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Cherry Lyubskaya: we grow fruit trees correctly

The cherry variety Lyubskaya was zoned in the middle of the last century, and it began to grow it in Russia so long ago that it is now impossible to establish its origin. With pronounced advantages and disadvantages, the variety does not lose popularity. Description of cherries and features of care for it - read our article.

Variety description

The Lubskaya cherry variety is referred to the varieties of the so-called “popular” selection, since its origin is unknown. Zoned in 1947, first described by Dr. N. I. Selhoznauk. Kuchinov, who determined that Lyubskaya had long been grown in the Kursk region.

The tree of this sort of cherry is low - up to 2.5 m, the crown is rare, shirokoraskidisty. Cracks are clearly visible on the trunk. Leaves are dense, dark green, narrowly oval, with notches along the edges.

The inflorescence consists of 3-4 flowers with a diameter of about 3 cm. The fruits are in a glossy skin, rounded, dull-heart-shaped. The pulp is raspberry, juicy, tender, sweet-sour. The mass of the cherry is on average 4 g. The stone is easily separated.

Features of planting a tree

Cherry Lyubskaya demanding on the place and composition of the soil. For it is suitable fertile sandy or loamy soil with high moisture and air permeability. The area where the cherry grows should be well lit throughout the day.

You can buy cherry seedlings in the nursery. As a rule, trees with a well-developed root system are realized there at the age of one year.

Cherry is planted in the northern and central regions in April, in the southern - in spring and autumn (early October).

  1. One month before planting, prepare a hole for the cherry - 60 cm in diameter, 50 cm deep. The hole for the cherry is prepared a month before planting
  2. Mix the extracted soil with fertilizers (humus - half of the mass of the earth, 30 g of superphosphate, 20 g of potassium chloride, 1 kg of ash). Lime and nitrogen fertilizers should not be applied at this stage.
  3. On the day of planting from the ground with fertilizers, form a mound at the bottom of the pit.
  4. To drive a peg into it, which then serves as a support for the tree.
  5. Lower the seedling, straighten its roots. Cherry planting scheme
  6. Sprinkle with soil, lightly ramming. The root neck should remain on the ground at a height of about 3 cm.
  7. Cut the seedling, leaving the trunk at 50-70 cm tall.
  8. Pour 20-30 liters of water. Sapling need to pour 20-30 liters of water
  9. Mulch pristvolny circle with humus or sawdust 3 cm layer.

Cherry Lyubskaya refers to the self-fruited varieties, but gardeners are advised to have other varieties of cherries on the site, for example, Anadolskaya, Vladimirskaya, Zhukovskaya.

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