General information

Technical characteristics of the MTZ 1221 tractor


BELARUS-1221 is a four-wheel drive universal propashnaya tractor of the traction segment “2”, which, thanks to a wide range of available mounted, semi-mounted and trailed equipment, can be equally successfully used in agriculture, forestry and utilities, industry and construction.

This car started its history in 1994 - it was then that its mass production was launched at the facilities of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Since then, this “device” has been constantly refined and “overgrown” with new modifications, which is why it is still in demand in the market.

Standardly BELARUS-1221 is equipped with a modern cabin in which the operator's working area is organized. Inside the tractor, there is nothing superfluous: the steering wheel is of optimal size, a small panel on which the controls of the main functions are concentrated, and several levers on the right side of the driver.

"Apartments" at the car - single, equipped with a sprung chair with the settings for several parameters. True, as an option for it provides an additional passenger seat.

The total length of the MTZ-1221 is within 4500 mm, and its height and width, respectively, are 2850 mm and 2300 mm. The wheelbase of the tractor is 2760 mm from the overall length, the clearance is 480 mm, and the agrotechnical clearance under the front and rear axle arms reaches 620 mm. The front track of the car ranges from 1540 to 2090 mm, and from behind - from 1520 to 2150 mm.

The operational mass of this “Belarusian” does not exceed 5570 mm, and the maximum allowable (full) - 8000 kg. It is capable of taking up to 4,200 kg of cargo on the suspension axle, and can take trailers weighing up to 12,000 kg on tow (although trailer brakes must be locked with tractor brakes).

For the BELARUS-1221 (depending on the modification), there are two six-cylinder diesel engines with a volume of 6.057 liters with in-line assembly, direct injection and a liquid-cooled system of closed type:

  • The first option is the D-260.2 / D-260.2С motor, which generates 122.9 horsepower (90.4 kW) at 2100 rpm and 500 Nm of torque.
  • The second is the D-260.2S3A unit, which develops 131.7 “mare” (96.9 kW) at 2100 rpm and 570 Nm of maximum potential.

By default, the tractor is equipped with a stepped manual gearbox with 16 front and 8 rear gears, but for an extra charge it is offered with a “manual” transmission with 24 gears for moving forward and 12 for driving back.

In addition, the machine can boast a permanently closed friction double-clutch clutch and a 4 × 4 wheel formula (front axle with self-locking differential and final drive, and rear axle with differential, final drive and cylindrical and planetary final gears).

The speed of the MTZ-1221 when moving forward ranges from 1.54 to 35 km / h, and back from 2.75 to 16.4 km / h.

Under the nominal mode, “eating” fuel at the tractor, depending on the version, is 226-250 g / kW * hour.

The car feels good outside the roads too - for example, it can force fords up to 850 mm in depth.

The BELARUS-1221 is based on a semi-frame structure - its body is formed of semi-frames and clutch, rear axle and gearbox housings interconnected. The front of the tractor is equipped with a semi-rigid suspension system with a balance bridge, and the rear is equipped with a rigid structure.

The machine has a hydrostatic steering (as an option - with a hydromechanical amplifier) ​​and disc brake mechanisms with separate control on the left and right wheels of the rear axle.

This tractor is offered not only in the basic version of BELARUS-1221.2, but also in other versions:

  • BELARUS-1221В.2 - its distinguishing features are the presence of a reverse control station, which is designed for long-term work in the reverse mode, and a hydraulic lift that meets the requirements of TIER-1.
  • BELARUS-1221Т.2 - such a tractor can boast with an awning-frame with safety athermal glazing instead of a standard cab.
  • BELARUS-1221.3 / 1221.4 / 1221.5 - versions that “flaunt” an improved design of the exterior with smooth contours and a diesel engine D-260.2S2 under the hood, which complies with the environmental standards of the Stage IIIb stage.

Options and prices. In the Russian market, BELARUS-1221 in 2017 is sold at a price of

2.2 million rubles.
The initial equipment of the tractor combines: a sprung seat, adjustable in weight and height of the operator, rear-view mirrors, a sun visor, a cabin heater, electric windshield and rear windows and other equipment.

Technical specifications

The most important factor in the quality and reliable operation of agricultural machinery is the used power unit. Belarus 1221 uses the engine model D-260.2 with the following technical characteristics (in accordance with the instruction manual):

  1. Execution option - four-cycle.
  2. Type - diesel.
  3. The number of cylinders - 6 (in-line version).
  4. Turbocharging - performing pre-cooling air.
  5. Displacement - 7.16 liters.
  6. Power - 122,9 l. with.
  7. Fuel consumption - 226.5 g / (kW · h).
  8. Shaft rotation frequency - 2150 rpm
  9. Weight - 0.715 tons

The modification Belarus 1221.2 MTZ in accordance with the data of the catalogs and the operating manual of the manufacturing company can be completed with the D-260.2S engine, which has a lower torque.
Technical characteristics presented in the operation manual (including for MTZ 1221 Tropic).

  1. Dimensions:
    1. The base is 2.75 m.
    2. Length - 4.96 m.
    3. Width - 2.26 m.
    4. Height - 2.84 m.
  2. Transmission (number of gears)::
    1. Forward - 24.
    2. Back - 12.
  3. Coupling - frictional with two disks of coupling.
  4. General data of the tractor 1221 MTZ::
    1. Drive - 4x4.
    2. Weight - 5.35 tons.
    3. Load capacity - 4.55 tons
    4. The turning radius is 5.25 m.
    5. Ground clearance –46.5 cm.
    6. Fuel tank capacity - 160 liters.
  5. Movement Speed::
    1. The greatest
      1. Forward - 33.85 km / h.
      2. Back - 15.85 km / h.
    2. Minimum
      1. Forward - 2.11 km / h.
      2. Back - 4.05 km / h.
  6. Track (adjustable),:
    1. front wheels - 1.55-2.27 m,
    2. rear wheels - 1.50-1.90 m.
  7. Tire size:
    1. on the front axle - 420 / 70R24,
    2. on the rear axle - 16.9R38, 18.4R38.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the already noted main advantage Belarus 1221 of a combination of compactness and power, as well as high-quality technical characteristics, in their reviews the owners and machine operators note the following advantages of the MTZ 1221 tractor:

  • availability of detailed high-quality operating manual, complete instructions, descriptions, catalogs, detailed electrical equipment diagrams, valve adjustment procedures, gear shifting schemes, which make it possible to master the control of the tractor in the shortest possible time and proceed to its correct operation,
  • use of two driving bridges that increase the permeability (on the MTZ versions 1221 Tropic and 1221. 2 the possibility of disabling the front axle is provided),
  • use of a gearbox at MTZ 1221 providing a large range of operating speeds,
  • opportunity, due to the powerful engine corresponding to the checkpoint 1221 MTZ, a friction clutch, an elaborate electrical circuit, an aggregation with a large number of special equipment,
  • reliability of the clutch basket, which allows you to work confidently with heavy trailed equipment in adverse weather conditions,
  • good maintainability due to the large number of standardized spare parts, including those with the MTZ 622 tractor,
  • possibility of operation all year round,
  • landing and exit, convenient for machine operators,
  • an installed comfortable cabin unified with the MTZ 2022 model of the tractor (installation of an air conditioner is possible as an additional device),

But also on the basis of the available reviews it can be concluded that there are certain shortcomings that are present in the MTZ 1221 tractor. Among them are:

  • the need for frequent adjustment of the clutch, which is accompanied by time-consuming work on removing the clutch housing with the subsequent installation of the clutch,
  • difficulty starting the motor in winter,
  • no filter in the hydraulic system for cleaning and cooling the hydraulic oil,
  • inconvenient location of the differential lock adjustment switch.

Price and purchase of tractor MTZ 1221

You can buy a tractor Belarus 1221 in the salons and shops of official dealers, as well as in the market of used agricultural equipment. The new tractor is best purchased from official dealers, as this allows the selection of the necessary buyer modification.

And also such a purchase is automatically confirmed by the warranty period and the possibility of post-warranty service. In addition, there is the possibility of completing the model 1221 of the MTZ tractor with various equipment, for example: mowers, plows, various seeders, cultivators, and lifting equipment.

Purchase consumables for maintenance, including engine oil and transmission oil in gearboxes and bridges. At the same time with the required additional equipment, you can equip the tractor (perform tuning MTZ 1221) with the following options:

  • air conditioning,
  • additional ballast weight
  • signal beacon,
  • creeper,
  • attachment in conjunction with gearbox PVMO.

The initial cost of Belarus 1221 in the minimum configuration starts from 2 million 350 thousand rubles. The tractor of this model produced in 2008-2009 in working condition to the markets of used agricultural machinery is approximately worth 1 million 400 thousand rubles.

The technical characteristics and economic indicators that are successful for the MTZ 1221 tractor make it a multifunctional reliable assistant for performing various jobs throughout the year, and a detailed operating manual will allow you to use the tractor almost immediately with the greatest efficiency.