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Rose petal jam recipe: 5 ways to make antiviral dessert


These stunningly beautiful flowers are perceived only as a decorative element, living for several days. Few people understand what can be made from rose petals, eliminating simple drying for later use in the bath. Those who want something unusual, professionals advise to try to make jam.

How to make rose petal jam

This exotic dessert was born in the East, in Turkey it is called “gulbeshesheker”, but very quickly the treat was loved by Western Europe, and later spread around the world. The basis was made up of petals of pink and / or red roses of tea varieties, which were boiled down with sugar or honey. The richer the flower shade (natural), the more attractive the finished jam will be.

Before you start preparing it, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations:

  • Take only garden, grown on a personal plot or window, roses: those that sell salons and shops, diligently processed chemicals and often even tinted. This can spoil the look and taste of the dessert, and it will have a negative impact on health.
  • If you collect the buds yourself, store them in a tightly tied bag left in the refrigerator, otherwise the fragrance will be lost.
  • Make sure that the flower is at the initial stage of disclosure - the bud should barely bloom. If he did it completely, for the workpiece will not work.
  • Before boiling, scald the rose petals with boiling water, and then pour them with icy water. After a few minutes, repeat this step. After they need to be dried, and you can prepare a delicacy.

The benefits and harms of rose jam

This flower is not only the perfect gift for the woman he loves or the decoration of the room: in it, as in any plant, there is a storehouse of useful properties that few people realize. At the same time, there are no contraindications, excluding individual intolerance. Rose petal jam is a delicious, very attractive and very important dessert for the body, capable of:

  • soothe the nervous system
  • eliminate diseases of the digestive tract,
  • to heal the mucosa in peptic ulcer,
  • quickly give a feeling of fullness due to glucose and sucrose,
  • strengthen the body's defenses
  • regulate carbohydrate metabolism
  • remove spasm of the vessels of the head,
  • affect blood coagulation rate
  • restore the proper functioning of the thyroid gland,
  • treat angina and stomatitis.

Petal Jam Recipe

Such a delicacy is not stored for a long time, so the overall cooking technology is very simple, it can even eliminate heat treatment completely. Banks and covers must be sterilized. All recipes from rose petals contain the minimum amount of ingredients: these are mainly sugar, sour element (citrus juice or citric acid), and some add pieces of fruit or zest.

Cooking jam without heat treatment

The easiest and most useful option, which saved all the vitamins of rose petals. Such jam is prepared very quickly, stored for several months. Even sterilization is eliminated, so there is absolutely no intervention in the form of high temperatures. The list of ingredients is very short:

  • tea rose petals fresh - 450 g,
  • granulated sugar - 900 g

The process of making cold jam from rose petals is as follows:

  1. To disassemble the buds, for each petal to remove the zone of adherence to the sepal is a white area.
  2. Rinse, turning over, in any large container of water.
  3. Slightly squeeze, put on the grid to dry.
  4. When the petals get rid of most of the moisture, move them to the jar.
  5. Sprinkle with sugar, alternating layers.
  6. Apply hand or pestle, stimulating the secretion of juice.
  7. Close, store in the cold.

How to make rose jam with rosehip petals

The classic recipe, which turns out very fragrant, very delicate dessert. Ready jam is recommended to be added to tea or to create cold drinks on its basis. Like other sweet berry and fruit preparations, such rose jam is rarely used - the taste is neutral, not everyone likes it. The number of ingredients is as follows:

  • petals of tea roses - 0.4 kg,
  • rosehip flower petals - 0.23 kg,
  • citric acid - pinch,
  • sugar - 1.2 kg.

Preparation of rose jam:

  1. Sprinkle the washed and dried petals with sugar (about a glass), put in the shade for an hour.
  2. Add citric acid. Insist another 5 hours.
  3. Pour remaining sugar into cold water (210 ml), bring to boil. Boil the syrup over low heat for a quarter of an hour.
  4. Pour the petals into the pan, continue cooking, periodically removing the foam.
  5. When the flower mass settles to the bottom, the jam is poured into small jars that have been sterilized. Roll up

Pink jam with lemon and orange juice

A very popular recipe due to the unusual sweet-sour taste that makes such a delicacy not only an additive to tea - this rose petal jam can be a filling for a cake or pie. The buds with sugar are taken in a 1: 2 ratio, the amount of orange and lemon juice is chosen individually. Making jam on the basis of rose petals:

  1. Peel citruses, crust deferred. Squeeze out the pulp and bring to a boil.
  2. Smear rose petals with sugar and pour into hot juice.
  3. Boil for half an hour, then add chopped crusts.
  4. Dessert comes to readiness when all the ingredients are soft.

Rose jam at home with honey

The highlight of this delicacy is not only in the replacement of sugar, but also in the addition of nuts. The classic recipe suggests walnuts, but rose jam is so versatile that you can use almonds, cashews, or even pine nuts. The weight of this ingredient is given for peeled kernels. The composition of the jam is simple:

  • tea rose petals - 150 g,
  • liquid honey - 90 g,
  • nuts - 50 g,
  • boiling water - 2/3 Art.

It is simple to boil such a rose jam:

  1. Crush nuts in a coffee grinder or by throwing them into the bag and tapping them with a meat hammer.
  2. Prepare the petals and pour boiling water, boil for a quarter of an hour.
  3. After a day add honey, cook until smooth.
  4. Pour the nuts, bring to readiness for a few minutes.
  5. Pour on banks, roll up diligently.

Pink jam in a slow cooker

The recipe will appeal to housewives who want to save time spent in the kitchen. The highlight of the jam - the density and tangerine component. The composition of sweets is short:

  • rose petals - 220 g,
  • tangerines large - 2 pcs.,
  • icing sugar - 460 g,
  • water is a glass.

  1. Rinse the petals, clean the tangerines, strip the bones (if any).
  2. Mix the ingredients, grind blender.
  3. Pour into a slow cooker, cook on the "Soup" for a quarter of an hour.
  4. Introduce icing sugar. Stir the jam a few minutes, leaving on the same mode.
  5. Boil another half hour, immediately pour into small jars.

Recipe for jam from roses №3

Ingredients: 100 g of rose petals, 1 kg of sugar, 1 glass of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

The course of preparation. Petals are washed and dried on a towel. We boil sugar syrup from water and sugar, let it boil, then remove the gray film and pour in rose petals. Next, bring to a boil and leave for 12 hours. After that, the syrup with rose petals is again brought to a boil and remove the resulting pinkish film. We continue to cook for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. After the syrup thickens, add lemon juice (the syrup becomes brighter). Then cook for 3 minutes and pour the jam into jars, roll it up. Such jam can be used as a filling for dough products.

The recipe for crushed rose petals number 5

Ingredients: 500 g of pink or red rose petals, 1.5 kg of sugar, half a lemon, 1 glass of water.

The course of preparation. Wash the petals, towel dry, remove the white parts. Finely chop petals, mix with 500 g of sugar and leave to infuse for 2 days. From the remaining sugar, boil the sugar syrup with lemon juice. Immerse the already candied petals in the hot sugar syrup, then cook over low heat until the syrup thickens.

A little trick: for flavoring in the rose petal jam, you can add cloves, star anise or mint.

Eat jam from roses and get not only pleasure, but also health benefits. However, do not forget about the measure, because this delicacy contains a lot of sugar.

Active substances

Rose petals contain many biologically active components.

  • Essential oils. They give an antiseptic and antifungal effect.
  • Fixed oils. They help to improve the flow of other substances into the cells of the body.
  • Saponins. Beneficial effect on the work of the respiratory system. Helps liquefaction and phlegm, relieving cough.
  • Glycosides. Improve the appetite and the work of the digestive system.
  • Flavonoids. They fight pathogenic microbes and fungi, therefore they are useful in a number of diseases, including dysbacteriosis and thrush. Reduce the development of tumors. Strengthen blood vessels, beneficial effect on the blood. Improve the general well-being of a person.
  • Vitamin C . The antiviral effect of the element serves to protect the body from diseases, especially colds.
  • Vitamins of group B. Rose is especially rich in vitamin B5. This component promotes the absorption of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, normalizing lipid metabolism. It has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Vitamin PP. It also has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.
  • Vitamin K. Affects the formation of bone tissue, contributes to the enrichment of bones and teeth with calcium. Improves heart function. Fights toxins.
  • Trace elements As part of the plant there are iodine, iron, chromium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc useful for humans.

Diseases and conditions in which the product helps

Useful pink jam with a wide range of conditions. Most often it is recommended in the following cases.

  • Colds. A runny nose, sore throat is a reason to start actively using a rose remedy. Method of application, you can choose the most simple: drink tea with jam. This will soothe the mucous membranes of the throat, nose, respiratory tract.
  • Stomatitis and gum disease. A known method for their treatment is precisely with the help of this tool. Hold in mouth, then swallow. Anti-inflammatory effect of rose jam will play a role in getting rid of ailments.
  • Diseases of the digestive system. Various digestive disorders, dysbacteriosis, diarrhea, dysentery and a number of diseases of the stomach and intestines are treated more quickly if pink jam is used along with other means. It is also necessary for hepatic diseases, difficulty in the flow of bile.
  • Toxin removal. Jam promotes the removal of harmful substances. This is especially true for the effects of chemotherapy and parasitic diseases.
  • To improve the work of the heart. The beneficial property of rose petal jam is to stimulate the heart muscle. It also prevents the formation of blood clots, cleans the blood, reduces the risk of vasospasm.
  • Nervous irritability. The soothing effect of rose essential oil is useful for various nervous disorders, insomnia, irritability.
  • Enhance immunity. This product is used in the recovery period after surgery, disease, as well as a prophylactic agent.
  • Low hemoglobin. Due to the presence of iron in the composition of rose petals, a slight increase in hemoglobin occurs. In addition, the plant promotes better absorption of iron from other products.
  • Slowing down aging. The tool protects against free radicals.
  • Skin problems The petals themselves and their infusions are applied externally. And jam, used inside, helps to reduce the appearance of ulcers, skin irritations, acne.
  • To improve the structure of the hair. Vitamins B and E have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the condition of the hair, making it thicker, giving a healthy look and shine.


Pink jam contains a large amount of sugar, so it can be dangerous for patients with diabetes. It is worth using it with caution when you are prone to allergies. It is better to first find out whether the remedy will cause unpleasant reactions.

The same applies to the use of the product during pregnancy and breastfeeding - in order to avoid allergies in the baby, it is better to use the pink delicacy moderately and carefully.

Raw material preparation

To make tasty and healthy petal jam, you need to follow a number of recommendations.

  1. Colour. Variety of roses can be any. But for an aesthetic appearance it is better to take red or pink. The finished product will have a beautiful shade.
  2. Freshness. Do not use fallen petals. It is necessary to take them from the blossoming flowers, and better - half-dismissed buds.
  3. The time of harvesting. It is best to collect raw materials in the early morning.
  4. Purity. Petals with buds break off. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that other parts of the plant do not fall into the mixture. Then the petals need to be washed under running water and slightly dried on a cloth.

Nothing more: petals plus sugar

Features This is a basic recipe for rose petal jam. The resulting product has a healing effect, while preparing is very simple.

  • 500 g rose petals,
  • 500 g sugar
  • 200 ml of water.

  1. With petals to collect petals, rinse.
  2. Spread out on cloth, dry.
  3. Mix with sugar and leave for a day.
  4. For a better selection of juice, mix and slightly knead with your hands or a spoon.
  5. A day later, pour water and boil.
  6. Cook until thick.
  7. Put in glass containers. If you plan to use immediately, then cool and cover with a lid. If long-term storage is necessary, the jar of hot product must be tightly screwed.

Maximum of vitamins: preparation without cooking

Features Plus a recipe without boiling to save effort. The ingredients are simply mixed and stored. At the same time, much more vitamins are stored than during heat treatment.

  • 100 g of rose petals,
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • one lemon.

  1. Remove petals, rinse, dry.
  2. Pour sugar.
  3. Squeeze juice from lemon.
  4. Mix the ingredients and let stand for a day.
  5. Crush tolkushkoy.
  6. Spread out on sterilized banks.
  7. Sprinkle with sugar
  8. Cover, put in the fridge.

From the depths of the ages: how they cooked in the old days

Features It turns out not only the healing composition, but also a delicious delicacy. This method has been preserved since our great-grandmothers. The old recipe involves more manipulations, but the result is worth it.

  • half a kilogram of petals
  • one and a half kilograms of sugar,
  • half a lemon,
  • glass of water.

  1. Prepare raw materials, rinse and dry.
  2. Slightly chop with a knife if the petals are large.
  3. Combine with half a kilogram of sugar.
  4. Stir, leave for two days in a cool place. The mixture should be sugared.
  5. Combine the remaining sugar, a glass of water and lemon juice.
  6. Bring to a boil and boil until sugar is dissolved.
  7. Add candied petals to the pan.
  8. Boil until thick.
  9. Pour on banks, cork, keep cool.

Modern method: multicooker to help

Features You can cook this jam in a slow cooker, and you can do without it. An additional note of flavor, taste and benefit here is orange.

  • a pound of petals,
  • kilogram of sugar
  • orange,
  • half a glass of water.

  1. Pink raw materials to prepare for use.
  2. Pour the finished petals and sugar into the bowl of the slow cooker.
  3. Remove the bones from the orange and grind it with a blender.
  4. Add to the slow cooker.
  5. Pour water.
  6. Cook about an hour on the program for jam. If not, the “Soup” program will do.
  7. You can cool and decompose on the banks, and you can pour it out with a bitter taste and roll it up with metal lids.

Honey option: more good

Features Replacing sugar with honey means making jam even more useful. Honey is a real source of vitamins and healing substances. It helps with sore throat, colds, diseases of the digestive system, and even with many ailments.

  • 800 g of pink raw materials
  • 500 ml of honey
  • 200 ml of water.

  1. Collect the petals from the buds, rinse, spread out on a towel to dry.
  2. Water and vegetable part placed in a saucepan, boil for 15 minutes.
  3. Slightly cool and add honey.
  4. Cook for a few more minutes, until the mixture becomes thick. The fire should be small.
  5. Pour on banks, close.


There are no special recipes for rose jam for various diseases. All specified means will be universal. And you can use the product as usual jam: drink tea with it, make juice, diluted with boiled water. This is a big plus for children - they perceive this remedy as a delicacy, and not as a medicine, and use it with joy.

The benefits of rose petal jam have been tested for centuries. And today, despite the abundance of various drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements, this natural product has not lost its relevance. According to reviews, rose jam is appreciated for the successful combination of healing actions and taste.

How to make jam from rose petals

For a start, before you make jam from the petals of tea rose, you immediately have to cut it off. When the bud is fully opened, then at the slightest touch the petals come off, that's exactly what I need. Those who have not yet revealed to the end, I do not touch. As a result, narwhal 250 grams of petals and immediately shift them into a colander and rinse well, so that no insects remain.

Then I fill them with 325 grams of sugar and add lemon juice from half a lemon.

I mix it thoroughly, as if pressing it down, so that the petals start up the juice and leave this mixture for 6 hours.

During this time, stand out more juice and petals soften.

Jars and lids must be sterilized so as not to spoil the rose petal jam, which, according to this recipe, is simply excellent. To do this, in a small saucepan, I bring the water to a boil, then put a grate on top of it and put the jar upside down. For sterilization 2 to 3 minutes is sufficient. Also do not forget about covers, but minutes are enough for them.

From the remaining sugar and water I prepare sugar syrup, for this I mix them and bring to a boil. Then pour this syrup to the petals and continue cooking for 20 minutes. During this time, do not forget to mix it several times so that it does not get burnt from the bottom.

In the prepared jars I shift it and tighten the lid tightly, or I roll the key, depending on which jar you prefer.

I leave the jars to cool and ready a useful rose petal jam, the recipe is the fastest of all these, because you have to cook it for several days in other ways, and not everyone agrees.

Do not bypass these flowers side, as its usefulness is tested and proven. Enjoy your meal!