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How to prepare for the winter chanterelles, proven recipes


Mushrooms are loved by many. In the post they will replace meat, on holiday they will play the role of a cold snack. It is not by chance that many hostesses make pickled chanterelles for the winter, and each has its own signature recipe and its own cooking secrets for this traditional dish.

Chanterelle Pickling Secrets

Marinated chanterelles will be tastier if you use the advice of experienced chefs.

  • Before making the harvesting of chanterelles for the winter, they should be thoroughly cleaned from leaves and blades of grass, other debris. To make it easier, mushrooms are soaked in water, acidified and salted. Add 2 g of citric acid and 10 g of salt to a liter of water. After such a soaking, chanterelles are not only easy to clean, but they will also prepare faster, they will be better preserved in winter.
  • In accordance with some recipes, it is recommended to use only mushroom caps for salting or pickling. In this case, the legs should not be thrown away: they make delicious mushroom caviar.
  • Before marinating chanterelles, they must be boiled. Most often, the recipes indicate the specific time - 20 minutes. In fact, it is better to focus on the behavior of the mushrooms themselves: when they settle to the bottom, the fire can already be turned off.
  • To boil the mushrooms and marinate evenly, you need to strive to ensure that they are approximately the same size. Large chanterelles should be cut in half, if not into four parts.
  • In order for the pickled chanterelles to be crispy, they should not be allowed to cool in hot water. Immediately after they are prepared, they should be rinsed with cold water.
  • For marinating chanterelles for the winter, only sterile jars are suitable, otherwise the mushrooms will quickly deteriorate. If they are supposed to be stored in the refrigerator, you can close the cans with nylon covers. For storage in a pantry or basement, the banks are sealed. This can be done only with metal covers.

Before serving, it is not enough just to put pickled chanterelles out of the jar. They must be watered with vegetable oil, sprinkled with onion, garlic, and greens if necessary.

Chanterelle pickles marinated for winter: a classic recipe

  • chanterelles - 2 kg,
  • water - 1.5 l,
  • salt rock - 50 g,
  • granulated sugar - 100 g,
  • Table vinegar (9 percent) - 60 ml,
  • allspice peas - 25 g,
  • Clove - 10 g

  • Soak the mushrooms in cool water for at least an hour.
  • Clean, rinse, cut into equal pieces (very small chanterelles do not need to cut).
  • Fill with water and cook over medium heat until the mushrooms sink to the bottom of the pan.
  • Pour the mushroom broth into another pan through a colander, rinse chanterelles with cool water.
  • In broth, where chanterelles were boiled, add salt and sugar, pepper and cloves. Bring to a boil.
  • Put in the marinade mushrooms, cook them for 7 minutes.
  • Pour in the vinegar and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Put the mushrooms into prepared sterilized jars.
  • Fill the chanterelles with boiling marinade so that it covers them completely.
  • Roll cans with metal lids.

After the banks have cooled, they can be stored in a cool room for a year. Fully ready to eat mushrooms will be in a month.

Chanterelles marinated in butter and garlic

  • chanterelles - 5 kg,
  • water - 2 l,
  • salt - 70 g,
  • sugar - 40 g,
  • Carnation - 10 pcs.,
  • black pepper peas - 10 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 5 pcs.,
  • vegetable oil - 0.2 l,
  • Table vinegar (9 percent) - 100 ml,
  • onions - 0.2 kg
  • garlic - 1 head.

  • Pour the prepared mushrooms with water so that its level is about 2 cm higher, cook for 15–20 minutes on medium heat, constantly removing the foam that forms. When all chanterelles sink to the bottom, they need to be removed with a colander and rinsed.
  • Measure the volume of the remaining water (broth) and add the missing amount (2 l will be required). Put the cloves and pepper, add sugar and salt.
  • Peel the onions and cut them as you like: half rings or dices.
  • Peel the garlic and cut the cloves into thin plates.
  • Dip the onion and garlic in the marinade.
  • Pour oil and vinegar into it. Boil the mixture for 2-3 minutes.
  • Dip the boiled mushrooms in the marinade and boil for another 10–12 minutes.
  • Sterilize 0.5–1 l cans each for 15–20 minutes.
  • Boil the lids.
  • Fill jars with chanterelles, cover with marinade, cover with lids and let them cool, wrapped them with something warm.

You can taste chanterelles marinated according to this recipe in two days. When serving, add nothing more to the table - this is a ready snack. In a cool place you can store it all year round and eat all winter.

Chanterelles marinated without vinegar

  • chanterelles - 1 kg,
  • water for marinade - 0.7 l,
  • boiling water for mushrooms - 0.3 l,
  • citric acid - 5 g,
  • bell pepper - 5 pcs.,
  • carnation - 3 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • salt - 20 g,
  • sugar - 40 g

  • Washed, peeled and cut into large pieces of chanterelles, cover with water and boil for 20 minutes after boiling.
  • Wash the mushrooms with cold water.
  • Put spices, salt, sugar in another pot, pour water and bring to a boil.
  • In the boiling marinade, lower the chanterelles and cook for 8 minutes.
  • Add citric acid, cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Spread the mushrooms on sterilized jars, cover with hot marinade.
  • Roll up the covers, flip, cover with a blanket. After a day, clean the storeroom.

You can keep chanterelles marinated without vinegar until the next fall in a room where the temperature does not rise above 18 degrees.

Chanterelles in a spicy marinade

  • chanterelles - 1.5 kg,
  • carnation - 12 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 6 pcs.,
  • thyme - 5–7 g,
  • marjoram - 5–7 g,
  • oregano - 10 g,
  • parsley - 50 g,
  • celery (greens) - 50 g,
  • basil - 10 g,
  • onions - 150 g,
  • salt - 50 g,
  • allspice peas - 20 g,
  • water - 0.4 l,
  • Table vinegar (9 percent) - 50 ml.

  • Prepare the mushrooms, well washed and cut into pieces. Boil and drain in a colander, rinse.
  • Sterilize the jars.
  • Wash the greens. Without cutting, distribute approximately equally in the banks.
  • Prepare the marinade from salt, seasoning, vinegar and water.
  • Put the chanterelles in the marinade and cook for 12 minutes.
  • Spread the mushrooms on the banks, pour them with marinade.
  • Close the plastic covers. When the jars are cool, put them in the fridge.

Chanterelles marinated in this way are fragrant, but they can only be stored in the refrigerator and not longer than 4 months. The sample can be removed after 2 weeks.

There are other recipes for cooking chanterelles marinated for the winter, and each one is different in its own way. Having mastered proven recipes, hostesses can experiment, bringing in something of their own.

Method of cooking pickled chanterelles:

Chanterelles - the most unpretentious mushrooms with which I had to deal. Fresh, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, I did not have to keep them there longer, so I can not vouch for a longer period. They do not sour, do not lose their shape, and even more so they are not threatened with wormy. Before cooking, it is enough to just pick them from all blades of grass and leaves, rinse well under running water and drain in a colander. At the discretion of the culinary specialist too large mushrooms can be cut into pieces, I prefer to leave them whole.

Next, you need to boil the mushrooms. To do this, I put a pot of water on the stove (somewhere around 1.5 liters), throw a pinch of salt and, as soon as the water boils, put the chanterelles in it. When cooking, mushrooms give their juice and boil, because it is enough that the water only slightly hid the mushrooms, and the excess can be drained.

I wait for the mushrooms to boil and boil them for 15 minutes, removing the inevitably forming foam as needed.

After the mushrooms boiled their allotted time, I threw them back into a colander and rinsed with cold water.

Now you can start cooking the marinade. In an enamel pan I throw peppercorns, Lavrushka, cloves, sugar and salt. I add there the same chopped quarters (you can simply chop into cubes) onions, followed by sliced ​​garlic. Pour all this with boiling water, topped up with oil and vinegar and put the pan on the stove. Marinade should turn out strong, saturated. If there is something missing for your taste, feel free to add it.

When the marinade boils, I put mushrooms in it and let them boil for another 10 minutes. After that, remove the mushrooms from the stove and proceed to the preparation of cans.

You can sterilize jars and lids in any way you like. I am used to steaming. How I do it. I build a simple design from a pot of water, with a grate installed on it. In the water I put the caps with a twist (twist-off), and on the top of the grid I set up clean cans, bottom up. I wait until the water in the pot boils, and hold the banks over the steam for 15-20 minutes. (depending on the size of the cans - the larger the volume, the longer it will be necessary to sterilize the cans). For mushrooms, it is more convenient to take cans up to a liter, not more.

After sterilization, tightly fill the cans with mushrooms, pour them with marinade and close the lids.

Done! In order to make sure that the banks are closed securely, I turn them upside down, hide them, and after about 10-12 hours I put them in storage in the fridge, where they can stand up to 6 months.

Cooking options

There are different recipes for cooking chanterelles for the winter, among them we will highlight the following:

  • salting,
  • pickling,
  • frost
  • canning of fried mushrooms,
  • cooking mushroom caviar or solyanka.

In this review, we will look at each of these methods in detail.

About chanterelles

Before we talk about recipes blanks, briefly focus on the description of the mushrooms themselves, and about where, when and how to collect them.

In the central part of Russia, chanterelles are harvested from mid-June until the end of October, up to the frost, depending on the amount of precipitation and temperature. The greatest probability of their occurrence in the forest comes after heavy rains with thunderstorms.

Yellow-orange beauties grow in mixed forests, preferring symbiosis with deciduous and coniferous trees, like:

In appearance, it is difficult to confuse them with other mushrooms; these bright yellow or orange fruit bodies grow in glades, often forming “witch circles” around a single tree or shrub.

Chanterelles do not have a clear division into a cap and a leg, one smoothly flowing into the other. The height of the mushroom does not exceed seven centimeters, and the diameter is twelve.

A distinctive feature is resistance to pests, so even in the hottest weather red mushrooms are rarely damaged by worms.

Preparing chanterelles for canning

Before you start processing chanterelles, you need to properly prepare them. It is advisable to clean and sort the mushrooms directly on the day of collection so that they do not lose elasticity and freshness.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go through the mushrooms, clearing them of forest debris, pay special attention to the underside of the cap.
  2. Soak the mushrooms for 30-50 minutes in cold water.
  3. Rinse the mushrooms and drain.
  4. Boil the mushrooms in boiling water for 15-20 minutes to remove bitterness from them.

If you are going to recycle chanterelles with subsequent preservation in banks, you should prepare the necessary number of containers of the required volume in advance.

Chanterelle mushrooms freezing

Thanks to the development of household appliances, one of the most popular ways to preserve food, including mushrooms, is freezing. In order to freeze chanterelles, use two methods:

  • freeze boiled mushrooms,
  • with pre-fry.

Essentially, these recipes do not differ in anything, but at the output we get different products: in the first case - a semi-finished product for preparing first, second courses or salads, in the second - a ready dish.

Chanterelles, fried for the winter, do not necessarily freeze, you can preserve mushrooms in glass jars. In this case, do this:

  1. On a heated pan dissolve the butter, chanterelles are not combined with vegetable flavor.
  2. Boiled mushrooms spread in the pan.
  3. Over low heat, stirring regularly, fry chanterelles until cooked for 30-40 minutes.
  4. Put the mushrooms in pre-sterilized jars.
  5. Pour the oil from the pan so that it covers the mushrooms in a centimeter layer.
  6. Roll up sterilized caps.

Store canned foods prepared in this way in a cool place, for example, in a cellar. Before use, the mushrooms are once again fried, adding to them onions, leeks or potatoes.

Chanterelle recipe with vinegar

  • chanterelles - 1 kilogram,
  • salt - 45 grams (1.5 spoons),
  • sugar - 10 grams,
  • black pepper - 10 peas,
  • Lavrushka - 2-3 leaves,
  • carnation - 3 buds,
  • garlic - 4-6 cloves,
  • vinegar (9%) - 100 milliliters,
  • water.

The procedure for marinating chanterelles is as follows:

  1. Rinse the boiled mushrooms and add fresh water.
  2. Add spices to the water except vinegar and garlic.
  3. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Add vinegar, boil for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. Arrange the mushrooms in sterilized jars, adding garlic to taste.
  6. Cork the banks.

To taste, the following ingredients are added to the recipe:

Marinated chanterelles with butter

Pickled chanterelles in the second recipe are tender and fragrant. To prepare you need to take a kilogram of mushrooms:

  • water - 400 ml
  • salt - 15 g,
  • sugar sand - 10 g,
  • carnations - 2 pcs.,
  • black pepper - 2 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 1 pc.,
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.,
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 20 ml,
  • onions - 100 g,
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves.

Preparing delicacy in the following sequence:

  1. In the pot pour the required amount of water, based on the mass of boiled mushrooms.
  2. Add the cloves, pepper, salt and sugar.
  3. Finely chop the onion and garlic, dip in the marinade.
  4. Pour the oil in the marinade with vinegar, boil for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Lay in a container of chanterelles and cook in marinade for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Spread ready mushrooms on banks and cork.

Marinating without vinegar

As preservative in this recipe is not vinegar, and citric acid. Despite this, chanterelles prepared in this way can be stored in a cool room for up to twelve months.

Per kilo of chanterelles you need to take:

  • water - 0.7 liters,
  • citric acid - 5 grams,
  • peppercorns - 5 pieces,
  • carnations - 3 buds,
  • bay leaf - 2 pieces.,
  • salt - 20 grams,
  • sugar - 40 grams.

The preparation procedure is as follows:

  1. Cooking marinade: put sugar, salt and spices in the water.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Add mushrooms and boil for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Put the citric acid and cook for another two minutes.
  5. Lay the pre-boiled chanterelles in sterilized jars and pour the marinade.
  6. We roll, we overturn, we wrap up - everything is as usual.

Cold method of salting chanterelles

In this recipe, the mushrooms must also be pre-cooked, cooking is carried out without the use of hot brine, so the method is called cold. The composition of the products for this recipe based on one kilogram of mushrooms:

  • salt - 60 grams,
  • dill - 3-4 umbrellas,
  • horseradish - 1-2 sheets,
  • garlic - 2 heads,
  • vegetable oil - 200 grams.

The sequence of salting is:

  1. At the bottom of the pan and every two layers of mushrooms put spices and salt.
  2. Top cover all extra horseradish leaves and a plate.
  3. We put oppression, a stone, a jar of water, etc.
  4. Maintain the day at room temperature.
  5. Fill with sunflower oil to prevent air from entering the tank and put it in the fridge.

Hot salting

This method slightly reduces the salting value in the vitamin relation, but the taste qualities remain high.

Ingredients per kilogram of chanterelles:

  • salt - 2 tablespoons,
  • 2-3 bay leaves,
  • black pepper - 4-7 peas,
  • allspice - 4-7 peas,
  • carnation - 4 buds,
  • garlic - 2-4 cloves,
  • water - 1 liter.

Cooking mushrooms in this order:

  1. Wash the mushrooms with water and add spices.
  2. Boil for half an hour.
  3. Put the mushrooms in the prepared pan.
  4. Cut the garlic into small plates and add mushrooms.
  5. Fill with brine.
  6. Put the oppression.
  7. After a day, remove the oppression, and move the pan to the refrigerator.
  8. After another 24 hours, place the chanterelles in sterilized jars and seal.

Chanterelle Caviar

A good snack in the winter cold, and not only will the chanterelle caviar. To make it according to the simplest recipe, you will need the following components:

  • chanterelle mushrooms - 5 kilograms,
  • onion - 1 kilogram,
  • parsley - 200-300 grams,
  • vegetable oil - 0.5 liters,
  • lemon juice - 100 grams,
  • salt - 100 grams,
  • black pepper - to taste.

  1. Mince boiled mushrooms.
  2. In a separate pan, fry the finely chopped onion.
  3. Finely chop the washed and dried parsley.
  4. Combine the products by adding butter from the pan.
  5. Pour lemon juice at the end, pepper to taste.
  6. Spread the ready caviar on the banks and cork.

Chanterelle Chanterelle

The last one in turn, but the best taste will be the recipe for a winter hodgepodge with chanterelles. The composition of products on 2 kilograms of mushrooms:

  • cabbage - 2 kilograms,
  • carrots - 1 kilogram,
  • onion - 1 kilogram,
  • vegetable oil 0.5 liters,
  • Acetic essence 70% - 1 tablespoon,
  • salt, pepper to taste.

This yummy is prepared in this order:

  1. In a large saucepan, stew the vegetables and butter for 30-50 minutes until cooked.
  2. Add the mushrooms and cook for another half an hour.
  3. Add salt, pepper, vinegar and mix thoroughly.
  4. We decompose the prepared banks and cork.

Read on site delicious recipes blanks for the winter of mushrooms:

A few secrets of harvesting chanterelles

You should not be limited to one taste, study the proposed recipes and choose the one you like. To avoid mistakes, read tips on marinating tasty chanterelles.

Лисичка из тех редких грибов, которые червяки обделяют своим вниманием. Therefore, preparation for canning is reduced to the removal of adhered debris, and dirt, scraped off with a knife.

  • You divide large mushrooms into legs and caps, they look more beautiful in harvesting. Trifle the whole pickle. Many do not put legs in cans, using them on mushroom caviar. Here decide for yourself if there are some mushrooms, I’m marina’s legs.
  • Before marinating mushrooms, it is desirable to boil. Cooking time is approximately 15-20 minutes. But it is better to focus on the behavior of mushrooms. If they "lay down" on the bottom, the brine brightened, then it's time to shoot.
  • To make the mushrooms crispy, one effective secret is known. After cooking, the mushrooms do not need to leave to cool in a hot marinade, you must immediately pour over cold water.
  • Today sold a lot of spices for the winter harvesting of mushrooms. I used to neglect them, but recently tasted them. I recommend to try.

Chanterelles marinated with onions and garlic

Making this recipe, you get a ready appetizer of chanterelle salad in oil. Add nothing is necessary, open, and on the table. Mushrooms will come out crunchy, with a spicy taste and aroma of spices. Preservation is done without sterilization.

  • Chanterelles - 5 kg.
  • Onions - 200 gr.
  • Head of garlic.
  • Vegetable oil - 20 ml.
  • Vinegar 9% - 100 ml.
  • Lavrushka - 5 pcs.
  • Salt - 70 gr.
  • Studs sticks - 10 pcs.
  • Sugar - 40 gr.
  • Pepper - 10 peas.

  1. Fill peeled chanterelles with water on a finger above. Boil. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam.
  2. Remove the mushrooms with a slotted spoon (when it sinks to the bottom, it's time to take it out).
  3. Drain the broth, measure its volume, add up to 2 liters, if not enough.
  4. Crumble the garlic cloves with plates, onions with half rings.
  5. Throw in the marinade, put on the hob. Add the spices provided by the recipe, except oil and vinegar.
  6. After boiling, add acetic acid and oil. Next send the mushrooms.
  7. Continue cooking on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat.
  8. Fill the jars with blank, twist screw caps or roll metal. Cover with something warm, cool, transfer to permanent storage.

Delicious chanterelles in spicy marinade

Do not limit yourself to traditional marinade spices - expand the range with herbs.

  • Mushrooms - 1.5 kg.
  • Water - 400 ml.
  • Onions - a large head.
  • 9% acetic acid - 50 ml.
  • Celery leaves - 50 gr.
  • Bay leaf - 6 pcs.
  • Parsley - a few twigs.
  • Carnation buds - 10-12 pcs.
  • Thyme, marjoram - 5 gr.
  • Basil - a pair of twigs.
  • Oregano, dried - 10 gr.
  • Pepper allspice - 20 gr.
  • Salt - 50 gr.

Step by Step Cooking Chanterelles:

  1. Wash the chanterelles. Large split in half. Boil as described in the previous recipe. Rinse under running water, leaning in a colander.
  2. Greens, straight branches, not cutting, distribute in jars.
  3. Cook the marinade out of water, salt. There also send all the dry spices. When the pickle boils, sprinkle with vinegar.
  4. Then fold the mushrooms. Cook for 10-12 minutes.
  5. Spread over the banks, pour in the marinade. It is permissible to store the blank on the shelf of the refrigerator under the capron cover.

In the treasury of your recipes

Crispy pickled chanterelles with onions and carrots

The following recipe for homemade chanterelles with vegetables is able to please everyone without exception. It turns out marinade with an amazing taste - a little sweet, with a slight sourness.

  • Mushrooms - a kilogram.
  • Large carrot.
  • Onion Head
  • Salt - 2 large spoons.
  • Sugar - 2.5 spoons.
  • 30% essence - 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Water - 1.5 liters.
  • Cloves, mustard grains, cardamom and dill grains, lavrushka, peppercorns - at discretion.

  1. Cook the mushrooms, remove the water.
  2. Divide the onion into half rings, cut the carrots into rings.
  3. Pour water into the pan, add vegetables, all spices and spices.
  4. Wait for boiling, boil marinade for 5 minutes. Then put the chanterelles in the pan.
  5. Cook for about 15 minutes, then pour the essence. Boil a couple of minutes, remove from the burner.
  6. Fill the jars, roll up.

Chanterelles marinated with cinnamon

  • Mushrooms - 2 kg.
  • Salt - 100 gr.
  • 9% vinegar - a glass.
  • Bay leaves, allspice, cloves.
  • Cinnamon is a pinch.

  1. Pour the mushrooms prepared for pickling into the pan, salt and boil. Boil for 15-20 minutes.
  2. When the mushrooms lie on the bottom, add acetic acid, spices from the list.
  3. Wait for the boil again, boil the last 5 minutes.
  4. Distribute in tanks, roll up.

Video recipe for the winter delicious pickled chanterelles. Successful to you preparations!

Inventory and kitchen appliances

It is difficult to spoil dishes from mushrooms using marinade even to a novice amateur chef.

Shortly before cooking the chanterelles for the winter, make sure that you have the following kitchen items:

  • Enameled pan - 2 pcs. How many liters of pots depends on the number of mushrooms you have collected. We can only suggest that in large you will boil mushrooms (and they will significantly decrease in volume), and in the second - cook in marinade.
  • Skimmer - 1 piece.
  • Colander - 1 piece.
  • Half-liter glass jars with lid-twist.
It is also necessary to have a gas or electric stove, preferably for 2-3 burners. In principle, you can do without one, but then the cooking time will increase.


Before tasty marinating chanterelles, prepare the following ingredients for the marinade:

  • water - 1 liter,
  • Vinegar 9% - 200 ml,
  • salt - 1 tablespoon with a hill,
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons,
  • spices - 3 cloves, 2 bay leaves, 6 pieces of black pepper, 4 pieces of allspice.
This amount of marinade is enough for three kilograms of mushrooms.

Time for preparing

Depends on the time of soaking mushrooms. Usually chanterelles are recommended to soak in salted water for two hours in order to clean forest debris and dirt. When they are very dirty, it is recommended to change the water periodically. If you are in a hurry, you can put them in the water for only half an hour or immediately rinse under running water. But they will not wash so easily. Shop mushrooms are less dirty than forest mushrooms, they do not need to be soaked, and it takes less time to wash them.

Cooking time without soaking - about an hour.

Step-by-step recipe

In order to cook pickled chanterelles for this simple and tasty recipe, you must step by step perform the following steps:

  1. Wash the mushrooms with water, removing debris and rotted parts. Legs of old mushrooms are best removed. Large copies should be cut in half or four times, and small ones can be put entirely.
  2. At the same time put on the fire a large pot of salted water (for every liter of water 1 tablespoon of salt without a slide).
  3. Toss the washed and sliced ​​chanterelles into the boiling water, bring the water to a boil again and collect the foam with a skimmer. If you do not have time to remove the foam, do not be sad, the mushrooms will still be washed. Just foam can fill you plate. Boil on a quiet fire for 15-20 minutes with a barely noticeable boil, since boiling in boiling water can degrade the taste of mushrooms. The main landmark of the fact that the mushrooms boiled is their lowering to the bottom of the pan.
  4. While the mushrooms are being processed, sterilize the jars with lids. Usually the housewives do this by holding the jar over the spout of the boiling kettle for 10-15 minutes, and throwing the lids in for 3 minutes. Owners of microwave ovens can quickly sterilize the cans, pouring some water into the bottom of the cans and putting them in the microwave at maximum power for 5 minutes. But the tin lids from the cans still have to boil.
  5. Throw the boiled mushrooms in a colander and rinse well with cold water.
  6. Prepare the marinade in a smaller saucepan: throw salt, sugar into the boiling water, add spices and boiled chanterelles. Boil the mushrooms in the marinade for 10 minutes, putting vinegar at the very end of cooking. To marinate chanterelles correctly, vinegar is always added to the marinade at the end, as it immediately begins to evaporate when cooked.
  7. Without turning off the gas under the saucepan, pour chanterelles with marinade into a can with a help of a ladle. Try not to trap too much liquid. Roll up the jar, turn the lid down and leave to cool for several hours (or overnight).

How to marinate chanterelles for the winter

So, let's prepare the preparation of our beautiful and delicious mushrooms. My mushrooms are all very small and do not need cutting. If you have large chanterelles, then for this workpiece they will need to be cut.

To begin with, wash, cleaned of dirt and debris, mushrooms under cool running water. We throw them on a sieve and let them drain thoroughly.

The next step is to boil the mushrooms. To do this, pour water into a large saucepan and add salt from this calculation: 1 tablespoon (without a slide) of salt to 1 liter of water. At 1.5 kilograms of mushrooms will need 2.5 liters of water and 2.5 tablespoons of salt, respectively. Let's wait until our salt solution boils and drop chanterelles into it. Cook mushrooms 10 minutes after boiling.

Consider that when boiling a lot of foam may form. To normalize the situation - slightly reduce the fire. After this time, it is necessary to drain the contents into a colander and allow the liquid to drain.

Prepare the marinade. In the water, add the bay leaf, salt, sugar and peppercorns.

Let's wait for it to boil and drop our chanterelles into it. Cook mushrooms for another 10 minutes. At the end add acetic acid and boil for 3 minutes.

Everything now, just lay out the workpiece on clean, sterilized, cans and twist the lids.

As you can see, pickling chanterelles at home is not at all difficult. It is possible to make such preparation very simply and quickly. In winter, pickled chanterelles will delight you with their taste and remind you of a generous and warm summer. Such beautiful mushrooms will look great on a festive table, and also are great for cooking various mushroom salads.

How to store blanks

The storage period for cans with metal lids is recommended no more than a year. In the presence of jars with glass lids, the storage period is extended to two years. Marinated mushrooms are stored in a cool dry room with a temperature of about 6-8 ° C. For cooking, you can use it after about three to four weeks.

If chanterelles are found in mold cans, rinse thoroughly with boiling water, after placing them in a colander. Then cook the new marinade and re-boil the mushrooms in it. After placing in sterile jars and again pour boiling marinade. If you notice that the lid is swollen on the can, throw it away without thinking.

If you have violated the technology of cooking, then pickled mushrooms can be stored for a while in the refrigerator under a capron lid, but in no case can you roll up to avoid botulism.

Useful tips

When marinating chanterelles, you can use tips from experienced mushroom pickers:

  • when picking up mushrooms, their leg should be carefully cut with a knife, and not pulled from the ground, since the causative agent of botulism is in the ground,
  • Before proceeding with marinating, chanterelles should be bruised well, and also discarded rotten specimens. In order to better exempt from various debris, they are soaked in water, in which salt and citric acid are first dissolved. To do this, in one liter of water is diluted with 2 g of citric acid, as well as 10 g of rock salt. After that, the mushrooms, besides being well cleaned, are also prepared faster and stored much better,
  • Many people when cooking chanterelles recommend taking only mushroom caps. But the legs do not need to throw in the trash - you can make delicious mushroom caviar from them,
  • Chanterelles are boiled before pickling. In many sources of information they are recommended to boil for about twenty minutes. In practice, during the boiling process, they are ready, once they have completely settled to the bottom,
  • To make the chanterelles evenly soak in the marinade, you can use them to match the same size, but if the chanterelles are different in size, they should be cut into approximately the same parts,

  • to make the pickled mushrooms crispy, they should be washed immediately with cold water after boiling,
  • For pickling and pickling, it is best to use rock salt, but iodized salt cannot be used,
  • chanterelles are fungi that accumulate medium-weight radioactive substances. Therefore, if you are confident in the ecology of the place where you collected mushrooms, then for the base of the marinade it is better to take not just water, but the decoction in which they were prepared. Marinade will become more fragrant, mushroom,
  • Before serving, sprinkle with sunflower or olive oil, add herbs, onion and garlic to taste. Dietary option to save the figure would be to use pickled mushrooms without oil, only with greens. Such mushrooms can also be added to various salads or toppings for patties.

Preparing pickled chanterelles at home according to this recipe, you can enjoy them in the winter and eat as a separate dish or add to other dishes. Marinated mushrooms are not just tasty, they are also easily absorbed by the human body. They can be prepared and stored in the usual conditions of a standard apartment.

General principles of cooking

When marinating mushrooms, it is always worth remembering that this product, after all, is dangerous. That is why rarely there are cases when mushrooms pickle raw. Most often the heat treatment of the product is necessary.

So, first you need to clean the mushrooms. Then soak them in standing water, rinse in running water, and eventually boil them. Sometimes it is enough one cooking, and sometimes boil the mushrooms several times.

As a result, they are rolled into banks with the addition of marinade, which contains a lot of additives. These are the spices, herbs and spices that make the snack more delicious.

  1. Mushrooms as much as possible to clean their hands, then pour them into a bowl and pour cold water,
  2. Let them stand for at least one hour. This is necessary so that chanterelles will remove all rubbish, sand and dirt, since it is incredibly difficult to manually remove all this,
  3. After that, rinse again under a small stream of running water,
  4. Large mushrooms chop a little, leave small whole,
  5. Put the mushrooms this time in a saucepan, add water and put on the stove,
  6. With medium heat, bring to a boil and cook until chanterelles sink to the bottom,
  7. When this happens, drain the mushrooms into a colander, while maintaining the broth,
  8. Rinse them with cool water to stop the cooking process,
  9. Add salt to the broth with sugar, clove buds and allspice peppercorns,
  10. Put on the fire and bring to a boil,
  11. Put the chanterelles there and cook, stirring for seven minutes,
  12. After that, pour in the vinegar and cook for another five minutes,
  13. Mushrooms shift to pre-prepared jars or jar,
  14. Pour boiling marinade to the very top, roll up and clean "under a fur coat."

Tip: You can add allspice pepper black peas or even replace one with another.