed,
  • cereals (wheat, corn, millet),
  • root crops (beets, carrots),
  • cake,
  • fish and bone meal,
  • mineral additives (chalk, crushed egg shell, crushed shell rock and limestone).

VIDEO: WHAT TO FEED HER Pharma - quite a young cross with little-studied features. This leads to the fact that data about him often differ from each other. But this does not prevent Pharma Color to rapidly gain popularity among poultry farmers. Perhaps in the near future, the breed will become more famous, and its capabilities will be fully analyzed.

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