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Fungicide Acrobat MC: instructions for use


To preserve the harvest it is necessary not only to protect plants from pests, but also from diseases. One of the reliable helpers in this is the fungicide acrobat mts. It is used in preventive measures, as well as for the treatment of cultures from a wide range of diseases. The most effective result is the use of an agent against the fungus sensitive to phenylamides. The term of the protective action after using the drug is 2 weeks.

What is used

The drug acrobat mts is a means of system-contact action. He very effectively copes with a wide range of fungal diseases in many cultures, in particular:

  • with late blight,
  • with Alternaria,
  • with mildew
  • with peronosporiosis, etc.

The basis of the drug are two active ingredients:

  • mancozeb - contact action,
  • Dimethomorph - system-contact action.

Thanks to this feature, the acrobat, as a fungicide, spreads not only outside, but also inside the plant structure. The range of application of this tool is agriculture and the use of suburban areas. The form of release comes in the form of water-dispersible granules, which can be packaged in professional packages of 10 kg each, and there is also a small package for home use of 20 g.

  1. When treating plants with an acrobat, not only preventive and curative properties of this agent are observed, but the drug also has an effect on preventing the formation of new spores in the future, which stops its development.
  2. Systemic substance dimethomorph getting into the structure of the plant, begins to act instantly, which allows to ensure the protection of the plant, even in those areas that do not fall into the area of ​​spraying. It also helps to stop the development of the disease at a structural level, even if there are no external signs, that is, within 3 days after the appearance of the spores of the fungus.
  3. Contact material mancozeb guarantees the protective properties of the plant outside. Therefore, these two components in the preparation are perfectly balanced and complement each other perfectly.

Therefore, the use of acrobat mts helps prevent, and if necessary, stop the development of the pathogen both at the structural level of the plant and at the external level. In this case, the tool provides a long protective barrier over a long period of time -2 weeks.


A systemic contact (locally systemic dimethomorph and contact mancozeb) is a fungicide used to combat late blight and alteriasis of potatoes, cucumber peronosporia, mildew grapes, and a number of other diseases.

When properly used, acrobat MC does not increase the resistance of late blight pathogen, but at the same time it effectively suppresses fungal populations that are sensitive to phenylamides. In this regard, acrobat MC is an important link in the anti-resistance program for the protection of seed and food plantings of potatoes.

Mode of application:

Dissolve 20 g of the drug in 5 liters of water and sprinkle the plants. The first treatment is carried out for prophylaxis or at the first signs of the disease, repeated - after 14 days.

The consumption rate of the drug

Method, time and features of the application

Late Blight, Macrosporiasis, Alternaria

Spraying during the growing season with a 0.4-0.5% solution

Spraying during the growing season with a 0.4-0.5% solution

Spraying during the growing season with a 0.4-0.5% solution

Spraying should be carried out during the growing season, the last treatment - no later than 20-30 days before harvesting for all crops except sugar beet, for beets - no later than 50 days.

Precautionary measures:

Hazard Class: 2 (dangerous substance). The drug is not phytotoxic, compatible with most other drugs. Not dangerous for bees, earthworms and soil microorganisms.

Do not use cooking utensils to prepare the working solution. Treatment should be carried out in the absence of children and pets, using protective clothing, goggles, respirator, gloves. During work, you can not smoke, drink, eat.

After work, wash your face and hands with soap and rinse your mouth.

If the product comes into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

In case of accidental ingestion into the human body, drink several glasses of water with activated carbon, consult a doctor. There is no antidote. Symptomatic treatment.

If necessary, consult a poison control center: 129010, Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3, Moscow Research Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosofskogo. Toxicological information and advisory center (works round the clock). Tel. 928-68-87, fax 921-68-85 or to the State Chemical Commission of the RF: 207-63-90, 975-41-50, fax 208-62-84.

Storage conditions.

Store separately from medicines and food, out of the reach of children, at temperatures up to + 35, burn the empty packaging.

Warranty period of storage 2 years.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

Article date: 11/17/2010

When will Acrobat help

The drug successfully protects against such strains of focal fungal lesions as:

  • pereosporiosis, mildew, copperfish, white rot, fungal roots in cucumbers, onions, sugar beet,
  • putrid infections, late blight (brown rot), alternarioz (dry spot), rizoktonios (black scab), fusarium wilt, verticillosis, black leg in potatoes, tomato + tomato in seedling,
  • mold fungi causing gray, white, black, aspergillus rot, oidium (powdery mildew), mildew (downy mildew), antacnosis, chlorosis - in grapes,
  • root rot, real and downy mildew in hop.

The active substances of the drug, the mechanism of their action

Fungicide Acrobat MC is a combined preparation, the basis of which is two active substances - mancoceb and dimethomorph. The tandem of these components easily penetrates into all structures of the plant, has a complex therapeutic and prophylactic effect, and prevents further contamination of crops. The dissolved substance, when spraying, adheres to the treated surface, forming a protective film on cultures, which will not allow further growth and synthesis of microorganisms.

Mancozeb powder refers to contact fungicides and consists of manganese, zinc, ethylene bisdithiocarbamate ions, which, when dissolved in water, under the action of ultraviolet, form a toxic hydrocarbon. It, in contact with plant tissues affected by micro pathogens, acts as an inhibitory to the enzymatic systems of fungi, inhibiting the synthesis of several enzymes at once. At the same time, a number of important biochemical processes in the cytoplasm and mitochondria of their cellular structures are disrupted, and the maturation of spores is inhibited.

The second component of the drug Acrobat MC is a substance dimethomorph, characterized as an effective pesticide of local systemic protective and long-term therapeutic effects. It restrains and completely suppresses the formation of mycelium of micro pathogenic mycelium, disrupting the normal cycle of their development. The substance has a fast anti-spore effect and after 1-2 hours is completely absorbed in the plant.

Advantages of the fungicide Acrobat MC

Farmers, gardeners and winegrowers using the tool note that they manage to grow a good crop, with minimal losses due to its characteristics such as:

  1. Universal two-component composition, dual fungicidal protection. The drug allows not only to clean the entire affected surface and internal plant tissues from parasitic fungi, but also to effectively protect it from subsequent infections.
  2. High penetrating power, rapidity of impact. Components of the tool completely destroy the spores of penetrated micro pathogens within 2 days.
  3. Preventing the spread of the disease throughout the territory, the impossibility of the formation of both wintering and summer, new spores of harmful mycelium.
  4. The absence of addiction and immunity of pathogens to active substances of the drug.
  5. Favorable immunizing effect, stimulation of protective physiological processes inside plants. After treatment with the drug increases the stress resistance of the treated crops, slows the aging process of their leaves, accelerates the process of photosynthesis.
  6. It does not lead to the appearance of various phototoxic reactions.
  7. Low toxicity. Acrobat MC does not harm pollinating insects, microorganisms living in the soil, earthworms.
  8. Healing Impact. The main components of the drug have the ability to suppress and inhibit pathogens already penetrated into the tissues of the plant, leading to their complete recovery.
  9. Long protection period. Plants are effectively protected from 2 to 3 weeks.
  10. Good compatibility with many agrochemicals, the ability to create complexes of effective chemical mixtures.

Formulas for preparation of the working solution

Before you start spraying, prepare a working solution in a ratio of 20g. funds / for 5 liters of water / per hundred. Special recommendations should be strictly observed and the dosage specified in the instructions for use of the drug Acrobat MC should be strictly followed:

  • for the treatment of vines and grapes. The dosage of the fungicide is 20 g / per hundred or 10 l / per 100 m² (or 2 kg of the preparation per 1 hectare). Threefold processing is required, with obligatory adjustments for phytosanitary forecasts (wind direction and strength, precipitation) and with intervals of 20 days: the first time is spraying before the beginning of flowering and vine growth, followed by vegetative flowering and stem growth the appearance of visual signs of pathogenic intrusions, the last treatment is 21 days before the berries are picked,
  • protection against micro pathogens and treatment of solanaceous crops, potatoes, tomato and its seedlings in open ground + tomato and its seedling form growing in the greenhouse. The dose of the drug - 15 gr / per hundred or 4 l. / 100 m² (or 1.5 kg per 1 hectare). It is necessary to sprinkle, with respect to phytosanitary forecasts, spraying during the period of active vegetation or in the event of fungal infections with intervals of 20 days. The first treatment of tomato seedlings planted in open ground no earlier than a week after planting, the second - during the beginning of flowering of the first brush, the last - after pouring the first brush. Last spraying no later than 30 days before the harvest begins,
  • disease prevention and treatment of planting cucumber, onions, hops. The dose of the remedy is 20 gr / per hundred or 6-8 l / per 100 m² (or 2 kg. Per 1 hectare). Spraying is allowed to be carried out up to 5 times, the interval between spraying is 7-14 days. Collect the fruit is allowed no earlier than 30 days after spraying,
  • treatment of fungal diseases of ordinary and sugar beet. Dose funds - 20 gr./weave. Last spraying no later than 50 days before harvest.

Application tips

Experts advise any treatment with Acrobat MR fungicide to start from the bottom of the culture, gradually moving up. Subsequent mechanical work (weeding, hilling, row spacing) are allowed not earlier than 3 days after spraying, manual work can be carried out after a week. It should be remembered that the maximum good therapeutic effect of the treatment with a fungicide preparation can be achieved if no more than 3 or 4 days have passed since the introduction of the malicious spores.

When using the agent in complex mixtures for spraying, it is necessary to carry out trial, preliminary testing on the interaction of drugs. At the same time it is impossible to prevent the loss of oily sludge, the formation of lumpiness and delamination. In this case, the compounds being considered are incompatible. The prepared mixture is used on the day of preparation, the remaining solution is disposed of.

Instructions for use acrobat MC

Twenty grams of Acrobat MC is dissolved in five liters of water. Plants need to be sprayed for the first time as a preventative, or if the disease has only been noticed. Re-plants are processed after 2 weeks.

Sprayed during the growing season. Last time sprayed a month before harvest. The exception is beets, it is sprayed last 50 days before picking.