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Oar gate from a professional flooring for giving - production and installation the hands


Even in such a simple construction, as the gate leaf or wicket can be made in different ways, and there are a lot of options. The location of the jumpers differs first:

Each method is tested and works, providing a sufficient degree of rigidity. Here choose what seems to you more correct or reliable.

The design of the gate from the metal profile with booms

There is a difference in the design of the gate itself - with or without a fixed frame (top bar). With the frame, the gates are more stable, but then there are height restrictions: tall cars — trucks or special equipment — cannot enter the yard. With proper reinforcement of the uprights (pillars) and normally made sash (with reinforcement in the corners), the gate without a frame will also be reliable.

The design of the gate at the top bar and cross bridges

When installing a gate with a frame, the metal consumption is greater - by the length of the lintel, but at the same time it is possible not to further increase the posts: the load on them is less.

Cross bridges on the gates of metal profiles

To make it more convenient to fix the profiled sheet, a thin-walled metal profile 1 cm wide is welded along the outer (sometimes inner, as in the figure above) perimeter of the valves.

In order to make the structure as rigid as possible, so that it does not “walk” and does not rustle with the wind, reinforcements are made in the corners. And again two ways. The first is to weld the corners cut from sheet metal.

Reinforcement of metal plates

The second is to put short corner stubs from the same pipe that the frame of the valves boiled.

The second way to strengthen the gate leaves

There is a difference during assembly: with the joints of the pipe connect at an angle of 45 ° or just end to end. More professional - at 45 °, easier - butt. Some methods of assembly generally do not provide for the possibility of connecting at an angle (if both doors are assembled in one piece, and only those that are hung on the posts are sawn into two parts).

Different ways of docking pipes

Another subtlety that depends on the amount of snow in winter. As you can see in the photo, the lower slat bar is raised to different heights from the ground - somewhere by a few centimeters, somewhere by 20 cm and higher. It depends on the height of the snow cover in winter: if snow is heavy and the gates are from the ground, you will not open them. So that in summer, any living creature does not climb into this gap, after the snow melts, the screws are screwed on the bar and removed again in late autumn.

At the swing gates you can put automatics. Then you can control them from the remote and go under the snow and rain is not necessary.

For poles, they usually take a profile welded pipe 80 * 80 mm, with a wall thickness of 3 mm. They are instilled below the depth of soil freezing, set vertically and poured concrete solution. The installation of the gate begins after the concrete has gained about 50% strength. If the temperature outside is not below + 20 ° C, it will take 5-6 days, if it is colder - up to two weeks.

For the valves use a profile pipe of different cross-section: depending on the strength of the winds and the span of the gate: there is an option 60 * 40 mm, there is 40 * 20 mm. Choose based on your own conditions. On jumpers take either the same pipe or a slightly smaller section, up to 20 * 20 mm. All these pipes can be taken 2 mm thick wall, can be 3 mm. Thicker ones are more expensive (they sell for kilograms) - they are heavier, but 3 mm metal is easier to cook, which is important for beginners in welding.

The material for the gate is taken the same as for the fence from the profiled sheet, attached to the same screws. Before starting work, the metal must be prepared: remove all the rust (with a grinder with a metal brush), prime it with “Anti-rust” and paint it. After drying, you can proceed to work.

Photo report on the manufacture and installation of gates

This is one of the options for how to make a gate of corrugated flooring with your own hands. The technology is not the best, but not the worst: everything has been functioning without problems for the past six years.

Hinges are welded to the installed posts of 80-80 mm, mates are welded at the required distance on the vertical parts of the racks of 40 * 40 mm pipe - on the right and left. Racks hang on the hinges on the pole, we put a layer between them and the columns of the desired thickness and fix them with a clamp.

We hang racks on hinges welded to the pillars

We measure the required height and cut off the excess, from the top to the posts, not to the posts, weld the cross member from the same 40 * 40 mm pipe. The quality of welding at this stage does not matter. We are still grabbing the details, not worrying about the thoroughness of the overlay of the seam - then we will bring it to the norm. The main thing that everything was exactly and kept together. Because we catch points in several places.

The cross member is welded to the uprights

Likewise, we catch the pipe on the bottom.

Weld the lower tube

Find the middle of the transverse beams. From the middle to both sides put off 3 mm. Make a clear mark. We measure the distance between the upper and lower beams, cut off two segments, weld by marks (there should be a gap of 6 mm between two vertical pipes).

In the middle with a gap of 6 mm weld two vertical pipes

Measure the distance between the two racks of one half of the gate. They should be the same, but it is better to measure separately. Cut the pipes of the right length and grab them at the right height. If you need more cross-beams, install them too.

Welded crossbars for stiffness

On the marked center with a grinder at the top and below we make through cuts, dividing the gate into two halves. So very simply, we got the gate, which will open and close without any problems.

Separated gate halves

The frame of the gate leaves is ready. We remove it, put it on a flat horizontal surface and weld the seams well. Here the quality of welding is already important, we monitor the fullness of the bath, we try not to burn holes. Finished seams cleaned, primed, painted.

Putting the sash on a flat horizontal surface boil all seams

We proceed to the assembly of the support for fastening the profile sheet. To reduce the sail it was cut into two parts, so that the sheet is not solid, but cut. For this we use a profiled pipe 20 * 20 mm. We cut it into segments of the desired length, so that it can be fixed along the inner perimeter.

Cut the pipe 20 * 20 mm and fasten along the inner perimeter

We expose them in the same plane with the outer part - the sheet will be screwed from the inside. Fasten to the screws, pre-drilled holes of the desired diameter.

How to fasten the strips for professional sheet

It looks like a finished frame door leaf

We paint the finished frame - inside with light gray paint, outside - red-brown, to match the color of the professional flooring. Leave to dry.

We start installation of a professional leaf on a gate. It is cut a little smaller than the main frame - there should be an indentation around the perimeter by 2-3 mm. Lay on the prepared support and fasten the inside of the perimeter on the screws.

Installation of professional sheet on the gate

You can take special, with caps and gaskets, but put on the usual.

To save used conventional screws for metal

We can say that the gate is ready.

It remains to establish constipation. You can, of course, embed the lock and the handle, but the quality of the inexpensive ones is very low, and taking expensive ones is currently an impermissible luxury. Because of the remains of pipes and fittings bolts are welded. They work exactly under all conditions.

One (upper) is planted on the screws with the counterpart on the sash, two lower ones are attached to the racks. In the ground in the right places, small holes were drilled, in which sections of round pipes, the diameter of which is larger than the diameter of the rod, are concreted. The gate is made according to the same method, only a lock is embedded in it.

Ready gates from a professional flooring with their own hands

With this technology, gate doors are guaranteed to open and close. If there were some distortions when installing the pillars, they are taken into account. In the step-by-step presentation, the whole process does not look complicated, but it is so. If you cook all the parts separately, the geometry should be perfect, and you also have to ensure that the pipe does not lead to welding. Several different technologies for the manufacture of doors of corrugated, see the next section, where video lessons are collected.

How to make a gate of corrugated: video tutorials

If the work is new, then even after the photo report there may be questions. Some of them can clarify video tutorials on the topic. To begin with, the repetition of the technology described above: we assemble the frame directly on the installed pillars.

The photo shows the different versions of the gate, made of profiled sheet:

Beautiful gate from a professional flooring

Sliding gates

Retractable corrugated

Another sliding option

Swing gates

Gate and wicket

Gate from a beautiful professional leaf

Beautiful shape

In the country

Under the tree

With forging elements

View from the courtyard

Gate hinged

Built-in gate at the gate

If you decide to make a gate of corrugated flooring, then the provided schemes will help with this:

Gate Design

Drawing of sliding gates

Gates from different angles

Gate frame

Gate construction

Sliding gate design

Complete set of swing gates

Materials for production

The gate can be made of profiled flooring (metal profile), shaped pipe, metal, wood.

To choose a material it is necessary to compare its disadvantages and merits. Previously, such facilities were made of sheet metal, but it is heavy, it needs to be painted and hired professional welders for installation. This increases the cost of such a product.

The construction of a profile pipe can also be made only by a professional welder, and if you want to hide the yard from prying eyes, you will have to close the gaps with pipes, using boards or other components.

Wooden gates are beautiful, but less durable and difficult to maintain. In order for them to be stronger, you must choose at least oak boards, and this is not cheap. You can of course make them out of reiki, bar, picket, because it is a fairly cheap material. In any case, wooden parts must be treated from wood parasites, mold and fire using antiseptic, primer and moisture protection. Then they should be painted or varnished in two layers.

The combined doors made of metal and wood or wood polymeric composite look good, buildings with forged inserts look even more beautiful, but their value increases.

Now there are modern materials: profiled flooring (metal profiles) and professional sheet that is light, relatively inexpensive, easy to use and durable (manufacturer gives a guarantee of 20 years). It has a variety of shades. Flooring differs from the sheet in that it is more protected from corrosion, reduces noise more and has greater reliability.

When working with flooring or sheet you do not need to buy additional tools and accessories. It will not be difficult to make the gates by yourself from a profiled flooring, such gates can also be decorated with various decorations. Choosing the material, you need to decide what design will be at your future gate.

What are the types?

Structures are divided according to the method of opening: swing, sliding, sliding, forged, lifting. They are also different in the method of manufacture and form, for example, welded and arched gates can be found. Gates are built-in and standing separately.


Swing gates are simple to manufacture and easy to maintain, even an inexperienced welder can make them even from profiled flooring, since only a small number of simple seams are present in the structure. This reduces the risk of breakage and increases the service time of the gate.

To do this, the products must leave a lot of space for opening and take into account the possible load from the wind. It will be necessary to clean a large area from the snow in winter (unless of course there is a lot of snow in your climate zone). Unusual gate models have a variety of styles and décor, but Easier to install automation, which can be purchased at a low price.

Sliding (cantilever) gates save space for opening, convenient for dense building. They have a complex structure, but there is no need to clear the place for their opening. Requires a counterweight and a place along the fence to install rails. Making such structures and caring for them is quite complicated, additional materials are needed that increase the total cost.

Sliding gates similar to sliding, the only difference is in the number of doors. Sliding has two boards, therefore place for installation must be on both sides of them. Therefore, the amount of material increases, but the fence on one side becomes less space.

Forged gatesundoubtedly stronger, have a beautiful appearance and give luxury and individuality to housing. But the price of such products is less democratic. You can buy and assemble the finished parts by welding them yourself, but you need to be proficient in the welding machine: know how to prepare the metal and be able to clean the seams.

If you do not want to see the local area, you can fill the voids with profiled flooring or boards (do not forget to process them).

Lifting gateswhich are used at the entrance to the garage, more expensive and more difficult to manufacture. But how nice in bad weather to open the gate without leaving the car.

Arched gate can be made from the materials listed above (wood, metal, forging, brick, stone, profiled flooring), and their combinations. Also, they are different in configuration and opening method, with the exception of lifting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of products include:

  • ease of manufacture,
  • ease of care and operation
  • ease of installation
  • the ability to make buildings at any time of the year, including winter,
  • low weight of the product, reducing the pressure on the support,
  • high technical performance
  • no need for painting,
  • resistance to fading,
  • resistance to frost, snow and other weather patterns,
  • variety of shapes and colors
  • affordable price.

In connection with these qualities, the gate retains its excellent appearance for a long time.

Products are also inherent cons. A thin sheet can be easily cut, deformed, scratched, which can lead to corrosion processes. There is no insulation, there is a large wind load.

They produce profiled flooring of various configurations, colors and shades: from white to brown. The choice of the desired tone depends only on your taste and the features of the surrounding objects.

Design and style

The fence is very diverse in color and shape, among the options you can find a design that fits any site and buildings. This allows you to create different compositions using forged patterns and finishes, combinations with wood, brick, stone, and even mesh. The choice depends only on the imagination and desires of the owner.

How to do it yourself?

It is believed that the creation of swing gates can be implemented by a person who does not possess professional skills. Installation site and type of gate should be planned, taking into account various features and nuances.

Dimensions depend on:

  • car size (measuring the width, do not forget about mirrors + 1 meter),
  • parameters and number of pillars,
  • widths of openings, frames and other structural elements.

Most often the width of the gap in the gate exceeds 4.5 m, and at the wicket - 1.2 m. In height, they are most often equal to the size of the sheet and depend on the height of the car. Do not forget to take into account the distance below, it depends on the climatic zone of this area (the amount of solid deposits in winter), to open the gate freely, and is from 0.15 to 0.3 m. From above it is possible to decorate a design with a decor.

It will be easier to calculate the right amount of raw materials and estimate the rigidity of the parts if you prepare a schematic drawing and plan the work. The exact amount of material needed will depend on the size, which will prevent unnecessary costs.

Swing gates come with one or two doors, here it is necessary to make the correct calculation. The advantage of single-leaf designs is to save raw materials, but they take up more space when opened.that is not always convenient, have a large sail and warp. Therefore, the structure must be strongly strengthened.

Do double-wing models These problems are excluded, but due to the increase in details such models are more expensive. One part of the gate is allowed to be made larger, and a smaller half can be used for the gate. Consequently, single-leaf variants can be made with a small opening.

To build a structure correctly, you need to carefully study the scheme of its structure. It is important to consider:

  • the width of the entire opening,
  • size of each door
  • number of racks
  • the size of the racks and the depth of their instillation,
  • product design and dimensions of all its elements,
  • the location and size of the gate,
  • location of the loop,
  • configuration of constipation and their place of installation,
  • location and details of the gain.

Gain options:

  • наваривание углов для укрепления дверей не более полутора метров,
  • рама прихватывается с промежутками в 0,2-0,3 м,
  • в дверях более полутора метров устанавливаются различные перемычки.

Теперь, имея схематический чертёж, можно переходить к подсчету нужного сырья. Необходимо учитывать:

  • wall decking (it is wider),
  • screws (preferably roofing),
  • metal pipes of different diameters for support columns,

  • blanks for the frame and its gain,
  • metal sheet, if you need to make kerchiefs for reinforcement,
  • hinges
  • locks,
  • latches, clamps (you can do it yourself),
  • paint for metal (applied even to rust) of the desired color,
  • tassels,
  • decoration details
  • meter, level, plummet, grinder for cutting pipes, drill, apparatus for manual arc welding, protective mask for welding, screwdriver, consumables, scissors for cutting metal, gloves.

Cooking pillars

For them, there must be an equal depth of space - 1/3 of the height of the rack. It is simpler and more economical to do this with a garden drill; it should be twice the diameter of the pillars. A mixture of rubble and sand 0.15-0.3 m deep is poured into the hole.

If necessary (depending on the material used), the posts are treated for corrosion damage, we install them vertically with a plumb-line, and we concrete. From the top of the support close (in any way possible) to prevent ingress of precipitation. The posts closed by any facing material will look beautifuldown to the tree.

Cooking frame

The frame is also made of material available to you. Of course, it is preferable to use a metal pipe with a cross section of not less than 60x40, but it is possible to use wooden material (do not forget to process it), it all depends on your capabilities, imagination and preferences.

For the manufacture requires a fairly flat surface on which to lay the sash. We start welding parts, reinforcing them with steel corners or crossbeams for greater stability. Wooden frame fastened with screws or bolts.

Manufacturing sash

Once again we make measurements to eliminate errors, if necessary, we strengthen the blanks in the way you need. If the gate is inside, you need to make additional space for it.. We clean everything thoroughly in order to avoid corrosion processes, we bait the parts together, only after accurate measurements we cook them without gaps.

We clean the places where the welding took place very high quality, degrease them, cover them with a primer, paint the welded seams. Instead of a primer, you can use paint applied directly to rust. After drying the surface, paint everything again.

The hinges are welded initially to the support pole, then to the frame, retreating from the end of the frame by 0.2 m. The location of the hinges depends on how the doors open.. If you attach them directly to the frame, the door opens to one side. And if you attach them to the support close, they will open and out and in. Then, so that the structures do not hang out and do not spoil the fence, put limiters. Three loops are welded to each side on each side, otherwise two are enough.

For mounting profiled flooring on the door, it is safer to use roofing screws of the same color.

If the roof of your house is covered with metal flooring, the gates of the same color will look good.. Sheets can be fastened through a single wave both to the frame itself and to the reinforcements. If one sheet on the door is not enough, then the sheets must be fixed overlap each other by one wave. Doors are closed if desired by laying on both sides - from the street and from the courtyard.