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Method of use of the insecticide spark double effect


Manufacturers of plant protection products produce products that can significantly make life easier for thousands of gardeners and farmers. They can protect plants from insects, weeds, various diseases. Before purchasing a drug, it is important to decide what you need.

For example, the Spark remedy for pests, labeled as “Double Effect”, is used by many as the so-called first aid. The drug not only helps to protect the plants, but also is a potash supplement.

Means "Iskra-M from caterpillars" is intended to combat moths, moths, ognevnikov, sawflies and other pests of fruit and vegetable crops.

The drug called "Iskra-Bio" is able to paralyze pests, it is safe and can be used up to the collection of fruits.

The most popular means of protection is the Golden Spark. From pests it helps very well, ochem indicate numerous reviews. The drug is used in 120 countries around the world and allows you to save about 140 different types of plants.

Means "Spark Double Effect"

The drug, developed in 2000, is popular now. He is able to protect plants from more than 60 different species of pests. The speed of action and versatility are the distinctive features of the Iskra pest agent. The instruction allows you to quickly understand how this drug works.

Means is suitable for protection of flower, berry, vegetable, fruit and cultures against various wreckers. In addition, it includes a special potash fertilizer that allows plants to quickly restore damaged parts, and an anti-stress component. The main active ingredients are cypermethrin and permethrin.

The specified preparation “Iskra” is most effective against aphids and weevils. Pest control pills (weighing 10 g each) are modern double-acting insecticides. The drug practically does not penetrate into the plants and does not have a negative impact on the environment. For warm-blooded animals, including humans, it is non-toxic.

Method of use

To protect plants, it is necessary to understand how Spark should be used. A pest preparation (the manual allows you to familiarize yourself with the full list of insects for which it is effective) is not difficult to prepare. To do this, dissolve 1 tablet in 10 liters of water.

To process apples, cherries, quinces, cherries, pears from flowering beetles, moths, leafworms, pinworms, aphids, cherry flies, you must prepare a solution. Spraying is carried out on the basis that one tree should be from 2 to 10 liters, depending on their size.

For the processing of berries from the complex of various pests need 1.5 liters of the prepared solution for every 10 m 2 plantings. To protect potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, a sufficient 1 liter of funds for an area of ​​the same 10 "squares".

Spraying cucumbers and tomatoes from whitefly, thrips, aphids, and peppers and eggplants from the Colorado potato beetle and aphid is necessary at the rate of 2 liters per 10 m 2. It is possible to protect the beetroot from a scoop and cabbage from whitefish and moths, if you treat 10 m 2 of crops with one liter of diluted drug.

Means "Golden Spark"

The manufacturer has developed a special drug designed to protect plants from insects that damage vegetable and ornamental crops. For the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle (including its larvae), thrips, whitefly, aphids and other suitable means "Golden Spark" - a drug for pests. The instruction says that to ensure protection, only one treatment per season is sufficient. In addition, when using it, you should not be afraid of other insects that may fly from neighboring areas. Even young shoots, which appeared after the treatment, are protected.

After contact with the chemical, the pests stop feeding and die in approximately 2 days. The indicated preparation “Spark from pests” is absorbed into all aboveground parts of the plant. It is not washed off during rains or watering and is in the leaves and trunks for about a month.

Processing plants

The tool is safe for humans and beneficial insects, it does not harm the earthworms in the ground. The main active ingredient in it is imidacloprid. The Golden Spark Pest Remedy is used as follows.

For processing potatoes to get rid of aphids, cows and the Colorado potato beetle, 1 ml of the Golden Spark must be diluted in 5-10 liters of water. This amount of solution should be enough for 1 hundred. To protect cucumbers in greenhouses and tomatoes from thrips and aphids, it is necessary to make a solution of 10 liters of water and 2 ml of Golden Spark. To destroy the greenhouse whitefly on these cultures, it is necessary to mix 5 ml of the preparation and 10 liters of water. For the treatment of one weave, 5-10 liters of solution are needed, the exact amount depends on the number of pests.

To protect roses and other ornamental plants from leaf-eating insects, aphids, thrips, you can prepare a solution of 5-10 ml of funds and 10 liters of water. The specified amount is enough to process 1-2 acres.

Caterpillar drug

Many gardeners do not know how to deal with plozhodorki, sawflies, moth, leafworm and other pests. For the treatment of berry bushes and fruit trees, a specially developed means “Iskra-M from caterpillars” is ideal. It is available in vials of 10 ml and 5 ml ampoules. Malathion is the active ingredient in it. Also, it can be used to protect a number of other crops: cabbage, melons, watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers growing in greenhouses, citrus fruits, various ornamental and flower plants.

Successfully can be used in open ground and in greenhouses drug "Iskra". Pest Remedy acts fairly quickly. However, when processing plants on open ground, the period of protection is small - when exposed to wind and water, its effectiveness decreases. Its frequent use affects pest reproduction. But before using it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that it has a sharp unpleasant smell. The drug is derived from plants for 7 days.

Means "Iskra-Bio"

For gardeners and farmers, a special safe preparation has been developed, with the help of which it is possible to destroy various pests on decorative, flower, and berry, vegetable and fruit crops. The specified drug "Spark" from pests can be used until harvesting. With it, you can handle those plants in which the flowers are already adjacent to ripening fruits.

It has been tested on open ground and in greenhouses. According to their results, it was found that the tool is able to paralyze the caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, thrips, larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. The maximum effect is observed only 3-5 days after the treatment has been performed.

Its main advantages are that the tool is safe and does not cause habituation in insects. In addition, it can even destroy those pests that are resistant to other drugs. Ideal for hot regions means “Spark-Bio”. Indeed, at temperatures above 28 0 C, its effectiveness only increases.

Methods of using the drug "Iskra-Bio"

The drug is soluble in water and applied to plants using a special sprayer. It is used to combat spider mites, aphids, thrips on cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants. Dosage means depends on the type of pest that must be destroyed. So, for cleaning plants from spider mites, 1 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water is enough. To combat melon and peach aphids, it is necessary to 1 liter of 8 ml of the preparation. To get rid of tobacco, flower thrips, you will need to dilute 10 ml of Iskra Bio in 1 liter of water. With this amount of solution can be treated with 10 m 2 square.

Also on apples, currants, rose, the specified preparation “Spark from pests” is used. The instructions indicate that the tool helps to overcome fruit red and spider mites, if you dissolve 2 ml in a liter of water. To destroy the apple aphids, codling moth, scoops on apples, you need 3 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water. To rid these trees of the leaf-maker, Schlechténdal's mite, the moth, you will need 6 ml per liter. On one tree will need 2-5 liters of water.

Iskra-Bio helps with the fight against the cabbage bed - for these purposes it is diluted with 4 ml of the product in a liter of water. Processing of 10 m 2 requires 0.4-0.8 l of solution. Also with its help you can get rid of the larva of the Colorado potato beetle - the drug consumption will be 2 ml per 1 l of water. This amount is enough to handle 5-10 m 2.

Consumer opinion

Many gardeners are used to trust not the information specified by the manufacturer on the package, but the experience of their neighbors and acquaintances. Therefore, most of them want to know whether others liked the Spark from Pests drug. Reviews indicate that the means intended for the protection of plants help to get rid of insects. The main thing - to comply with the dosage specified in the instructions, and properly handle the culture.

For example, the tool “Golden Spark” helps many to get rid of shields, spider mites and other pests. It is only important to remember that the effect will not be instantaneous - insects die in a few days. Those who used the drug "Golden Spark", noted that it is almost devoid of smell. Therefore, they can safely handle even indoor plants.


Means to protect crops from insect pests.

Effective against: flowering beetles, moths, moths, aphids, weevils, leafworms, leaf beetles, sawflies, Colorado beetles, whiteflies, thrips, whiteflies, leaf beetles, onions, carrots and cherry flies, and also against leaf-eating insects.

Mode of application:

To obtain the maximum effect, it is recommended to spray the plants with a freshly prepared working solution of the drug in dry, calm weather in the morning or evening hours or during the day in overcast but not rainy weather, ensuring uniform wetting of the leaves. To prepare the working solution, dissolve 1 tablet of the agent first in a small amount of water. Then, with clean water, bring the volume of the working solution to 10 liters and process the plants in accordance with the table.



Drug consumption

Consumption of working solution

apple, pear, quince

flower eater, moths, moths, leafworms, aphids

1 tablet per 10 liters of water.

10 l per 1-5 trees depending on their age.

cherry, sweet cherry

1 tab. 10 liters of water

2 l - for a young tree, 5 l - for fruit bearing.

wild strawberry

weevils, leafworm, leaf beetle, sawflies

1 tab. 10 liters of water


1 tab. 10 liters of water.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.


Colorado beetle, ladybug, mole

1 tab. 10 liters of water.

10 liters per 100 sq.m.


whitefly, aphids, thrips

1 tab. 10 liters of water.


Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, aphids, thrips

1 tab. 10 liters of water.

peppers, eggplants

colorado beetle aphids

1 tab. 10 liters of water.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.

10 liters per 100 sq.m.


moths, scoop, mole

1 tab. 10 liters of water.

10 liters per 100 sq.m.


carrot fly

1 tab. 10 liters of water.

10 liters per 100 sq.m.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.

up to 10 liters per 100 sq.m.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.

up to 10 liters per 100 sq.m.


1 tab. 10 liters of water.

up to 10 liters per 100 sq.m.

flowers and ornamental plants

aphids, thrips, leaf-eating insects

1 tab. 10 liters of water.

up to 2 liters per 10 sq.m.

Precautionary measures.

Hazard Class: 3rd (moderately hazardous substance).

When processing, use personal protective equipment. During work, do not smoke, do not drink, do not take writing. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth. Keep the drug in a dry cool place, away from food and medicine, in places inaccessible to children and pets. Storage temperature from -25 to + 45. The drug is compatible with other insecticides and fungicides that do not have an alkaline reaction.

Destruction of the released container.

To release the released container in a special place without breathing in the products of combustion! Do not use for other purposes. Do not dispose into sewers, rivers or other bodies of water.

Warranty period of storage 2 years.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

article date 01.02.2010

Spark Gold

The Golden Spark protects against the Colorado potato beetle, thrips, whitefly, aphids, vegetables, potatoes, berries, fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants. The drug has a long guarding effect (up to a month), is not washed off from the leaves during watering and precipitation, protects the treated plants and shoots from newly arrived "pests." The effectiveness of the Spark Golden does not decrease even at high positive temperatures, which makes it popular in climatic zones with hot summers.

Actofit for indoor plants, is designed to destroy pests on home plants and flowers.

The active ingredient imidacoprid does not cause resistance in pests, it is safe for humans, birds, aquatic animals and fish, earthworms, pollinating insects, animals.

Drug consumption is economical. One ampoule (1 ml). Sparks Golden liquid is enough for processing 100 m², 1 sachet (40 g) of powder is enough for processing 500 m² of potato plantations from the Colorado potato beetle.

Iskra-M from caterpillars

A special drug based on the active substance Malathion from various types of caterpillars: moths, haws, leafworms, goldtails, sawflies, melon pan, scoop, whiteflies, ognevok, leafworms, silkworms, peppered moths, melon fly.

Spark-M is able to protect almost all types of fruit and berry trees and shrubs, berries, vegetables, legumes, melons and gourds in open ground and in greenhouses.

Environmentally friendly product belonging to the group of biological products. Produced on the basis of natural pesticides - radiant fungi of streptomycetes (Streptomyces), which have insecticidal and acaricidal properties.

The drug acts on pests resistant to other chemical and biological agents. Non-toxic to humans, does not accumulate in plants, fruits, root crops, and therefore does not require adherence to the time interval between processing and harvesting.

Important. For the treatment of agricultural land, forest plantations, plantations of medicinal plants, the Iskra-M emulsion concentrate is used. It refers to organophosphorus insecticaroacaricides of contact-intestinal action on the basis of malathion.

Sparkle Double Effect

Spark Double effect, perhaps the most versatile, effective, economical and convenient tool for use in the garden.

The active ingredients cypermethrin and permethrin, complementing each other, actively affect stubborn pests without causing them to become addictive. With the help of garden pills, garden, flower and ornamental pills you can quickly get rid of more than 60 species of insect pests.

Insecticide of double action is especially effective against aphids, ticks, weevils, podozhorok, leaf-eating insects.

Spark Double effect has another important property. Potassium fertilizer and special anti-stress supplements are used as a filler in tablets, which help the damaged plant to recover quickly and strengthen the immune system.

Use properly

Fruit and berry trees: apple, pear, quince, cherry, cherries from moles, leafworms, caterpillars, moths, tsvetoedov, weevils, aphids, cherry flies sprayed at the rate of 10 liters of working solution for 1-5 trees, depending on the degree of infection and age .

To protect berry bushes, strawberries, strawberries from weevils, leaf beetles, sawflies, aphids, ticks, leafworms, use 1.5 liters of the drug for every 10 m².

Legumes affected by sawfly, leaf beetles, and nodule weevils are treated with suspension at the rate of 1.5 liters per 10 m².

Actellic - non-systemic insecticide-acaricide, if you want to learn more, go to

The same amount of the mixture is enough to save the eggplants and peppers from the aphids, the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, melons from the melon and gourd.

10 m² of planting tomatoes and cucumbers will get rid of thrips, aphids, whitefly 2 liters of solution.

Treatment with a liter of 10 m² preparation of the beds will protect the beetroot from a scoop, cabbage from moths, scoops and whites, carrots from carrot flies and listobloshka, sunflower from meadow moths, potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, moths, cows.

Important. Analogues of the preparation Spark Dual effect are Inta-Vir, Kinmiks, Senpai, Lightning KE, Tsunami, Decis.

Security measures

When working with the drug Spark Double Effect, you must follow the rules of protection.

Spark Dual effect moderately toxic drug (hazard class 3). It has an international certificate of compliance with environmental safety standards. Does not harm beneficial insects, inhabitants of water bodies, warm-blooded animals. Not phytotoxic, completely removed from plants, breaking down into carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen in 2-3 weeks. Direct contact may cause mild irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

During the work with the preparation Spark Double effect follow standard safety rules:

  • apply personal protective equipment
  • refrain from eating, drinking, smoking,
  • at the end of the work perform hygiene procedures.

In case of poisoning:

  1. Upon contact with the skin, wipe thoroughly with gauze, cotton pad, rinse thoroughly with warm water and soap. Eyes are washed with running clear water.
  2. In case of ingestion of the drug in the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract, the stomach is washed with 5-6 tablets of activated carbon dissolved in 200 ml. Apply for medical help.

Atropine, toxoginin, PAM act as an antidote.

Drug storage

The preparation Spark Double effect is stored in a dark room at t - 25º - + 45º C, in a place protected from children and animals, away from food, medicines, sources of fire. Shelf life up to 2 years. The working solution is used at a time.

Dispose of the container and expired drug pre-packed or burned (buried) in specially designated places away from water, sewers and drinking sources.

Reviews on the preparation of Sparks Double Effect

Reviews on the application of the Spark Double effect for the most part positive.

Love Brueva. This drug can destroy more than fifty different types of insects! So I was glad!

Dmitry Bronstein. I have been using this great tool for several years. Kills all the enemies of my garden in an hour.

Nikolay Nikitsky. Apha writhes and dies in agony in just half an hour and fresh for almost a month does not appear.

The versatility, affordable price, ease of use in a short time made the Spark Dual Effect one of the most actively used insecticides in private homestead farms. The advantages of the drug are confirmed by numerous field trials and awards at international exhibitions.

What are the types of drugs

This inexpensive but effective insecticide is produced in several varieties:

  • "Spark double effect" includes in its composition two substances of plant origin, which have a neuroparalytic effect on certain types of insect pests.
  • The golden spark is made in the likeness of tobacco, and therefore has an effect similar to tobacco powder, but somewhat stronger. In the fruit section does not accumulate, therefore, processing before harvesting is permissible.
The golden spark is made in the likeness of tobacco
  • "Iskra Bio" - a pure drug in terms of ecology. Excellent proven in getting rid of ticks and not only.
  • “Iskra M” - karbofos water emulsion, gives a good result.

The best temperature for treating vegetation with these products is considered to be a temperature in excess of 25 degrees Celsius. At lower thermometer readings, the effectiveness of the preparations decreases, and when the readings are less than +13 degrees, insecticides do not work.

In what form are produced

The preparation "Iskra", effectively protecting against pests, is produced in various forms:

  • "Spark double effect" - in pills.
  • “Golden spark” - in ampoules, in the form of powder, in bottles of 10 ml, in tablets in the form of sticks (20 pieces).
  • "Iskra Bio" - in vials and ampoules.
  • "Iskra M" - in bottles and ampoules.

Consider each remedy for pests in more detail.

Key features and benefits:

"Spark double effect."

The most popular among summer residents is a tool that gives an excellent result when used in a dacha or a private plot. It is characterized by versatility - suitable for all garden and garden plantations, effectively destroying more than fifty pests, insects of vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers, while not developing their addiction to insecticide.

"Spark double effect" - in tablets

It is recommended to use to combat:

  • aphids
  • weevils,
  • ticks
  • moths,
  • leafwrapers,
  • colorado beetles
  • I beg.

The great advantage of this insecticide against pests is its filling with potash fertilizer and a special component that helps damaged plants restore vitality, strengthen and increase the green mass. That is, the pills correspond to their name; these are actually two drugs in one coat - both protection and nourishment.

The spraying solution is prepared according to the instructions for use. First, the tablet is dissolved in a small volume of liquid, then the working solution must be drained so that it does not clog the sprayer. Then the concentrate needs to be added with water to obtain a ten-liter volume. The result is a sticky suspension, due to its properties, it is well adhered to the green surface and is not washed away by raindrops.

Suspension process plants from the spray gun only in dry weather and in the absence of wind. It is better to carry out spraying in the morning or with the onset of the evening. Subsequent spraying is carried out at intervals of 14 days.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment during the whole warm season, not only during growth, but also when setting fruits and ripening them.

Garden treatment in the fall against pests

The most well respond to spraying insecticide "spark" with a double effect:

  • fruit plants (apple, pear, quince, sweet cherry, cherry). The drug destroys the codling moth, aphid, leafworm, caterpillar, weevils, cherry fly, moth, tsvetoeda. Trees are treated with 10 liters of liquid suspension. The amount of diluted liquid depends on the age of the plant or its destruction by insects - this volume is enough for 5 seedlings or one adult tree,
  • all berry bushes, strawberries and strawberries. The drug destroys weevil, sawfly, leafworm, mite, aphid. The fluid flow rate is 1.5 liters per 10 square meters,
  • all legumes, eggplants, peppers, melons. The concentration of the solution is the same as for berry bushes,
  • tomatoes and cucumbers. They are treated for thrips, aphids and whitefly. Use 2 liters of suspension per 10 m 2,
  • beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, sunflower. Spend 2 liters of solution per 10 m 2.

Do not use the drug during the flowering of berries and fruit trees. It is recommended to collect fruits and berries no earlier than 2-3 weeks after spraying.

2. "Golden Spark".

The main effect of the drug is aimed at getting rid of such pests:

  • whitefly,
  • thrips,
  • Colorado beetles,
  • aphids.
Sparkle Golden Green Belt 10 ml

Most effectively the tool helps fruit trees, bushes with berries, vegetable root crops (especially potatoes), flowers and ornamental vegetation. Effective medication for a month. The Golden Spark has proven itself well in hot weather conditions.

The solution of the “Golden Spark” prepared according to the instructions from 1 ml of the preparation is applied per 100 sq. M. m territory. Forty grams of powder can handle an area of ​​500 square meters. m. Use the fruit in food can be in 5 days.

The form of this insecticide in the form of sticks is used for houseplants. These measures help in the fight against pests of potted flowers and at the same time nourish them with essential substances. The method of application is simple - the tablets are inserted into the soil at the same distance between the edge of the pot and the plant itself, the number of sticks depends on the size of the pot. Detailed instructions can be found on the bag with the drug.

3. “Spark Bio”.

This type of pest remedy works best at high air temperatures (from +25 degrees). Irrigation of plants by them should be carried out only in the evening, this is due to the fact that under the action of the sun and oxygen the active substance of the drug is subject to rapid decomposition. Given this circumstance, it is necessary to resort to repeated treatments.

“Iskra Bio” actively fights against such pests:

  • aphid - 40 ml dissolved in 5 liters of water,
  • ticks - 10 ml per 5 l of water,
  • caterpillars - 15 ml per 5 l of water,
  • thrips - 5 ml per 0.5 l of water,
  • Colorado potato beetle - 20 ml per 10 liters of water per 100 square meters. m
Spark Bio - protection against pests

This remedy does not affect the egg-laying of the Colorado potato beetle, so irrigation is recommended to be done every week.

After treatment with this tool, garden products become usable after 2 days.

The drug is recommended for use in large populations of pests. It destroys almost all insects, works well in hot and cool weather conditions. Toxic properties occur during the week. Harvest can be a month after the last treatment.

The solution is prepared from 10 ml of the product and 10 liters of water, it is enough for 1 weave. Application for all ornamental vegetation and flowers of all kinds, as well as potted plants is permitted at any stage. It is worth remembering that home flowers are sprayed with Iskra M only in the open air and in protective clothing to avoid poisoning.

Advantages of Iskra

All products for the protection of the vegetation of gardens and gardens of this series are distinguished by many positive points:

  • profitability, as it has a low cost,
  • the possibility of processing plants in a large area
  • preparations from Iskra pests are generally safe for humans and domestic animals,
  • means are characterized by rapid decay and the possibility of eating fruits and vegetables for food after a short period of time,
  • possesses double action - as a protective agent and feeding plants.
Means from caterpillars Iskra M

Iskra reviews of insecticides

Most gardeners and gardeners give a positive assessment of this series of protective drugs.

Marina Vladimirovna, 46 years old:

“I couldn’t get rid of the Colorado potato beetle. I bought Iskra, the second time all the creatures were destroyed. Of course, the eggs on the leaves broke off manually. "

But the main way to get rid of aphids - lime in the area of ​​ants, herding aphids. Without their shepherds, a colony of aphids is not viable, because adult aphids themselves are not settled and are quickly destroyed by ladybirds, their larvae and the larvae of the golden-eyed. These insects need to create favorable conditions on the site in order to use biological and agrotechnical methods of pest control available to a small private owner.

Personal precautions

Spark Biot is considered safe for warm-blooded animals, but other types of these drugs, although formally little dangerous (3rd hazard class), but have a cumulative effect, i.e. accumulate in the body, and are able to penetrate it through the skin. Since no one is guaranteed from a sudden gust of wind, Spark treatment in the air must be done using a full set of PPE: overalls with a hood, a respirator with a mask, rubber gloves. Heat is not heat, it is impossible to work with Spark without a headdress and in clothes with short sleeves.

A complete set of PPE for working with insecticides is expensive, and in the summer it is unbearably parked, on the one hand. On the other hand, the landowner-private owner does not work for hire and schedule, but at his own discretion and can choose to work a very quiet day. In this case, special respiratory protective equipment is sufficient, which is often sold complete with a sprayer. The jumpsuit can be replaced with a plastic raincoat, and household latex gloves should be used, their leggings should go under the sleeves, pos. 1 in pic .:

Personal protective equipment for working with drugs Spark

When processing indoor plants, wind gusts are excluded, however, occasional sprays are not, especially since it is necessary to use Spark for indoor in a ventilated room. Therefore, simply "pshikat" working solution, as shown in pos. 2, it is impossible. Wear a petal respirator, household latex gloves, pos. 3, and some glasses with glass lenses. Acrylic lenses and others. Plastic from vapors of any insecticide gradually grow turbid.

If Spark solutions get inside or on mucous membranes, rinse the affected areas with water (if ingested, drink 1.5-2 liters and induce vomiting) and immediately consult a toxicologist. Antidotes (antidotes) from Spark poisoning are used strong: atropine, toxotropin, AMP. Self-medication can lead to severe and even tragic consequences.


Preparations Spark is good not only active in the heat. This is one of the few means of agrochemistry, quite effective in the area, for which the daily care is physically impossible, for example. at the cottage holiday. However, applying Sparks, do not forget:

  1. There will be no instant action, except for thrips. Pests that have been exposed to the drug will last a few more days (the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle - up to 20 days), without feeding and not harming. If you have time, it is better to mechanize them - manually. So they will not become a poisonous bait for beneficial insects,
  2. Keep deadlines from last processing to harvest and from harvest to eating or selling, see above,
  3. Fruits and vegetables from the site treated with Spark M, raw is undesirable. It is better to allow them to cook with heat treatment (boil, fry, bake) and / or for canning with sterilization (on "twist").

But the main thing is to observe the immutable rule of using all toxic chemicals: do not exceed the dosages, schemes and treatment modes specified in the instructions and techniques!

Instructions for use Sparks

For the highest efficiency, the leaves should be moistened evenly, sprayed in the evening or in the morning in calm weather with just prepared solution. You can spray on a cloudy day, if rain is not foretold. For the treatment of any plants from any pests prepare a solution and the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water. First, the tablet is dissolved in a small amount of water, after which the working solution is brought to a volume of 10 liters.

First aid

After providing first aid for poisoning, you need to consult a doctor for advice.

If Spark gets on the skin - remove the drug from the skin with a cloth or cotton wool and wash the place with plenty of warm water and soap.

If the drug gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of running water, trying to keep your eyes open.

If Spark is swallowed, drink several glasses of water with activated carbon (five or six tablets of coal per 1 glass of water), induce vomiting, and then take the victim to a doctor. Do not induce vomiting if the victim is unconscious.

Antidote - atropine. You can additionally under the supervision of a physician to take oxime drugs (toxogonin or PAM). If necessary, consult a poison control center.