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Planning area of ​​10 acres: schemes and examples


A plot of 10 acres is enough space to accommodate all the necessary buildings for a private residence, as well as a great opportunity to create an interesting and functional landscape.

Performing the layout of the site with a house, sauna and garage, you need to take into account many factors. There are special rules and regulations on the location of the house from the borders of the site and from the house of neighbors. It also takes into account whether the garage and the main building will be recessed into the courtyard or go to the facade of a 10 hectare site. Bath is being done aside. Usually it is not built back to back with the house.

The rest of the buildings and place under the garden with a garden, are planned taking into account the main buildings.

What does good planning mean?

Before you begin planning the site, you should collect the maximum information about the site: the availability of communications, the composition of the soil, the level of groundwater and where at what time is the sunny side.

There are three approaches to site planning:

  1. European, which suggests that a country house is a place of rest and residence. In this case, the main focus is on the pool, flower beds, a barbecue area and a bath.
  2. The traditional approach implies that the plot is necessary for gardening, gardening and poultry farming. At the same time, the main areas are allotted for beds, greenhouses, aviaries and garden areas.
  3. The combined approach assumes an average variation between the first two.

Before planning it is necessary to determine the orientation of the cardinal points, the level of groundwater and elevations.

Proper zoning

For the proper use of the area of ​​10 hectare, you must first divide it into zones. It is necessary to highlight the following areas:

  1. Planning begins with the accounting of the residential area. The most important building on the plot is the house. Therefore, for its proper location it is worth considering a convenient approach, buildings built around the main building and so that the shadow of it does not interfere with the growth of plants and trees.
  2. The garden zone is planned taking into account the number of planned crops. Also important is the close access to water for irrigation and the illumination of the area by the sun.
  3. To the area of ​​outbuildings include a garage, bath, toilet and barn. They are better located in the depths of the site.
  4. The recreation area includes a gazebo, BBQ, swimming pool and playground.

The ideal option is considered if the windows face east and west. Near the house is to plant plants that are not afraid of the shadow.

Rules and regulations for the placement of buildings

When self-drafting a project, in order not to quarrel with the authorities and neighbors, it is better to study certain provisions of the SNiP.

When planning on a plot of 10 acres should be considered:

  1. From the house to the neighboring plot should be at least 1.5 m.
  2. From the outbuildings to the borders of the neighboring territory at least one meter.
  3. The gap between residential buildings must be at least three meters.

Features of planning of sites of different shapes

Also, the features of the project area of ​​10 acres depend on its shape. Land allotments can have the following varieties:

Rectangular layout is considered the most common and profitable.

To give an attractive look to a narrow section, you need to divide it into zones using a hedge or small fences. Along the short sides is to plant large trees and bright plants.

L-shaped plot requires a special approach. The protruding part can be used as a relaxation area or to accommodate a bath.

On the plot you can choose a sunny place where to put an umbrella, a swimming pool and deck chairs. You can equip a beautiful pond with garden bridges, plants and made from plastic bottles of frogs and swans.

Plot design styles

The site project should be carried out taking into account the chosen landscape design style:

The territory, decorated in the style of a Japanese garden, includes an artificial reservoir, a bridge, gazebos, stones and strict lines.

In the courtyard in the Mediterranean style there should be ceramic pots, greens, flower beds and wicker furniture. Benches, fountains and arbors will fit well.

Rustic style, also known as Provence, is suitable for the traditional version. Natural landscape, wooden furniture, flower beds, clay pots and wicker hedges are used.

Planning your own site is an entertaining and interesting process. But before his incarnation it is worth checking everything carefully to prevent mistakes.


Planning a future project is a responsible task. Having thought out the correct scheme, you will not regret that you could not put a bath on the site or break up a small garden, because you can fit everything at once. When planning, first of all, be guided by the directions of the world. If you do not believe in feng shui, it will be very useful to you, because a lot depends on where you plant the plants and equip the recreation area.

The house should be placed in such a way that the entrance to the room is located on the south or southeast side. Such an arrangement is most convenient. But in the north of the site you can break the garden. Such a move will obscure that part of the territory that is not actively used. Under the trees can be planted and shrubs, but you need to choose those who do not like the sun and develop better in the shade. For example, conifers.

In the east it is necessary to arrange the beds or a full-fledged garden. This is the sunniest territory. Next to it you should not plant trees or bushes. They will create an undesirable shadow that will interfere with the normal development of plants.

By the way, trees are also light-loving. These include:

They are recommended to be planted in the southeast, where on one side there is enough sun, and on the other there is nothing superfluous.

When planting trees should also take into account the fact that there are plants that are simply incompatible with each other. For example, next to the cherry is better not to plant plum or plum. And on the whole plot should not be too many trees. The recommended maximum is 15-20 trees on a plot of 10 acres.


The site of this type is not very convenient, so you need to carefully consider all its features, so that all objects have their place. The house is not desirable to place in the center. It is better to place it on one of the edges so that more free space remains.

Experts advise to use flowerbeds with clear geometric shapes, as well as to lay smooth paths.

In its own way, it is necessary to beat a section of a round shape. In such a space will look great rounded beds, for example, rock gardens. A classic wooden arbor will fit into the landscape design of the courtyard.


The most convenient way to equip the plot of the classic square shape. If the house is located in the center, it will not interfere with the free passage, and there will be enough space for all other buildings.

Parking or garage

If your family has a car, you can't do without a good garage or parking. The car should not interfere with other cars, so parking should be equipped in the courtyard, and not next to it.

If you do not have the opportunity to put a full-fledged garage, then it is advisable to make a shelter to be able to protect your car from burning out under the scorching rays of the sun.

Rest zone

Equally important to equip and complete recreation area. Even if you want to work more in the country and take care of the garden / garden, you still need to make sure that you have a place to rest. In this area you can gather with your family or friends, as well as sit in the evening.

Are highly valued and areas with a bath, in which it is so nice to steam up at any time of the year. Competent planning of the site will allow you to place a small bath next to your house.


If desired, on your land plot of 10 hectare in size you can fit a full-fledged vegetable garden, and several small beds. They may look like decorative flowerbeds if you don’t like the traditional format. Near the garden there is a place for greenhouses and small outbuildings.

Landscaping the site and decor

Not less important point - gardening. We should talk about it separately. If you plan in advance the planting of plants, then your site will look neat and beautiful. But do not be afraid if things don’t go according to plan, because plants are part of nature, so they cannot be completely controlled.

When planting plants, first of all, it is necessary to consider:

  • especially the climate and soil, in fact it depends on whether the sprouts can survive on your plot, and whether you get a good harvest.
  • You also need to know the appearance of plants. Pay special attention to the dimensions.
  • tall trees and shrubs give a lot of shade, so they should not be planted next to flower beds or flower beds that so need warmth and sunlight.

Under the garden does not necessarily devote half or third of the site. It is possible to confine ourselves to small beds, which fit everything you need to pamper the household with fresh vegetables and herbs. To make it easier to take care of the beds, separate them with neat paths. With this structure, you do not have to wade through the entire planting to snatch a bunch of dill or pick up fresh cucumbers for salad. Yes, neat squares or rectangles with greens look much more aesthetic than a full-fledged garden.

On a plot of 10 acres, you can hardly plant a lot of trees. Limit yourself only to the most beloved, benefiting, then your yard will not be too shaded, and you will be able to pamper yourself and your loved ones with fresh fruits and berries.

Flowerbeds and hedges

Beautiful flower beds and low hedges, decorated with climbing plants - this is a great example of the fact that wildlife can become part of the decor. You can leave the natural environment alone and enjoy the view of the flowers that appear here and there, and decorate your site.

However, most of the owners prefer the design of the site with full-fledged flower beds with those flowers that they like. This gives a huge scope for imagination, because you can combine flowers of various shapes and sizes, creating something that Mother Nature will not repeat.

Project creation

Before starting the design and construction work, you need to have an idea of ​​how a territory of this size can look ideally. This can help the photo plots 10 acres, which clearly demonstrate the possibilities and features of the drafting project, as well as give the necessary inspiration.

In addition to photos, you can learn a lot of subtleties and features of the work of professional designers, which are used in the work of varying complexity.

At the planning stage, a site diagram is made that can be drawn on paper, created using cardboard models or using computer design programs. Each of these methods is successfully used by specialists, and the main advantage of the schematic image is a visual representation of its own territory.

Mobile paper and computer models of buildings, landings, architectural groups and places of passage of people are easy to rearrange to create an optimal project.

The territory of entry to the site is better to give under the local area and the main structure is located nearby. It is also good to arrange the system of power supply and heating, if provided for by the project.

When creating a project site, you will have to visit the site of future construction more than once, since the schematic plan needs to take into account the lighting and terrain features. Illumination should be measured 3 times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is necessary to determine the most sunny places, as well as the nature of moving lighting during the day.

It is better to know the terrain in advance for accurate calculation of the material during construction, as well as for timely deciding on the need to level the slope or to make the elevation difference less pronounced.

The locations of the tracks, as well as the main communication systems for water supply and electricity, also need to be added to the plan. Taking into account the peculiarities of the relief, it is possible that you will have to make adjustments or make an additional drainage system to drain excess water.

The preliminary scheme of the 10 hectare dacha plot may require correction, taking into account the wishes for zoning and the specifics of planning, but it is better to redo the project than to make changes during the construction and arrangement of the territory.

Zoning and layout types

If before the land plots were clearly intended only for the construction of summer cottages and in fact were kitchen gardens, now it can be both a permanent place of residence and a summer residence for family holidays. Features of the destination are also taken into account at the planning stage and largely determine the size of each individual zone.

Zoning and planning of the 10 hectare suburban area implies the presence of 4 main territories - residential, economic, gardening and relaxation. Each zone has its own purpose, and to preserve the proportions and ergonomic use of space, you should know the recommended standards.

The living area is approximately 20% of the total area, 10% each consists of outbuildings and recreation areas, and the rest is allocated to beds, trees, bushes and flowers.

A schematic image of the land plot of 10 acres will help to make an optimal location plan.

The simplest and most convenient from the point of view of the organization of space is a rectangular arrangement of objects around the perimeter, with a selection of the central or lateral part of the landing. Everything is clear, graphical, convenient, but a bit boring and reminds of the dachas of the Soviet times.

Round layout for novice designers and even for experienced professionals is the most difficult and inconvenient to design. It is difficult to take into account all the nuances of the relief and lighting on a rounded square.

This option is good for decorating a country house without country landings. And in such a layout, various architectural techniques are often used to create a balanced geometric look.

Diagonal layout has become very popular. In this arrangement, the buildings are located with geometric clarity, but in all objects there is a clear diagonal from the near section to the far corner. A very convenient way of planning, because it allows you to keep proportions, but gives you more room for fantasy

Free planning follows the only rule, everything should be pleasant to residents and create maximum comfort. This system makes it possible to make a creative mess and organize order among the visible chaos.

Sophisticated projects greatly facilitate the construction work and help equip 10 acres with maximum efficiency, where every meter of land is used wisely and serves a specific purpose.

Professional recommendations

Being engaged in landscape design of a plot of 10 acres, you should use the advice of experts in their work.

It is better to select the northern and the most under-lit part of the land for residential and commercial buildings. In this case, there will be no problems with farming, and rest on the sunlit lawns will become more pleasant.

Buildings look better when they are designed in the same style, fit well with each other in size and shape, and access to them is equipped with comfortable and fairly wide paths.

The southern part of the land is traditionally given under the cultivation of garden crops and fruit trees. Although in this rule there can be variations, for example, planting tall trees around the perimeter, shrubs along the paths and alternation of flower and garden beds.

The size of the house on a plot of 10 acres should be sufficient for a comfortable stay, but not look bulky. The accepted standard in this case is 10x10 meters.

The paths should be equipped with a convenient coating, take care of the convenience of access to all parts of the site, and provide lighting in the evening.

Playground should be clearly visible from all parts of the site and be equipped in slightly shaded areas.

Recreation areas look good among fruit trees, it saves space and allows you to comfortably sit in the shade of spreading branches.

There are practically no special rules and restrictions in the construction of country houses and cottages, with the exception of safety requirements, adherence to the principles of practicality and convenience. Spending time planning, you can save on the arrangement, as a result of the original and stylish design.

Photo design plot of 10 acres

Japanese garden

This style is distinguished by its beauty and balance. In Japanese gardens there is peace and comfort. Most of all this style is suitable for active people.: the atmosphere will help them calm down and just relax.

At the heart of this garden have stones that personify strength and strength. Движение символизирует вода, а растения украшают участок. Неотъемлемой частью дизайна является беседка и мостик через водоем.

Прованс в саду

Rustic notes will make the landscape look more natural. To create a style use items from the village life. Flowers can be grown in pots or boxes. For the fencing of the territory suitable braided fence. Moorish lawn can be used in landscape design: it is a kind of meadow imitation.