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Ways to grow cucumbers in a plastic bottle


The absence of their own backyard plot is not a valid reason for refusing gardening. You can grow many vegetable crops at home: on a loggia, balcony or windowsill. Cucumbers were no exception. To get a rich harvest, it is enough to take a handy container. Cultivation of cucumbers in plastic bottles of 5 liters can be quite successful.

Benefits of Unusual Packaging

Why is it recommended to use such containers? It is believed that such a displacement will allow vegetables to feel at ease and comfortable. Plastic containers can be used not only at home, but also on the backyard territory. If you are planting cucumbers in plastic bottles of 5 liters, you get a convenient and compact miniature greenhouse. It will provide the maximum growth of vegetables. Even if the summer was not the warmest and the longest, the container will allow the fruits to ripen quickly.

What are the other benefits of using such a container? Plastic bottles make it possible to replace the soil without any particular difficulties, which is very useful for any vegetable crops. This ensures the elimination of the risk of developing pathogenic bacteria. Planted cucumbers in bottles will be strong, healthy and strong.

Another plastic contour of the containers allows you to:

  • save water used for irrigation
  • to occupy a minimum of space, which is especially appreciated when growing vegetables at home and in small areas,
  • prevent the occurrence of weeds that stop the optimal development of the root system of cucumbers,
  • create a full barrier from the bear

Substrate preparation

Competent planting of cucumbers in 5 liter bottles implies preliminary preparation of the substrate. The main requirements that are put forward to the ground: friability, "fluffiness" and porosity. The soil should be perfectly breathable. Novice gardeners can use for this method a ready-made soil mixture, which is sold in specialized stores. Preparing it yourself is also easy. To do this, it is enough to mix peat, ordinary soil, drainage mixture (sphagnum, egg shells or sunflower husks) and rotted leaves of trees (except for willow and oak) in identical proportions.

If the soil mixture is made on its own, you can add birch ash to it. This component will provide a bountiful harvest if you are planting cucumbers in bottles of 5 liters. Thanks to the quality of the prepared substrate, the seedlings will be strong and healthy. Good soil provides and harvest a bountiful harvest in the prescribed period.

Preparing containers for vegetables

This method of growing vegetables involves not only competent soil preparation. It is worth doing and most packaging. The successful cultivation of cucumbers in five-liter bottles begins with the preparation of the place of cultivation of the plant. It will be necessary to cut the containers across or along. The second option is considered preferable. Thanks to him, you can get imitation boats. In it, with a heated knife or nail, you will need to make several holes (drainage holes). They will help to drain excess moisture. This procedure can be performed with a soldering iron.

If plastic containers are cut across, then you will first need to remove 1/3 of the container in the upper part. The result is a container with a lid, which can always be removed, and drainage holes should be made at the bottom of the container. There the same prepared substrate is poured.

Planting Cucumber Seeds

So, how to plant cucumbers in 5 liter bottles, pre-cut in one of two ways? Everything is quite simple. Ready containers are filled with soil. Tanks need a little shake. The substrate should not reach a few centimeters from the top of the bottles. It remains only to plant the prepared, germinated seeds of cucumbers. In order for plants to develop optimally, it is not recommended to use more than 5 seeds for 1 container of 5 liters.

Seed preparation

Proper planting of cucumbers in plastic bottles suggests a competent approach to the preparation of seed.

This will allow you to get healthy and strong seedlings that will further ensure the formation of a large number of ovaries.

This is done according to the standard scheme:

  1. immersion of seeds in a container of water
  2. identification and selection of substandard options,
  3. sprouting good specimens with a damp cloth or gauze.

The steps of sowing cucumber seeds

To get ripe and tasty cucumbers under a plastic bottle, planting material is sown in early April. During this period, you need to use self-pollinating varieties. It is enough to take about 10 seeds. If everything is done correctly, then in the future these fruits can be used to prepare okroshka, holodnik, salads or to eat fresh. The second approach is planting seeds that are intended for cultivation in the greenhouse. This procedure is performed in mid-April.

At the end of this month or in the first days of May, the seeds of those varieties whose fruits are supposed to be used for canning, pickling, pickling, winter storage should be “planted” in the ground. In the second half of the last spring month, it is possible to sow cucumbers under bottles, which are focused on pollination by bees or manually. Such varieties are usually planted on open beds.

When planting cucumbers in a five-liter bottle, it is recommended to pay attention to the recommendations of the lunar calendar. Taking into account the phases of the night star and its position in certain zodiac signs will allow to achieve good results in gardening. So, it is recommended to plant cucumbers on a growing moon. It is believed that this approach ensures the active growth of seed. Plants better lay the root system.

Growing cucumbers in plastic bottles on the balcony

The cultivation of cucumbers in plastic five-liter bottles on the balcony is considered the most convenient. To do this, you must properly prepare the structure. You can use not only the "boat" and a kind of pots. In the case of the container, it is necessary to cut off the upper part and fill the container with the substrate. In such a primitive container will need to plant seeds or grown seedlings. Bottles are fixed down with caps that must be removed beforehand. Installation is made on the lower part of the container.

Watering organization and other requirements

This is not all requirements. Also growing cucumbers in bottles of 5 liters implies filling the bottom of the containers with water. The main thing is that the neck does not touch the liquid. Thanks to this approach, a high-quality system of automatic watering is provided. Vegetable crops will be able to independently absorb water when there is a shortage in the ground.

Many gardeners are interested in how to grow cucumbers in plastic five-liter bottles on the balcony. Vegetables will need to be timely fed and watered. It is equally important for gardeners at a given time:

  • to make a garter of plants,
  • they have only 1 stem to form,
  • periodically remove side shoots.

Successful cultivation of cucumbers in 5 liter bottles involves the use of "correct" soil. The substrate should be well lit and warm. But do not allow direct sunlight to hit it. The rest of agronomy of balcony vegetable crops is no different from the care of cucumbers in the open field. Watering is a defended fluid. The water should be warm enough to prevent the formation of black legs and downy mildew.

Making timely supplements

A couple of weeks after the cucumbers were planted under the bottle, it is recommended to fertilize the soil for the first time. To do this, optimally use a combination of magnesium sulfate, ammonium and potassium nitrate, superphosphate. The resulting nutritious "cocktail" must be poured into the soil very carefully. The main thing - do not get on the leaves of plants. After 10 days feeding is done using a manure solution.

It is important not only to consider how to plant cucumbers in plastic bottles correctly, but also to properly care for the vegetable crop. If the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow, or there are signs of spider mites, bushes should be treated with garlic tincture. In boiling water should insist 5 cloves of this fragrant vegetable for 6 hours. You can use and tincture on the basis of onion peel. For its preparation, you need a dry agent pour hot water. A ratio of 1: 2 is taken.

Many gardeners consider useful fertilizer made from bread. You need to take a bucket and fill it with baking crusts for 2/3. Then the tank is filled with ordinary water. Such a mixture should stand 7-10 days in a warm place. The evaporated part during this time is added with water. The resulting tool is recommended to fertilize balcony cucumbers grown in bottles. 500 ml of bread infusion is used for 1 container.

So, how to plant cucumbers in 5 liter bottles is not the most difficult question. At times it is more important to competently prepare the soil, containers and provide vegetable crops with competent care. But this process does not involve anything particularly complicated. If desired, any gardener can handle the cultivation of balcony cucumbers in such containers. We recommend to see the article: Preparing seeds and planting cucumbers for seedlings.

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

The method is suitable for those who have allocated a small amount of land under the garden, and each piece of it must be saved. For landing are required:

  • plastic bottles,
  • vertical surface (fence, wall of any building), which is in partial shade,
  • rope,
  • land,
  • mounting to the wall.

Fill plastic bottles horizontally attached to the wall with the side cut out with earth, plant seeds there, stretch the rope between the bottles. Grow cucumbers with constant feeding and regular watering. Planting cucumbers in plastic bottles, despite the small area of ​​sowing, after some time will bring a rich harvest. Julia Petrichenko, expert

Woman harvesting cucumbers from a vertical garden

The method of growing early cucumbers with plastic bottles

When using this method, the first crop of cucumbers collected in June.

  1. Germinate cucumber seeds in a rag with a growth-promoting agent, before soaking them in a solution of potassium permanganate for about thirty minutes.
  2. Then in mid-April, when the daytime temperature reaches eight to ten degrees, and the nighttime temperature is about four degrees, make a marking of the bed, dig it and water it with a solution of chicken manure.
  3. After a couple of days on the bed scatter a liter jar of ash and loosen the ground. In the middle of the beds make a groove about ten centimeters deep and about thirty centimeters wide. Then at a distance of about twenty centimeters make the wells and fill them with a hot solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. Spread three seeds into the wells, sprinkle it with earth on top and slightly tamp it with your palm.
  5. Place a plastic bottle in each well so that the seeds sown are inside it.
  6. Warm the bottles from above with a covering material - lutrasil, place arcs and stretch the film, pressing it from all sides.

In about a week, the first shoots should appear. After that, you need to open the cork in the bottle and pour the earth with warm water around, and the film slightly open. When sprouts no longer fit in bottles, remove them. Before that, pour water at the base and twist it in different directions.

Planted cucumber seeds covered with plastic bottles

At night, lower the film until warm weather is established without sudden changes in temperature. This planting allows you to quickly grow vegetables, even under adverse weather conditions.

Economical way to grow cucumbers in plastic bottles

Growing cucumbers economical method will allow it to do with minimal financial costs, but in the presence of the greenhouse frame (when suddenly there was no money for a new film for the greenhouse).

  1. Stretch the ropes to the metal frame of the greenhouse.
  2. At the bottom dig a trench, fill it with chicken droppings or other fertilizers, covered with about ten centimeters of soil.
  3. From above make a not deep groove, fill it with boiling water and after cooling down plant seeds.
  4. Type in hot water in plastic bottles and bury in a horizontal position in the ground next to the sown seeds. Top cover crops with old wrap.

In a week, the first shoots should appear, which will grow rapidly, climbing up the ropes. The first harvest can be removed much earlier than cucumbers grown in the traditional way.

The original method of growing cucumbers using cups of plastic bottles

This method of cultivation is convenient for the care of cucumbers. How to plant vegetables in the original way:

  1. For some time before planting cucumber seedlings, prepare the soil: dig a trench about seventy centimeters deep, fill it with grass, drown, pour plenty of hot water on it, then cover it with earth. From above make holes with sides. Before planting seedlings in each well, pour ash and manure.
  2. Place into each well two cucumber shoots in cups with openings in the lower part made of plastic bottles. Deepen them so that the edge is above the ground. The holes in the cup are made so that the roots of cucumbers get the necessary moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  3. Above the bed, set the arc and stretch the film.
  4. In the second half of June, remove the film, and on the ends of the beds, lay wooden bars about two meters long. Attach two long racks to these bars: one vertically, the other at an angle. So that right triangles are formed. Then at a distance of 40 cm from each other, fasten the triangles inside the trikes on the screws. Assembled design resembles a ladder.
  5. When the cucumbers start to curl, tie them to the steps of the stairs, which allows the cucumbers to quickly get out of the shade to the sunny side.

When using this design it is convenient to care for cucumbers: water and feed, harvest.

Shoots of cucumber seedlings in plastic pots

The method of growing cucumbers in plastic bottles using toilet paper

The landless way allows you to grow seedlings not only cucumbers, but also other vegetables in the housing conditions. It will take a little space on the windowsill, as well as materials:

After a week you can see the first shoots of seedlings. When the first leaves, the plants can be planted in the ground. To do this, expand the roll, remove the top strip, under which the seedlings are placed.

Growing cucumbers in plastic bottles is an original idea that will allow growing vegetables with minimal financial expenses, as well as on a very small area, which is very beneficial for people who do not have the ability to cultivate vegetables in full-fledged conditions.

Marina, 32 years old: For me, planting cucumbers under a PET bottle has become a real discovery. With this mini-greenhouse, they develop very quickly, start to bear fruit early. I like the way to use the soil economically. Rows with compact bottles, they are easy to cover with agrofiber if necessary. Under the two shelters of cucumbers warm even on cold May nights.

Yuri, 44 years old: Cottage is far from us, we go there only on weekends. They began to sow cucumber seedlings at home in five-liter bottles. A good idea. It is easy to transport, not a single bush has broken along the road. We landed on the spot directly with the container, cutting off the bottom. Cut off right above the hole, where planted. Lump with roots damage easily. Accepted, bloom well, waiting for the harvest.

Maria Mironovna, 68 years old: I really miss the garden, but my health does not allow working on the ground. My son gave me a gift - he helped plant cucumbers in five-liter bottles on the balcony. “Klavdiya” is a self-pollinated variety (it used to grow in our garden), it bears fruit on my balcony. The beginning of summer - and I already eat a salad with homemade cucumbers.

How to grow cucumbers in a bottle

For growing cucumbers on the balcony you will need plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 liters: two to five plants can be planted in them, while 2-liter plants are suitable for only one.

You will need

  • empty plastic bottles
  • soil mixture "For vegetable crops"
  • cucumber seeds
  • foil roll

Working process

    1. Cut a third of the bottle on top, in the bottom, make a few holes in case you overdo it with watering.
    2. Wrap the resulting pot outside with foil: it will serve as a kind of protection of the roots from ultraviolet rays.
    3. Fill the pot with prepared soil, leaving a few centimeters from the top edge of the container.
    4. Seeds must be disinfected in an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate (1: 1000) or treated with growth stimulants — sodium gum, immunocytophyte, epin, or Agat-25, which also destroy the harmful microflora contained on the seeds.
    5. После обработки семена следует обернуть бумажной салфеткой и замочить в воде. Capacity cover with cling film, making it a few punctures toothpick. After 2–3 days, white cucumber roots will appear; now they can be planted in the prepared soil.
    6. After dropping the seedlings into the soil, cover them with the top of the cut bottle. This way you will provide greenhouse protection for the plants.
    7. Germinated seeds can be planted in the neck of the bottle, as shown in the photo. The lower part of the tank is used as a stand, where water is poured. You get an individual automatic watering system for each pot you make yourself. It is comfortable, nice and compact.

Balcony cucumber care

Cucumbers love heat and moisture, but a draft can reward them powdery mildew.

When there is a full third leaf of the germ, it should be carefully cut. The second pruning is done later, above the 5th or 6th sheet, and the third through another 2 new sheets.

It is noteworthy that such cucumbers will fit for landing in open ground together with a pot (but without foil). Plastic protection will not damage the root of the bear, save water when watering, and also save seedlings from weeds.

Very soon you will enjoy crispy home-made cucumbers right from the balcony or your own garden bed!