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Melissa Herb - medicinal properties and contraindications


One of the most popular medicinal plants is lemon balm. This grass is unpretentious, and many gardeners love to grow it. After all, many people like the pleasant aroma of lemon balm. Therefore, people often drink tea by adding this herb. For several millennia, melissa has been popular. Useful properties and its contraindications are studied in detail and known to many. People love Melissa not only for its pleasant aroma, but also for the effect that it has on the person who consumes it.

Description of lemon balm

This unpretentious plant, known to people still in ancient Rome, is now spread all over the world. Many people know what melissa is, whose beneficial properties and contraindications are described in some detail.This grass is very similar to mint, but has a soft lemon scent and a high branched stem. Those who know how to dry lemon balm correctly drink fragrant and healthy tea all year round.

How to harvest grass

Not only with medical purposes, but also in cooking and cosmetology, lemon balm is used. The grass is harvested before the flowering period, so it contains more essential oils and beneficial substances, which then partially turn into flowers. Often lemon balm is grown in gardens and even on the balcony. This plant is perennial and easily spreads itself. Therefore, at the end of spring you can cut young leaves and add them to tea or food. If you harvest lemon balm for the winter, it should be done in dry weather before the flowering period of the plant. Cut off the shoots with leaves, leaving a small section of the stem. And after a while it will grow and again you can use the leaves of the plant. How to dry lemon balm? This should be done in the shade under a canopy. Ready crushed raw materials are stored in tightly closed cans or fabric bags for no more than 2 years.

Composition and useful properties

  1. Essential oils in the composition of lemon balm have a calming, relaxing and antispasmodic action.
  2. Bitterness improves the work of the digestive glands and improves metabolism.
  3. Flavonoids have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  4. Organic acids are very important for normal metabolism.
  5. Tannins have anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the healing of wounds.
  6. Various resinous substances have a strong antibacterial effect.

In addition, it contains vitamins B and C, as well as iron, potassium, manganese, selenium and other valuable minerals.

What diseases are used for?

  1. Melissa therapeutic is useful for various diseases of the nervous system. It soothes, helps with headaches, depression and insomnia.
  2. This herb is indispensable for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Melissa helps with abdominal pain, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves appetite and metabolism. It is useful for gastritis, flatulence, intestinal cramps and ulcers.
  3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system also treats lemon balm. Useful properties and contraindications should be known to such patients, because not everyone can use it. It perfectly lowers blood pressure, prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and dilates blood vessels.
  4. Lemon balm is also used in female genital diseases. It helps with painful menstruation and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Melissa is effective in menopausal neurosis, toxicosis in pregnant women and inflammation of the appendages.
  5. This herb is widely used for various skin problems. It is useful for dermatitis, eczema, allergic rashes and even purulent wounds.
  6. It also helps with rheumatism, gout, asthma.

Are there any contraindications to receive

Lovers of this herb need to know and harm melissa. It is not recommended to exceed the indicated doses or drink tea from it in unlimited quantities. Melissa can lead to inhibited reaction, drowsiness and a strong decrease in pressure. Therefore, you can not take it before doing work that requires concentration. In addition, in men, even a cup of tea with melissa causes a decrease in sexual functions. External use of this herb in the form of baths is not recommended for unhealed wounds and pustular rash. There are also categories of people who are contraindicated to take lemon balm:

  • patients with persistent hypotension,
  • epileptics,
  • during an exacerbation of gastric ulcers,
  • with individual intolerance,
  • with severe liver failure.

How to take lemon balm

  1. Broths of this herb are used for nervous and cardiovascular diseases, for insomnia and painful menstruation. To make a decoction, you need to take a tablespoon of dry herbs and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes in a glass of water.
  2. From fresh lemon balm leaves you can make tincture. Five tablespoons of them need to pour a glass of alcohol and insist in a dark place for 1-2 weeks. Strained infusion take 15-20 drops for neurosis, insomnia, migraine and intestinal colic.
  3. The infusion of lemon balm herb is best prepared in a thermos, or it is good to wrap the dishes with the infusion being prepared. A tablespoon of dried leaves should be poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for several hours. This infusion helps with cardiovascular diseases, headaches and stomach ailments.
  4. Tea from lemon balm, in contrast to infusions and decoctions, you can drink everything, but not more than 3 cups a day. But to preserve the flavor you need to brew it correctly: pour water with a temperature of 80 degrees in a glass container.

How else does this herb apply

  1. For cosmetic purposes. Long since the essential oil of melissa is added to shampoos and various creams. Herbal decoctions are used for wraps, masks and compresses. Massage with its oil is also useful.
  2. In cooking. Fresh and dried leaves are used as a seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes, cheese and curd. They are added to drinks and used in canning vegetables. In addition, this plant is a good honey plant. Honey collected from lemon balm is very much appreciated, as it has good vus and pleasant aroma.
  3. In the perfume and pharmaceutical industry. Based on the extract of lemon balm produced a variety of cosmetics and medicines.

Here is such a common and popular this grass - lemon balm, useful properties and contraindications that you need to know to all who love fragrant tea from it.

What are the beneficial microelements melissa?

The big advantage of the use of lemon balm depends on its chemical composition. Let the word "chemical" not frighten the ear of the reader. The constituent particles of this plant are penetrated by medicinal substances that are so necessary for man.

Essential oil, which is obtained by squeezing from the leaves of a plant, contains a number of useful substances:

  • geraniol. Used in the cosmetic industry as a natural flavoring, it has a diuretic effect, helps lower blood pressure, is used to treat colds and viral diseases, is used in the food industry, restores the gastrointestinal tract after disorders,
  • citronellal. Found application in the food and perfume industries in the role of flavoring,
  • myrzen. Participates in the preparation of aromatic compositions in perfumery, is used as a flavoring agent in the food industry,
  • citral. Used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, has a moisturizing effect, which makes it one of the components in creams and lotions for the skin.

An interesting fact is that the amount of these substances is due to the place of plant growth. In addition to the above components, lemon balm contains:

  • caffeic, ursolic and oleanolic acids,
  • tannins,
  • fixed oils,
  • ascorbic acid.

These lists are complemented by another set of the following microelements:

  • copper,
  • manganese,
  • molybdenum,
  • zinc,
  • aluminum,
  • chromium,
  • tungsten,
  • sir,
  • nickel,
  • sulfur,
  • silicon,
  • boron,
  • lead.

All these components of melissa medicinal make it a truly medicinal plant, in the beneficial properties of which you should not doubt.

Medicinal properties

Melissa Herb healing properties and contraindications are very diverse. As a percentage, the beneficial qualities in it are much greater than the negative effects on the body.

As it became known from the above, melissa is an excellent source of beneficial micro and macroelements. But on this its medicinal properties are not limited. In medicine, this plant uses as:

  • essential oil
  • medicinal fees for making decoctions and tea,
  • one of the components in the manufacture of creams, disinfectants, etc.

Melissa based decoctions

Melissa is a unique plant. It will be the perfect complement to nutrition as a natural vitamin supplement. You can prepare a decoction of lemon balm, which will solve a number of problems:

  • eliminate insomnia
  • counteracts anemia
  • relieve pain during menstruation in women,
  • helps to remove various kinds of inflammatory processes,
  • normalizes and restores the pulse,
  • act as a sedative.

It will be useful decoction of lemon balm and children. It will contribute to:

  • decreased activity in hyperactive babies,
  • memory improvement
  • better assimilation of the information received (very important for children of preschool age),

In addition, the use of such a decoction will help relieve nervous tension, reduce weight by accelerating the metabolism, increase skin turgor, increase the general well-being of a person, remove toxic and harmful substances from the body.

To maximize the benefit, the decoction should be prepared with preservation of all recommended dosages of ingredients. Proper preparation will provide the body with all the necessary beneficial properties of this plant.

Ingredients for decoction:

  • 2 tbsp. l dried lemon balm leaves
  • 500 ml of water


Pour the water into the saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove it from the heat and let it cool slightly (5 minutes). We take the glass container, put the leaves of the plant on its bottom and fill them with hot water. Cover with a lid and leave to infuse (approx. 30 minutes).

Use and course

Before use, the broth is filtered. Take it inside half an hour before meals three times a day. Norm of single reception of 100 ml. The course, volume and dosage may vary. This is due to individual and other features.

There are many recipes for decoctions based on this plant. It can be combined with other herbs:

  • mint,
  • valerian,
  • thyme,
  • chamomile.

Melissa is good and in combination with lemon, green and black teas.

Lemon balm tea as an alternative to decoction

In addition to decoctions, teas based on it are also very popular. They are very popular with most people. A warm and aromatic drink soothes and facilitates falling asleep, restores the psycho-emotional state and contributes to the restoration of the body after a hard day.

This drink will be relevant in the presence of such diseases or conditions as:

  • stress,
  • neurosis,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • ovarian dysfunction,
  • menstrual disorders,
  • toxicosis,
  • spasms
  • during menopause.

Melissa can be combined with other components. For example, it will organically complement green tea with a slice of lemon. If this is not to their liking, then you can use a recipe based on only one lemon balm.

The recipe is very simple. Brew dried leaves of this plant, like any other tea extract. However, before you use it as a drink, listen to small tips:

  • This tea is better to use at night. It will help to facilitate sleep and good sleep.
  • Avoid drinking lemon balm tea during work hours. It can reduce reaction and concentration,
  • drink is made at one time. Ie - brewed and immediately drank. All useful properties will be active only in the initial period of brewing. In the cold and cold form, it will be of little use,
  • leaves for tea should not be old and environmentally friendly.

During colds, such tea is recommended to be used in conjunction with bee honey. Such a duet contributes to a speedy recovery. In the autumn and winter, when viruses are particularly active, this tea can be used as a preventive measure. It increases the body's resistance to harmful microbes.

The benefits and harms of tea with melissa

The benefits and harms of tea with lemon balm - these two circumstances are uneven. The healing properties are much greater than the harmful effects. If the benefits of its use are obvious, then the harm will be as follows:

  • abuse will threaten excessive drowsiness and slower response,
  • blood pressure will go down
  • increase urine flow.

These are the most dangerous consequences that can be after a heavy tea. It should be noted separately and allergy sufferers. In some individuals, lemon balm causes violent allergic reactions:

  • rhinitis,
  • lacrimation
  • itch
  • eye redness.

If a person is a potential allergy, the use of lemon balm in this case is prohibited.


Melissa is the gift of Mother Nature to man. Possessing a large set of beneficial micro and macroelements, it becomes an unsurpassed aid for the treatment of many diseases. Her unique ability to suppress pain makes Melissa a natural anesthetic. Before you start taking it, remember one important rule: "Everything is good in moderation." After all, the abuse of even the most useful product can have sad consequences. Proper observance of the dosage and recipes of preparation will ensure good digestibility of this plant by the body.

What is useful lemon balm tea

About the properties of lemon balm known since ancient times. So, the Greeks believed that this herb helps with strong hair loss, problems with digestion, fever, reduced sexual desire.

Persian scientist Avicenna argued that lemon balm is able to lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and blood vessels, relieve depression, inflammation of the respiratory tract.

The Slavs used the plant to calm the nervous and vascular systems, eliminate dizziness, treat colds, and alleviate the condition of paralysis. Later, when the composition of melissa has already been studied, it became known exactly what can help with this herb in the composition. It contains essential oils, vitamins B, C, tannins, flavonoids and saponins, tannins, organic acids, macro-, microelements and other substances.

Brewed lemon balm with regular use improves the performance of the brain, gastrointestinal activity, sexual function, increases appetite, removes excess fluid, helps to cope with insomnia. Melissa tea has the following positive effects on the human body:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • sudorific
  • diuretic,
  • antidepressant
  • sedative
  • antifungal,
  • tonic,
  • antimicrobial,
  • antiemetic,
  • hypertensive,
  • tonic
  • cleansing.

Warm herbal drink will be useful for adults and children, women and men, pregnant and lactating mothers. Children need to drink it with neurosis, hyperactivity. Adults - with diabetes, high blood pressure, gastritis, cholecystitis, anemia, decreased performance, depression, chronic fatigue, migraines.

Pregnant Herbal tea helps to cope with vomiting during toxicosis in the first three months of carrying a baby.

For of women brewed lemon balm will be a real salvation for menstrual pain, disturbances in the hormonal system, inflammation, at the initial stage of menopause. In addition, women will be interested to learn that, having the ability to clean the intestines, remove toxins from it, as well as eliminate excess fluid in the body, lemon balm tea is an excellent tool in the fight against obesity.

What can be added

Leaves and flowers of lemon balm are added to any tea, mixed with other herbs for a special taste and health effect. Especially beneficial is green tea with the addition of lemon balm. It is good to drink to quench thirst and restore water balance in particularly hot periods, and it is he who is most effective for losing weight.

But the hot drink made from lemon balm and mint is important to use during periods of seasonal viral epidemics to strengthen the immune system. When adding a linden it is possible to achieve an antipyretic effect. Melissa drink is better to use without sweeteners. However, if it doesn’t seem tasty enough to someone, then you can add honey, syrup, jam or sugar.

Contraindications and harm

Usually lemon balm tea is tolerated well by most people. Among contraindications only excessive use, individual intolerance, a tendency to reduced pressure.

With caution you need to drink drinks from lemon balm for those who use sedative drugs. In this case, it would be useful to consult a doctor who prescribed the drugs.

Как заварить: лучшие рецепты

Заваривать чай просто. А употреблять его можно и теплым, и холодным. Его вкус несколько напоминает вкус мятного чая с добавлением лимона.

The sedative property of lemon balm is well manifested when used by its hyperactive children, as well as by those who have neuroses. It calms, improves concentration, improves memory, thought processes. Tea is prepared as follows:

  1. Grind melissa.
  2. Boil 250 ml of water.
  3. A teaspoon of chopped herbs pour a little cold water - up to 90 degrees - with boiling water. For young children should do less concentrated drink.
  4. Insist 10-15 minutes.
  5. Before use, add honey or sugar to taste.

Children should be given a warm drink in small portions throughout the day.

For pregnant

Lemon balm tea will be useful for pregnant women, because it is at this time that the woman suffers from mood swings, emotional instability. She is often annoyed, upset, in nervous excitement. All of these conditions adversely affect the health and development of the fetus, and sometimes lead to threatened abortion. Herbal decoction as a light sedative can remove unwanted manifestations of the nervous system, normalize sleep, tone up, eliminate headaches. Gynecologists also often recommend melon hot drink to women “in position” in the first months of pregnancy, since its antiemetic effect has been observed. In the later periods, it will help to cope with the swelling, accumulation of fluid in the body, which also threatens with complications of pregnancy.

Constipation is another nuisance with which herbal decoction helps to cope with pregnancy.

In addition to brewing just lemon balm, it can be mixed together with other tea - black or green. For this you need to pre-brew ordinary tea. Then take a couple of leaves of lemon balm, put them in a teapot, pour freshly brewed tea and leave for 10 minutes. Pregnant women should drink a warm drink in small portions throughout the day. When used late in the evening with honey you can get a good sleep.

For women who are breastfeeding

For breastfeeding women, it is important to drink a lemon balm drink, as there is evidence that it improves lactation. At the same time just one cup per day is enough.

When using this drink, mother should carefully monitor the condition, skin, stool of the baby, in time to notice an allergic reaction and stop taking tea.

If there is no fresh herb at hand, then you can purchase dried one at the pharmacy.

From dry leaves, tea is prepared as follows:

  1. Boil 200 ml of water and cool to a temperature of 90 degrees.
  2. Pour boiling water a tablespoon of raw materials.
  3. Insist 20 minutes.
  4. Strain before use.

By the way, you can drink lemon balm not only brewed. It can be added fresh to salads, desserts, first and second courses.

For taste, honey or condensed milk can be added to a warm drink.

Tea should be drunk until lactation is restored, after which it is necessary to take a break of one and a half to two months.

To normalize pressure

Hypertensive patients should also pay attention to such a harmless, but at the same time effective remedy for lowering pressure, like lemon balm tea. How much to drink and in what doses will depend on what numbers the tonometer usually shows when measuring pressure in each individual person. In addition, it is important not to self-medicate, but to consult about additional therapy in the form of using herbal drink with a doctor. Tea for hypertensive brewed as follows:

  1. Boil 400-500 ml of water.
  2. Put in it two teaspoons of crushed lemon balm and mint.
  3. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Pour into a thermos and insist 30 minutes.
  5. Before use, strain and add honey.

In conclusion, we also want to share the recipe for a delicious herbal tea with the addition of berries and fruits:

  1. Prepare and wash the leaves of raspberry, black currant, mint, lemon balm, strawberry. You can add apple slices, various berries.
  2. Boil three liters of water.
  3. Herbs, leaves, fruits, berries placed in boiling water. Capacity to close the lid and wrap a blanket, a thick towel or something else to keep warm longer.
  4. Insist 10 minutes.

Thus, melissa tea is a useful, affordable and inexpensive drink that allows you to quench your thirst, get rid of some health problems and generally strengthen the body. Raw materials for tea is best collected before flowering, usually in August. So the aroma of the grass will be more intense. If you can not make your own blanks, it is better to purchase the herb in a pharmacy.

Tea with melissa: the benefits and harm, beneficial properties and contraindications, recipes

Melissa - a herbaceous plant, which is often called lemon mint. Since this herb is widely distributed and has a healing effect on the body, it has been used in medicine for more than one millennium. Most of the tea is made of it. In the article we will tell you what benefits a lemon balm drink brings, whether there are any contraindications to its use, how to brew it correctly.

Tea with melissa: the benefits and harm, contraindications, how to brew and drink

Many tea art fans can’t imagine their day without a cup of tea - a fragrant, invigorating and tasty drink that warms in the cold and refreshes on hot days. They are ready to drink tea at breakfast and dinner, after lunch and just in the company of loved ones.

And both traditional tea and drinks with various herbal supplements are equally popular. Without a doubt, they will enjoy the tea with melissa.

Many people confuse mint and lemon balm, and meanwhile, these two herbs are considered close relatives and have similar qualities.

How to stock and store

The mother-plant is considered an unpretentious plant, therefore it feels equally comfortable in the wild and in the garden plot. Many housewives are trying to make the preparation of healthy herbs for the winter for tea, as well as for medical use. Its reserves allow not only to enrich the taste of tea in the winter, but also to fill the deficit of useful substances.

There are several generally accepted rules on how to prepare melissa for future use in winter and for making tea.

  1. The collection of grass should be carried out in June during the period of biological maturity.
  2. Leaves and plant stems are suitable for harvesting.
  3. Grass should be collected in dry clear weather in the morning.
  4. Wash the collected material in running water and spread out in a thin layer on a flat wide surface, or collect in thin bundles and hang.
  5. Dry in the shade or in a well-ventilated area.
  6. Dry grass should be stored in glass hermetically sealed containers.

Properly harvested raw materials restore their aroma in tea, and give the drink a rich taste.

Melissa tea during pregnancy

Doctors can advise tea with melissa to women during pregnancy. Having a sedative and hypnotic effect, it relieves irritability, nervousness and minimizes mood swings. During pregnancy, tea often relieves the symptoms of toxemia, helps with nausea.

No less useful is tea for women with breastfeeding, because it improves lactation, as well as for infants. Children tea with melissa is shown in the case of their hyperactivity.

All the nutrients contained in the drink, with mother's milk are transmitted to the child. He is no longer tormented by colic, insomnia, tearfulness and irritability. A nursing mother can use tea if she is not allergic to the components of the plant.

Therefore, doctors usually allow pregnant women to use tea with melissa.

Melissa Slimming

Very often, overweight women resort to using green tea with melissa as a means for losing weight. And indeed, drinking a day to 1 liter of drink, you can quickly lose a few pounds.

In combination with diet and sports, the effectiveness of this process will increase markedly, but the benefit of the drink will bring, if it is properly brewed.

Its main useful properties include:

  • Pronounced soothing effect

Increased irritability, insomnia, neurotic states and chronic stress can ruin your life if you do not use the antidote.

Use of herbal tea with melissa or green tea will help the nervous system to fight overstrain. The plant has a slight hypnotic effect.

In situations bordering a nervous breakdown, instead of tea, it is necessary to make an infusion consisting entirely of this herb.

  • Improving blood circulation, lowering high blood pressure

Melissa has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The plant can be used for various arrhythmias, heart palpitations, anemia.

  • Normalization of digestion and metabolism

The beneficial properties of lemongrass tea have a particular impact on the digestive system.

Melissa tincture improves gastric motility, provides for the removal of toxins, has choleretic properties and accelerates metabolic processes. Her infusion can be used for colic in the stomach, flatulence.

The herb has astringent and diuretic properties, as prescribed by a doctor it can be used during pregnancy as a remedy for nausea.

Lemon balm is contraindicated for people with low blood pressure, individual intolerance. When it is received due to a decrease in the sharpness of attention and perception, it is worth refusing to control transport. Excess dosage is fraught with the manifestation of side effects in the form of heartburn, drowsiness, seizures, etc.

It is important to understand that despite the extensive healing properties of lemon balm is not a drug. You can not self-medicate, and its reception in case of chronic diseases and / or medical treatment should be agreed with the doctor.

What is the best way to use lemon balm?

Medicinal properties are most fully revealed in the infusion, which consists exclusively of lemon grass. However, in some cases it is preferable to herbal collection or use of its leaves in black or green tea.

Pour 1 tablespoon melissa with a glass of boiling water (200 ml), wrap, insist so 30-40 minutes. After strain. Drink 20-40 ml (1-2 tablespoons) 5-6 times a day.

Regular mint often interrupts its own taste of tea, and lemon balm, on the contrary, helps it to fully open. Therefore, lovers of mint flavor should pay attention to it.

The benefits of herbal, green or black tea with lemon balm are obvious. Drink gently affects the body, improving the work of all internal organs. The leaves are added to the brew, based on their own taste. A glass of water is recommended to take 1 teaspoon of dried herbs. For taste, you can add lemon or honey.

Tea drinking can be not only pleasant, but also extremely useful. A few lemon balm leaves will turn ordinary tea into a healing drink that, if used correctly, will save people from nervous exhaustion and heart problems.

photo:, Dionisvera

Melissa: medicinal properties and contraindications, tea with melissa

In Ukraine, in the Crimea, in the Caucasus, and there are still many places where in the forests and on the forest edges, lemon grass grows in shrubs (see photo) with a very pleasant lemon smell. It is often called lemon mint, honey cake, beehive or lemon grass.

This perennial medicinal plant can be successfully grown in garden plots and at home on a windowsill, the grass is not whimsical. Although Melissa occupies one of the leading places in traditional medicine for its beneficial therapeutic properties, yes, and not least, it has few contraindications.

Useful properties of lemon balm

  • Antiseptic,
  • antimicrobial,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antioxidant,
  • sedatives
  • antihypertensives
  • antispasmodic,
  • choleretic,
  • diuretics,
  • sweatshops,
  • expectorant
  • knitting,
  • hypoglycemic,
  • improves memory and brain activity
  • contributing to the renewal of blood.

How to brew lemon balm correctly

Melissa herbs are made from decoction: pour one liter of water into an enamel saucepan, put chopped herbs in 2 tablespoons and boil for a quarter of an hour on a weak light. Give 30 minutes to infuse. Take 2 cups - four times a day.

This medicinal plant can be brewed and drunk all year round. Melissa decoction is very healing: it is recommended for patients with asthma, tachycardia, coronary artery disease, anemia, and tinnitus.

With the latest pathology will be more effective spirit tincture of lemon balm - 1 part of medicinal raw materials into three parts of vodka, insist on a week in a dark place, then drip three drops of filtered tincture into each ear canal. The course is a month, in difficult cases - two.

There is another option to get the benefit of lemon balm - take bath (50 grams of dry grass per liter of boiling water, brew in a thermos for a quarter of an hour, pour into a warm bath), it helps to get rid of muscle and joint pain, alleviates the symptoms of sciatica, is included in the treatment of nervous disorders.

Medicinal herb melissa is included in soothing and cleansing fees. For example, besides lemon balm, motherwort, valerian, peppermint, and hawthorn, motherwort, which improves the cardiovascular system, enter the sedative collection.

Melissa lemon is part of the widely advertised sedatives Novo-Passit, Persen.

Melissa Slimming

The hypoglycemic index of melissa is low (15), which explains its choice as recommended drinks if you want to lose weight. Also, the herb helps to improve metabolic processes and cleanse the body.

Lemon mint - Melissa is a good honey plant, it’s not for nothing that the bee is translated from Greek Melissa.

Melissa essential oil - application

Indispensable lemon balm oil and in cosmetology. It is recommended for acne, as an excellent disinfectant. If you have oily hair - a few drops of oil added to the shampoo, perfectly solve this problem. Hair becomes cleaner and more obedient, and you can forget about dandruff.

The oil has antiviral activity, so it is useful to use it for aromatherapy in the prevention of colds and flu. Along the way, the persistent aromas of melissa soothe, stabilize the heart rate, promote relaxation and decrease pressure.

If you have started an itch after an insect bite, it will help to cope with it, the essential oil of lemon balm will remove a strong reddening and puffiness.

Lemon balm oil widely used in medicine, it is used in the removal of spasms, with heart disease and in the fight against cancer. If you have insomnia - a little oil drip into the aroma lamp - and you will have a good sleep. You can not cope with irritation - butter melissa - exactly what the doctor ordered.

The benefits of lemon balm for women

But, like mint, a plant lemon balm for women simply indispensable - normalizes the menstrual cycle and relieves pain during menstruation, relieves the unpleasant manifestations of toxemia in the form of dizziness and nausea, stimulates the production of breast milk in lactating mothers.

Melissa is also good for PMS (premenstrual syndrome), the symptoms of beginning menopause, removes the increased emotional lability of a woman in this difficult period, contributes to a good sleep.

The use of lemon balm in cooking

In fresh or dry form, as a spicy seasoning, lemon balm is added to salads, marinades and fish, game, mushroom dishes, to all kinds of soups, as well as compotes and drinks. When making spice blends, this herb can replace black and allspice.

In the countryside with her pickled cabbage and cucumbers.

The healing properties of lemon balm will help you improve your health, tidy up the nervous system, improve digestion, reduce pressure, get fragrant pleasure when using infusions, tea with lemon balm.