General information

Growing broilers ROSS 308


In most cases, two main varieties are used to produce broiler chickens at poultry farms: white Cornish meat roosters and white Plymouthrock meat and egg hens. Then the offspring that came out are crossed with the white Cornish meat breed. Such breeds as Rod-Island, Kuchinsky, New Hampshires and others can be used for breeding broilers.

From this it follows that broiler chickens are a hybrid, otherwise called a cross, and not a breed.

Currently, broilers are bred not only in poultry farms, but also private poultry farmers. This is due to the fact that this type of hen does not require special care, but it is quickly gaining weight.

Broiler ROSS 308: reviews

According to reviews, this is a strong, fast-growing broiler breed. Owners of private poultry houses and experts note that it has an effective feed conversion and rather high meat indices.

General characteristics

The brokers of the ROSS 308 cross breeders were bred by the method of complicated crossings involving 5 different breeds.

After such events, the females of this breed were left without the instinct of motherhood, so they can only be bred using an incubator. The difficulty lies in the fact that the same indicators as the previous generation, the chicks can show only hatched from a special egg. For hatching, it will be necessary to strictly observe the growing guide, study the weight table of future chicks.

According to the description of broilers ROSS 308, they have the following external qualities:

  • massive body,
  • well developed lower limbs
  • thighs have developed muscles
  • pure white plumage.

When buying day-old chickens of broilers ROSS 308, due to external similarities with other breeds (the body of the kids is covered with the same white down), you can make a mistake and buy completely different ones. Recommended to buy from trusted suppliers.


When farmers observe the necessary growing, feeding and care conditions, the birds can show such good weight gain results.

Table of weight of broilers ROSS 308

On average, a farmer, after 2 weeks of housing, receives birds weighing 5 kg. It is necessary to control weight gain.

Growth stops at the age of 6-7 weeks.

Maturation and laying egg laying

In addition to the excellent characteristics of meat, this breed has good egg production.

Hens of breed broiler ROSS 308 possess vulnerable puberty. The hen begins to give eggs on the 5th month. The average annual rate is 165 eggs.

During the molting period, egg production decreases or disappears altogether. The optimal amount of essential vitamins, in particular fish oil, will help the chicken cope with an unpleasant period.

The breed ROSS 308 has good egg production rates.

By feeding chickens broilers ROSS 308 fit with particular responsibility.

As part of a specialized feed mixture, the key role is played by the components that provide the winged family with good substances, taste and meat quality at the time of the roost.

When growing into account useful recommendations.

  1. Grain mixture with the addition of premixes and pigments is used for adults.
  2. When refusing store feed and making food at home, do not forget about the nutritional components (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). The required number of them is found in barley, corn, wheat, rye and oats.
  3. When the content of a key role in feeding assigned to hanks, enrichment with vitamin supplements. It is allowed to add vegetable, fortified additives, fish trim. When adding it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to introduce auxiliary elements into fodder at room temperature.
  4. Meals should be three meals a day. Walking is organized in such a way that they can find green grass for themselves, but there is no need to cancel feed intake.
  5. Feeding babies start with dry foods with the rejection of wet foods, because they are a good breeding ground for bacteria.
  6. On day 3, broiler chickens are added to the diet nettle soaked in boiled water. Daily chickens are fed with hard-boiled eggs added to porridge. Starting from the tenth day, give a grated carrot or other vegetables. In these products, a large amount of nutrients.
  7. By the 15 days of life, the main ration consists of special mixtures.
  8. Feed consumption in the following proportions: 1.9 kg of feed per 1 kg of poultry.
  9. Adequate watering also plays a big role in quality growth. To do this, use chamomile decoctions or brewed wild rose. You can make at home weakly diluted potassium permanganate and give it crosses.


The content is held indoors, so comfort should be in the first place. Creating conditions in the hen house, you must remember that this breed needs to be clean. The coop must be spacious and must have a walk outlet.

There is no need for huge perches. The flooring should be with bedding containing limestone. Broiler chickens are heat-loving birds, therefore it is necessary to provide heating in severe frosts. If it is impossible to install devices for heating, it is necessary to warm the room.


Often there is a disease of the respiratory tract. Treatment of such diseases begins with prevention - to air the rooms where the birds live. If the birds are still sick, then by isolating patients from healthy people and treating the course of antibiotics, it is possible to defeat the disease.

Growing broiler meat is profitable as an additional earnings or basic earnings. In order to get meat, you do not need to arrange a winter house, as during the warm season you can grow enough birds. You only need to buy brooders or heating lamps for chickens.

The attractive characteristics of broiler chickens ROSS-308 is confirmed already when they are first grown on their farm.