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Red spots on currants - how to get rid of rust

The author: Tamara Altov. 04 July 2018 Category: Fruit and berry plants.

Sometimes, carefully looking at the currant leaves during the growing season, you can find spots on them. They are very likely to be a symptom of the disease, and which one depends on the color, size and shape of the spots.

Diagnosis of the disease

Yellowish orange spots on the leaves of red or black currant - a sign glass rust. Most often spores of the fungus fall into the currant from coniferous trees growing nearby - cedar or pine. The disease is progressing in an atmosphere of high humidity. At first, small yellow spots appear on the leaves, and on the underside they appear as a dark orange shade and covered with fluffy hairs. Rust affects not only the leaves, but also the ovaries, flowers and fruits of currants.

Small, rounded red-brown, but gradually lightening spots in the center of currant leaves - a sign septoria, or white spot.

Small red, pink or brown spots are a symptom anthracnosewhich is also caused by the fungus. With the development of the disease, the leaves dry out and fall prematurely first in the lower part of the bush, but gradually the disease covers the whole plant.

Black currant can strike yellow speckledcaused by the mosaic virus rezuhi. Provide infection, and even more to cure this disease is impossible. Fortunately, it strikes currants very rarely.