General information

Derain white: landing and care


Derain white or svidina white is an amazingly beautiful ornamental plant that can adorn any garden or backyard during all periods of the year. In the summer, this is not an ordinary plant will please with its gorgeous flowering, which later blooms with berries of white and blue color (photo below). In the fall, the foliage of inexpressible purple color appears, and even with the onset of a cold winter, its branches will look good against the background of snow-white cover. Common Derain, often used to create hedges and form from it incredible decorative figures.

Varieties and varieties

Svidina white has a very strong wood, and taking into account the form, it can be both a tree and a shrub. It is characterized by dark green leaves and inflorescences of white flowers. In height, the plant can grow up to three meters, shrubs can grow up to 5 meters wide. White turf blossoms twice a year (summer-autumn).

Derain white is an elegant shrub that attracts views not only because of its flowering, but also with unusual foliage.

The variety of varieties is very wide. The most famous are the various subspecies of the common white squirrel, of which there are over 20.

Breeding methods

Derain, planting and care that does not require any effort, you can breed one of two main methods:

Seeds: This method is very slow, and is suitable for large nurseries. But if you carry out the cultivation of turf from seeds at home, you should remember a few rules:

  1. Seeds need to be collected selectively, as they ripen at different times,
  2. The collected seeds should be stored in a dry place, wrapped in a paper envelope (not to be confused in the future, this envelope can be signed)
  3. Seeds are able to maintain their properties up to 5 years,
  4. Sowing seeds is best in autumn or spring,
  5. To achieve good germination, you need to use from 10 to 15 grams per 1 square meter of land,
  6. Sowing depth not more than 5 centimeters,
  7. Sown areas require frequent watering and weeding,
  8. If done correctly, the white turf will grow to its maximum in 5-8 years. If a fast-growing variety has been planted, this period is shortened by 3-4 years,
  9. After sprouting the first seedlings to 50-60 centimeters, they should be transplanted to a permanent place.

Cuttings: This method is more common, unlike seeds, because it allows you to achieve results more quickly. To grow a beautiful bush, you need to properly perform the landing cutting:

  • The best time for planting cuttings is June.
  • The soil in which the future plant will grow must be properly dug and fertilized,
  • At the bottom of the landing pit should be made a small layer of sand and peat (1k1),
  • The landing distance between the cuttings is no more than 10-15 centimeters,
  • Falling asleep cuttings should be gradual, in several stages,
  • After the instillation of seedlings, should be abundant watering,
  • It is not advisable to disturb planted cuttings, in order to find out which of them have taken root, it’s enough to wait for the first young shoots to rise,
  • After a year of rooting, seedlings can be transplanted to the place where the big white turf should grow,

Planting shrubs

In order to grow a quality bush from seedlings that are sold, the nursery is considered the best place to buy them. If you buy seedlings on the market, or from the hands of roadside vendors, there is a certain risk that they will sell the wrong grade. It would be nice if you get a variety that can grow in our conditions, and can sell one that will die when it is first frozen. The best are four-year-old seedlings that give a lot of strong shoots and grow much faster than young ones.

Cuttings or purchased seedlings should be planted as follows:

  • It is advisable to plant the turf at the beginning of spring or at the end of autumn, but until it freezes,
  • If dry roots are found in the seedling, they should be placed in a container with water for several hours before planting so that they can absorb enough moisture.
  • The area on which the shrub will grow must be dug up and fertilized in advance,
  • If you plant several bushes at once, the pits should be placed 2-3 meters apart from each other,
  • Pour a bucket of water or some compost into each of them.
  • After placing the seedling in the pit, it is necessary to fall asleep in several stages, ramming with the earth around the root,
  • Young sprouts require frequent watering.

Growing shrubs from seed

The main advantage of seeds of turf is a great similarity. You can send them to the soil immediately after harvest - you do not need to keep them in the cold or to dry them. Spring sowing will also lead to excellent results, the main thing is to keep them in the winter at room temperature, but do not forget to put them in the refrigerator for a month (stratification in this case is necessary).

Sow in ordinary garden soil with several handfuls of compost. Shoots will have to wait a long time, sometimes the first tiny shoots appear in the second year after sowing. During this time, one should not forget about watering and rare loosening (only a hard crust on the surface of the ground is broken with a stick).

After the plants reach 10-15 cm, you can transplant them into separate containers, and only after 3-5 years you can send to a permanent place on the site. It is better to plant in spring so that the bushes have time to settle down well during the summer period.

Pests and diseases - who or what may threaten the white turf

Pests or infections rarely infect a shrub, especially if it develops well and feels comfortable. Of the diseases can be noted only powdery mildew, with the appearance of which are covered with a grayish bloom.

At the first signs of infection, you should arm yourself with a spray gun and treat the shrub with Fundazole or a not so aggressive Bordeaux mixture. One-time processing is not enough here - a week later, repeat the process.

Rarely, but scytology or the omnipresent aphid can live on the plant. Fighting with them is carried out in three stages, with each time you need to change the drug (pests quickly get used to the composition).

Among insecticides, the most effective against insects are:

  1. Aktara,
  2. Biotlin,
  3. Actellic.

Treatments are carried out intermittently in 3-5 days (this is exactly the time it takes for young larvae to emerge from the eggs).

Derain white can deservedly be called a plant for lazy owners - it takes very little time to care for it. Even in the absence of time to look after your decorative pet, you can be sure that he will decorate the site for a long time, bringing an unusual graceful note and emphasizing the green “scenery” of coniferous or climbing plants.