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State Grain Corporation of Ukraine avoids privatization

The corresponding order was adopted on August 7, informs "DS" with reference to "Ukrainian Truth".

The decision on privatization of the State Funds Company was made in early December 2017. It was assumed that 100% of the shares of the corporation would be put up for sale, this object was included in the preliminary list for privatization in 2018, but the government excluded it.

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Maxim Martyniuk stated at the end of May that the SFGCU should be privatized, but for this it is necessary to restructure the credit of the Export-Import Bank of China for $ 1.5 billion. According to him, the credit agreement provides for the approval of creditors for any changes in the structure property.

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Everything is so Akhmetov.

We have already been through this in the 90s

envy, quilted jackets! Wait, import companies will invest and there will be a new high-tech Singapore at hand. :) (srakazm)

it was not a typo! :)))))

Yes, we have "effective managers" from the capital and now they are doing it in the provinces. And the plant type is not needed, and the products he unclaimed. Appears multi-storey residential buildings and so on. And then the little factory of exactly the same profile in the suburbs.

I run into work in the courts. The scheme as a whole is the same: the company is issued for a holding with a Moscow residence permit, managers are placed with non-jury wages (the command of the Moscow “landing” accounts for about the same as for all the other several thousand workers), the plant is issued to the last, equipment until full depreciation, workers ’and workers themselves are reduced, all profits and the lion’s share of taxes goes to Moscow time, then everything is sawn for metal and other spare parts, and the land is sold for construction. And then the residents of the capital say that in the provinces people are just stupid and lazy, they don’t want to work and they don’t know how.

Well, isn't it? The company somehow closed?

The scheme has just, a little higher, painted in stages. The usual colonial policy.

Your scheme starts with fucking. Here there is an enterprise taken from nowhere and now there are incomprehensible villains covering it. But fuck the story. With such bikes you let them say they have to go.

Why are the strange villains covering it? Issuing to zero in the colonial style and having a profit from it.

For you, bike, and for the province - the norm. Who are you? Pratsyuvity Muscovite, who feeds all lazy unprofitable and subsidized country? Then of course for you it will always be a bike. After all, it's nice to feel your own superiority, even if imaginary.

As an example, Baltika bought and destroyed a brewery in my city. For the competitor, and local drink local beer. Now the production of "Baltika" in all stores. Suppose now that it is being squeezed out by small breweries that you want to destroy, but at that time the alternative was only in the form of a single brewery.


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