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These unusual animals live in the United States of America, in the southeast. They settle near the water, often in the marshland. The body has a length of 55 cm, the tail is very short, less than 1 centimeter, weight 1.5-2, 6 kg. He has an elongated muzzle, large eyes, around which are brown circles and small ears. Perhaps he has the shortest ears of the whole family. The color of the rabbit is gray-brown, the belly and neck are white, the legs are brown. Wool is soft. Hind legs longer than the front, sharp toes on the toes. Like rodents, it has two long front teeth that are constantly growing.

Well developed vision, hearing and smell. Like all his relatives, he is agile, quick and agile. And besides all this, it floats well in water, it can cross small rivers. There is no such rabbit on Earth anymore, this is what makes it so amazing. Each male has its own territory, up to 1 km 2, they mark it and jealously guard it from alien congeners. They also know how to shout loudly, warning everyone that the site is busy. The presence of females are tolerated and do not chase them away. Activity shows and day and night. Resting in the thick grass, in the bushes, climbs into the internal voids of the trees. They eat plant food, eat cane and various herbs. Bark bark and shoots of trees. He has many enemies, various predators, birds and humans. But catching and catching him is not so easy, firstly, they run fast, reaching speeds of up to 50km / h, though for short distances, and secondly, they deftly change the direction of the run, winding and entangling the tracks. But most importantly, their superiority is the ability to dive into the water in shallow water, putting out only the tip of the nose to breathe. There he can sit for a long time, until the predator is removed. Perfectly invented, other rabbits do not.

The breeding period lasts from February to August. The pregnancy of the female lasts up to 40 days. In the nest, which is built from leaves and grass, up to three rabbits are born. Also, the female settles nests in hollows and voids of trees. Cubs are born fluffy and blind. Eyes open in a week. A month later, they look out of the nest and begin to get acquainted with the world of wildlife. Mother feeds them with milk several times a day, leaving them to feed, while closing the entrance to the nest carefully. An independent life lead from two months of age. By the age of ten months they become adults and are ready to bear offspring. For the year, the female can produce offspring about 3 times. The father does not take any part in raising the young.

In the wild, he lives for about 10 years, but according to scientists, rarely anyone lives to 2 years.


Rabbit - a mammal belonging to the family of hares. The rabbit has a rounded and plump body with a size of 45 to 55 cm, weighing up to 2.7 kg. As you know, in rabbits, the hind limbs are large and strong, they help to move and run quickly in case of danger. And for support, the rabbit has fingers. What is striking is the rabbit's digestive system - the gut is 10 times the size of the stomach! The mammal's coat is soft and long, the color varies from black to red-brown, with a white belly and bottom of the tail. But how do water rabbits live in nature? What do they eat and how long do they live? Let's talk about it.

Where water rabbits live

Meet the water rabbit possible in southeastern areas, like Louisiana, Alabama, southern US, like Texas, South Carolina. Its main habitat - These are water areas and swamps. But not to be confused with the swamp rabbit, which is much smaller in size, and it swims faster than the water one. Also, the rabbit controls from 0.1 to 0.8 km of the territory, so that others do not invade his possessions, except, of course, the females. And with its iron secret, which is on the chin, the rabbit denotes the boundaries of his possession.

How many water rabbits live

In nature, the rabbit lives 3-5 years, at home, on average, life expectancy from 4 to 15 years! And the oldest rabbit, listed in the Red Book, lived 19 years! Of course, the life of a rabbit depends on many factors:

 males on mating frequency

 Do females from the frequency of birth rabbits

What eats a water rabbit

The main diet of rabbits - green leaves of trees, fresh grass, bark of trees, shoots, twigs and roots of trees, roots, in general, all that is available. Also, the rabbit eats small insects, and if you're lucky, it will crawl into some vegetable garden and make carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and grain crops. And in the absence of food, the rabbit eats its own feces.

Interesting Facts

• If the rabbit is sterilized, you will prolong its life.

Water rabbit It takes a long tail to tackle the water element in times of danger, which helps to change the direction of the body

• When approaching the enemy, the rabbit makes very awesome sounds

Water rabbit jumping in zigzags to tangle the tracks

• The rabbit is completely submerged in water, leaving only the nose visible.

Water rabbit brings a year from 1 to 6 rabbits

• Female carries babies 40 days

Description and characteristics

Water rabbits are the largest members of the hare family. This rabbit can reach a length of up to 0.5 meters, weight - up to 2.7 kg. Yes, and they have a rather big tail, its length is up to 7 cm. If we consider that the animal has to urgently retreat into the water, running away from more impressive predators, it becomes clear why he needs a long tail. He helps him to change the direction of the body when maneuvering in the water element.

Something woolen outfit of a rabbit resembles a “fur coat” of a hare. But eared, prone to water procedures, coat color has its own characteristics. Head, upper torso and tail dotted with brown, rusty, brown, black specks. And the lower part of the neck, belly, lower part of the tail are completely white. With this contrast, the fur gives the appearance of the rabbit a special charm. No wonder American rabbits in American cartoons appear in coats, have small talk and drink tea.

Pointed front teeth serve as a tool for perezhaniya numerous twigs, and short ears do not interfere when the animal hides in the daytime in its shelter, not wanting to "get acquainted" with uninvited guests. The eyes of the animal are framed by brown rims.. The black rabbit of this species is associated with magical abilities, mystery, speed of reaction - this is reported by eastern horoscopes.


The water rabbit is a territorial animal. He controls from 0.1 to 0.8 km of the territory, not allowing eared "strangers" to invade his possessions. But he is very loyal to the females. The rabbit has iron on its chin, and with its secret the fluffy denotes the limits of its domain.

The animal lives in the southeastern regions of America: in Alabama, Louisiana and other areas where there is a lot of swampy lowlands. This rabbit can not be confused with the marsh. The marsh rabbit is much smaller and swims more briskly and quickly than its water fellow.


This rabbit makes frightening sounds when approaching the enemy. Of course, representatives of the fauna, preferring to feast on rabbit, these sounds will not stop, but they can frighten small rodents and people. The animal, seeing the danger, gives the strepkaz zigzag large jumps. Powerful hind legs help him to run fast. Zigzag he jumps in the hope of tangling the tracks. If, God forbid, the occasional companion to step on the "dwelling" eared, he will make a sharp and rapid leap to the side. And while the forest guest will think who so suddenly jumped out of nowhere, the fuzzy will be far away from him.

The undoubted advantage of a rabbit acquired at the gene level is its ability to swim. He flops into the water, like a real diver, and quickly swims away in an unknown direction. And only the nose remains above the water, because nature, unfortunately, did not make the water rabbit an “ichthyander” and did not give him the gills. As soon as the danger has passed, the animal will emerge from the water and go to the forest to build a new “housing”.

He makes it out of grass, different rags and branches right on the ground, and to give "comfort" pulls out shreds of wool and spreads the bottom of the "house" with them. The entrance to a modest rabbit dwelling is in its side. If along the way there is a tree frame with a hollow space, then the animal gladly uses it as a dwelling.

The animal feeds on fresh grass and dry grasses, likes to nibble and sprigs of trees.. Since solid feeds predominate in his diet, he does not “disdain” his droppings and eats him as soon as the pellets appear on the ground. Eared highlights 2 types of droppings: brown and soft green, preferring to eat the second. Why does the rabbit do it? Food does not have time to go through a full-fledged splitting process, and in it, after it is expelled from the body, a large amount of nutrients remains. There is no need to spend time digesting fresh portions of coarse food when you can get food in a simpler way.

The main enemies of the water rabbit are larger predators. Explicit "dislike" for each other exists between him and the dogs. BUT the most insidious living thing for them, as for many wild animals, is man. Running away from the pursuer, the animal can reach speeds of up to 48 miles per hour. In search of food, the eared prefers to go at dusk or at night, and during the day it hides in dry trunks of trees and dark secluded places. For the same reason, the rabbit does not stay in one "dwelling" for a long time, and can build them several in a year.

Special "relationships" are formed at water eared with alligators.who never mind eating a lost rabbit. Here who is faster: a fluffy or an alligator with its huge mouth. It can hold several rabbits at a time.


Water rabbits breed rather quickly, bringing in a year from 1 to 6 litters. The males in these periods are incredibly aggressive, arranging desperate battles among themselves for the right to possess a female. A bunny rabbit can give birth to 6 bunnies, but more often their number is average - 3 bunnies in 1 litter. The female carries cubs for about 40 days. Kids are born already in motley "fur coats", but so far they can not see their nurse.

They will open their eyes after 1 week, and 2 weeks after birth they are already trying to crawl out of the “house” on their own. When they turn 1 month old, eared ears are already independent of the “parents” and go in search of food themselves.

The Case of Jimmy Carter

In 1979, Jimmy Carter, president of the United States at the time, spending carefree time in his native town Peynes (location - Georgia), decided to go fishing. Fishing alone allows you to feel your oneness with nature, calm down, relax, gain strength for new achievements. The president was thinking about this or something else, when the waves were slowly rocking the boat - it is not known. But when the situation is conducive to rest, and silence and beauty are impossible around, then nothing bad is thought of.

One can imagine what kind of shock the first man of the country experienced when he heard a threatening hiss next to the boat, and then a dark thing began to persistently climb into it. It is worth noting that the reaction of Jimmy Carter, who was sitting with a paddle in his hand, was very peaceful for such a case. He sprayed the animal with water from the paddle, trying to scare him, instead of bringing the oar over the animal and removing the obstacle with one blow.

When the frightened Jimmy returned home, he learned that his troubles did not end there. The agile and curious correspondent of the White House, watching the peaceful idyll on the lake, was extremely happy, having captured unusual shots. But the sensation did not happen, because in the famous American newspaper “Washington Post”, in which this material was published, there were no photos. Permission was simply not given to their placement. The “laurels” of the unfortunate correspondent were limited to only the poster for the film “Jaws” with the name “Paws”. And only later, Ronald Reagan asked for information about the incident again and received it, despite attempts by the White House to protect the name of good President Carter.

Stinging lines in information sources reported that Jimmy had never dealt with rabid rabbits before. He could not guess the mental state of hissing eagles and persistently climbing into the boat, and therefore could not take decisive measures to ensure their safety. Perhaps Jimmy Carter is too kind to deal with animals that disturb his peace.

Such and other similar information opponents of Jimmy Carter tried to present the president as a soft-bodied and kind person who could not govern the country. The fate of America depends on his decisive measures, but he could not even cope with the rabbit! Of course, such methods, discrediting the honor of famous people, cannot be called noble, but in election races all means are good - so many officials still believe, and not only in America.

At home

Keeping this type of eared at home is inappropriate., so that in order for him to feel at ease, it is necessary to construct a reservoir. And in the cages of these rabbits will feel uncomfortable, because they are accustomed to live in large areas. Even if the male breeds can be avoided during the breeding season, the animals will still “miss”. Most of their instinctive capabilities will not be claimed. No wonder the blue rabbit of this species is associated with the watery surface, its power and freedom.

Due to habits and habits, the rabbit is a unique representative of the hare family. But it is a wild animal, and at home it will lead quite differently than in nature. Perhaps people once tame this view, but it will take a lot of time for this. In the meantime, the breeders can only admire these unusual creatures.

Water Rabbit in the Chinese Horoscope

Water element affects representatives of the zodiac sign born in the year of the rabbit in a very ambiguous way. More illiterate disposition of elements can provoke a negative impact on the representative of the sign of the zodiac. As for the water temperature, so it should be very comfortable. It is necessary to avoid entering into flowing water from a low temperature in order to avoid invoking negative emotions.

These Hares are excellent listeners, they may share certain information with them and be sure that they will perceive and appreciate it, without resorting to a splash of an excessive amount of emotions. This is a very shy person, who throughout the time diligently perebaryvayut in themselves this quality. In addition, the situation is aggravated by excessive susceptibility of the heard phrases and their application to their own address.

Caution in behavior is accompanied by the rabbits throughout the entire time and to some extent saves them from the many possible troubles that occur on the way. In addition, people belonging to this category, perfectly remember all the information that ever reached them.

A distinctive and illustrative feature of these representatives of the water rabbit is not verbosity and creativity. As necessary, such people gather and present to others around them the necessary information in a strictly defined manner and easy to understand manner. The main point to pay attention to is the need to display a large number of vitality and the desire to break out of lagging positions into leaders.

Favorable time of year, bringing many successful opportunities for them is considered winter. Due to the excessive love of food cooked using a large amount of salt, the kidneys are affected. A special place worth paying attention to is the spine. The happiest color recommended for use in order to attract success is purple.

Water Rabbit Man

A clever, well-mannered man always holds himself with great dignity, he was born for admiration and compliments. It is easy to win love and respect, it is impossible to resist. And it doesn’t do anything extraordinary, just nature has endowed it with the ability to feel and understand people. It has a strong intuition, so happily avoids failure. Excellent memory, intelligence, and patience are qualities that enable success and recognition. Both the exact and the humanities are equally easy for him, this is a real intellectual. Water Rabbit is a prudent man, acts cautiously, rarely commits rash acts.

For women, the Water Rabbit is a pleasant companion, a gallant cavalier. Few people perceive him as a defender and a reliable support. Often behaves too indecisively, thinks long and only then makes a choice. But the chosen one can be sure of his loyalty and devotion. Не станет заводить романов на стороне, все свои силы посвящает исключительно семье. Благодаря внутреннему чутью, природной сообразительности и хитрости умеет предугадывать неприятные события. Старается выбрать такой путь решения проблем, чтобы остались в выигрыше все члены семьи.Water Rabbit man sensitive and responsive, relatives can count on his help.

Water Rabbit Woman

Women of this sign make the most favorable impression, behave calmly, do not fuss and do not talk too much. It is immediately clear to everyone that they are special, talented people. Water Rabbit woman is self-sufficient, does not need protection and pity. Although sometimes tormented, still making important decisions is given to her with great difficulty. He tries not to bring problems to those around him, he always takes his work very responsibly. It has a sharp mind and an excellent memory, so it never makes mistakes. The authorities often set as an example the woman of this sign, as a first-class specialist. Feels best in a creative environment where he can realize a rich inner potential.

Men very quickly realize that the Water Rabbit is a real treasure. Does not differ capricious temper, does not harass claims, on the contrary, trying to maintain good relations even after breaking up. A woman of this sign is quite capable of coping with her own difficulties, therefore she perceives a man as a like-minded person. He likes to share his creative plans, to discuss pressing problems. After getting married, it is still fun, quite happy with its life. Water Rabbit woman is quite practical, skillfully housekeeping. Tied to children, sometimes takes care of them too. He tries to express his love with daily care, he devotes a lot of time to housekeeping.

Is it possible to keep at home?

It is not easy to maintain such animals at home, since it will be necessary to create special conditions - to construct a reservoir and provide territory for movement. Otherwise, the natural need will be suppressed, and the animal will feel bad. He will quickly develop a disease similar to human osteoporosis.

The water rabbit will not be able to live in a cage, it will be stressful for him. Need a large area and the ability to move. Closed space for the freedom-loving representative of the hare family will have a destructive effect.

The breeders failed to tame the wild water rabbit. Perhaps in the near future this will happen. But while these animals at home do not recommend.

By nature, water bunnies are very shy. This genetic feature allows you to survive. They will not be able to get used to their hands.

Water rabbits are very beautiful, agile and strong animals with a well-developed sense of self-preservation. This is a unique creation of nature, which a person can admire from afar.