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Tip 1: Folk remedies for mosquitoes: how to scare away insects


The question of protection against annoying small mosquitoes arises in people every summer season, when hordes of harmful insects are born and are looking for an opportune moment to drink blood from everyone who has fallen in their way. How to get rid of mosquitoes, as well as reliably protect themselves from their penetration into your home? It turns out that there are a large number of reliable ways to counter small predators, through which they can be effectively dealt with.

It is important to understand that mosquitoes are very sensitive to odors, thanks to which they find a potential victim. The smell of sweat, to which they flock in swarms, catching it at a distance of up to 30 meters, is especially attractive for small “vampires”. In order to understand how to get rid of mosquitoes, one should know their habits and habitats in order to choose places that are as far from their habitat as possible during an overnight stay. That is why all the tourists who go to the mountains with an overnight stay, should carefully choose the place to spend the night, avoiding damp and wetlands.

So, all ways of dealing with mosquitoes and mosquitoes are divided into folk, which existed from time immemorial and were used by our ancestors, as well as modern, which have become available today thanks to the achievements of scientific and technological progress. Here's how they did in the old days in order to ensure peace of mind at night:

  1. Way The annoying insects can not stand the smell of fresh walnut leaves, basil, elderberry branches and flowers of bird cherry. In addition, various spicy herbs with a strong and specific smell are also very effective in the fight against mosquitoes. These include mint, clove, anise, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree and so on. A few sprigs of these herbs, laid out on the windowsill in the room, firmly close their access to your home.
  2. Way In pharmacies, you can buy extracts of herbs listed in the first method. Having inflicted several drops of grass mixtures on the open areas of the body, mosquitoes can be forgotten at night.
  3. Way Finely chopped wheatgrass roots, drenched and boiled several times, can effectively help in this regard. Having washed at night with such a decoction, you can not be afraid of the attack of small predators.
  4. Way If you are thinking about how to get rid of mosquitoes with improvised means, then camphoric or ammonia, which is in every home, is best suited. Before the advent of fumigators, they often did this: camphor spirit was poured onto a hot frying pan and this way “fumigated” the bedrooms in the house.
  5. Way In pharmacies, you can buy carbolic acid, which is coated with both the body and face, and a rag soaked in it, which should be hung next to the bed. This method is especially used in the campaign and fishing.

At present, the question of how to protect against mosquitoes is not difficult, because, in addition to traditional methods, fumigators, which have proved to be positive, are widely used. However, one should be extremely careful here, since the chemical compositions of these components are often not safe, therefore it is better not to use them in children's rooms. In the morning, the room in which the mosquito fumigator was used should be aired, as completely harmless devices are extremely low and they are expensive.

The latest innovation on the market is ultrasonic pest control, which has become very popular among the population. Here you should also be careful, because the ultrasound affects not only insects and animals, but also people, so here everyone decides for himself whether this method of protection suits him or not.

Thus, we figured out how to get rid of mosquitoes in various ways so that you can sleep at night and not be afraid for the unpleasant insects to wake you up. You should also not forget that the mosquito net can protect your apartment from the penetration of mosquitoes, however, over time it must be replaced because it is short-lived.

Essential oils from insect bites

The essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, cloves, thyme, geranium or lavender will help get rid of mosquitoes, midges and ticks.

If you tolerate skin contact well, you can mix 20 drops of any “anti-mosquito” oil with 30 grams of any base oil (preferably from grape seed or wheat germ), and apply the mixture to exposed skin. You can "enrich" the essential oil, baby oil, cream or petroleum jelly.

If you are wary of the idea of ​​applying essential oils to the skin - you can drip them into a jug medallion and wear it around your neck.

In the apartment or holiday home, you can add essential oils to aroma lamps and put them at the open windows. Another option is to soak a napkin with a mixture of oils and put it next to the bed for the night.

Spicy Mosquito Carnation

Proven and very effective folk remedy for mosquito bites - cloves, a popular spice. The peculiar smell of the buds of the clove tree is pleasant for humans, but insects do not tolerate it.

Tablespoon cloves pour a glass of cold water, over low heat, bring to a boil, wait for cooling and strain. With a cotton swab, apply a clove decoction to exposed skin, you can spray them and clothes. This will provide you with protection for a few hours.

Cloves can also be used to replace the fumigator or spiral mosquito. Cut the lemon into thick slices and stick the clove buds in them. Citrus-spicy smell is usually associated with the atmosphere of Christmas, but also works as an insect repellent. Put the resulting composition next to the bed or table on the veranda - and insects will not bother you.

Vanillin - an effective remedy for mosquitoes and midges

The aroma of vanilla is associated with fresh pastries. In comparison with cloves, this smell is much less pungent, and it is much easier to prepare vanilla mosquito lotion.

Dissolve a teaspoon of vanilla in a glass of water - and the tool is ready. Moisten a cotton swab in the solution and wipe open skin. You can also spray vanilla water on clothes or premises.

Especially valuable is the solution of vanillin in cases when it comes to annoying midge - it is more difficult to scare it away than mosquitoes, and even special means do not always cope with this task. And vanillin will provide good protection against midges.

Vanillin is not necessary to use in the solution: you can add half a teaspoon of vanilla powder to 50 grams of baby cream, then mix thoroughly. The resulting fragrant cream applied to the skin, exude a "sweet" fragrance - and enjoy life without mosquitoes.

Broths for scaring mosquitoes: wormwood, wheatgrass and valerian

Another old and proven folk remedy for mosquito bites - decoctions of valerian root, wormwood or wheatgrass.

For a half liter of water, you need to take a handful of crushed roots of any of these plants, bring to a boil over low heat, then pour into a thermos and leave for 30-60 minutes, then strain and allow to cool.

The resulting tool wipe open areas of the body and spray clothes, it can protect from mosquito bites for 4-5 hours. However, valerian should be used with care by cat owners: the smell of valerian will scare away mosquitoes, but is guaranteed to attract the attention of the pet to itself.

Mosquito repellents from the home kit: camphor and "Asterisk"

If there are camphor drugs in the home first-aid kit, they can also do a good job of scaring off insects. Any camphor for external use can be rubbed into the skin behind the ears, or lubricated with the wrists. And in order to drive the mosquitoes out of the house, you can boil water in a small saucepan, add a few drops of the product and boil a few minutes - the fragrant camphor steam will cause the insects to leave the room.

Another excellent mosquito repellent is the Vietnamese balsam Golden Star, commonly known as the “Star”. It contains clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and mint oil, and this “cocktail”, which is dotted on the skin in small quantities, rather effectively protects against mosquitoes. However, it should not be used for allergy sufferers, as well as “Star” is not recommended for children under five years of age.

Cologne "Carnation": the best of alcohol-containing remedies

Bloodsucking insects also dislike the smell of alcohol, so for short-term protection you can treat your skin with alcohol, vodka or even brandy. However, the best alcohol-containing folk remedy for mosquitoes is Cologne “Carnation”, which includes the extract of carnation flowers.

It is an inexpensive cologne with a rather pungent odor, which seems unpleasant to many. However, as a remedy for mosquitoes, “Gvozdika” is very good. A small amount of cologne is applied to the skin or clothing, providing protection against insects for several hours.

How to get rid of mosquitoes simple and affordable means

In order to resist mosquitoes, it is not at all necessary to use industrial preparations; you can cope with arthropods with the help of improvised means.

This was noticed by people and over the years man has compiled a long list of smells that scare away these blood-sucking insects. They are used to drive away these harmful arthropods away from themselves and their homes.

At night, put a container with a decoction near the bed, a sharp smell will frighten bloodsuckers. Lubricate the headboard of the bed and other cabinet furniture with essential oils. They will replace your electric traps and scarers.

You can, like in the country, smear yourself with cream with a few drops of aroma oil. When choosing essential oils, choose soothing smells, so as not to spoil your rest and not get a headache, insects will be frightened by any sharp odors.

If you use a night light, lightly lubricate it with scented oil, then the light will not attract mosquitoes.

To prevent insects in the house, put mosquito nets on the windows, close the hoods. They will find ways to get into the apartment, but these will be isolated cases, not massive attacks.

On sale there are mosquito nets for beds

Features of life of mosquitoes

Nature has given bloodsucking insects an excellent sense of smell. It is with his help that they catch the smell of the victim at very long distances.

Before saying what smell repels mosquitoes, you need to figure out what attracts them and on what basis the female finds her victim.

  1. Increased carbon dioxide concentration. It is secreted by humans during breathing, so it is easy for insects to locate their prey.
  2. Sweat. Especially true for sultry summer nights.
  3. Heat. Body temperature becomes another clear indicator for mosquito females.

The task of man in the home to pick up a substance that will smell stronger than its natural odors. In this case, the mosquito will not be able to get to the victim. When using very strong flavors, the insect completely loses its spatial reference points and turns into a chaotic flight.

The strongest smells that repel mosquitoes

Smells that repel mosquitoes

Smells that repel mosquitoes are both natural and chemical. All of them provide reliable protection.

Their diversity allows the use of aromatherapy in the fight against insects at home or on the street. Mosquitoes are very afraid of plants with a strong odor. Often their fragrance is very pleasant for people, but unbearable for insects.

This provides an additional advantage in the use of natural methods of protection.

  • Elder. Is one of those plants whose juice and smell do not like bloodsuckers. When choosing a place to picnic, you can settle closer to this perennial bush. To provide protection at home, you will need to chop the elderberry leaves and decompose on plates. Put the dishes on the windowsills. Insects will not be able to penetrate the house until the strength of the smell is reduced. Change the material should be drying.
  • Bird cherry This smell is associated with the onset of spring. The pleasant and gentle aroma of a plant will perfectly frighten off mosquitoes. You can plant trees on a plot near the house or break lush bouquets of branches.
  • Conifer. Inhaling the aromas of pine needles is very useful to a person, therefore this method of protection against mosquitoes has a double effect. Insects do not tolerate the smell of spruce, pine, juniper and fir. Used as the needles themselves, and cones. In Siberia, spruce cones have learned how to make homemade repellers.
  • Citronella and geranium. These two plants should be separated into a separate group. Since it is their extracts or essential oils used for the preparation of synthetic insect repellents. In small concentrations, plants are used to prevent mosquitoes from biting the child. It is enough to put a few drops of essential oil on the hood of the stroller to protect the baby during the walk.
  • Citruses. Also, mosquitoes repels the smell of lemons, lime, grapefruit or orange. There are even special scarers that are easy to make from lemon and cloves. For protection it will be enough to place the saucers with such devices around the perimeter of the table or in the room.
  • Carbolic acid. This tool is known as an effective antiseptic and is capable of exerting a bactericidal effect. This ingredient is also used in the fight against bloodsuckers. It is enough just to sprinkle the head of the bed and the wall or wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth moistened with a solution.
  • Fish fat. Not only children, but also blood-sucking insects do not like it. If you cover the open areas of the body with this ingredient, the insects will not be able to bite. In this way, they provide salvation from bites and many other flying insects.
  • Smoke. The easiest way to ward off bloodsuckers from a person during a picnic is to make a fire. Smoke completely deprive insects of the ability to navigate in space. For effect, you can throw dry grass into the fire. It will provide a large amount of smoke. Also it is worth remembering the fact that mosquitoes do not tolerate the smell of conifers, and add fir branches or cones to the fire.
  • Soy sauce. For humans, he has almost no smell, but is able to provide relief from bites throughout the night. To do this, simply put a small bowl of liquid on the bedside table.

Aromas for mosquito control

Vanilla syrup

Fragrant baking with vanilla to the liking of adults and children. For mosquitoes, this smell has the opposite effect. Bloodsuckers lose the opportunity to smell the victim.

To protect the used classic vanilla powder. To prepare the mosquito repellent, you should dissolve 1 sachet of the product in 1 liter of cold water.

The resulting liquid is poured into a container with a spray and treat skin and clothing.

Clove Cocktail

Another representative of the world of spices, the aroma of which permanently removes blood-sucking insects:

  • Pour 200 water to 5 g of dried clove buds. Bring to a boil, boil for another 15 minutes. After this, cool the broth and strain. The resulting liquid is poured into the spray and process clothes.
  • Mix clove water with any cologne available. Before you go on nature, just spray on yourself updated perfumes.


A strong specific smell of ammonia is able to provide a good sleep all night. To do this, moisten the flap of fabric in the ingredient and treat the surface in the house. Particular attention should be paid to window sills, window and door frames.

A person will cease to smell in a few minutes, and for insects this will become a real obstacle on the way to the victim. Mosquitoes simply lose the landmark and will not be able to get to the desired place.

Thus, knowing what repels mosquitoes will help provide protection for the whole family without special tools at hand. And the safety of these methods allows you to effectively apply them even to protect small children.

Folk recipes and cooking

It makes no sense to paint the properties and use of industrial chemicals, since, having entered the store, you can read everything on the bottle, packaging, etc. But it is necessary to say what folk remedies are and how they are used.

One of the most effective means is the decoction of a plant such as wheat grass. Pyrei - common weed and collect it is not difficult.

For decoction, wheatgrass leaves are used. On a glass of water will need about 200-300 g of leaves. Brewed for 20 minutes, after which the broth should cool. Теперь можно намазать его на кожу и смело выходить на улицу.

Еще одно средство, которое готовить нет надобности, оно уже сделано – это масло эвкалипта.

Применить его очень просто. Несколько капель наносятся на кожу и готово, ни комары, ни мошки к вам не подлетят. Можно использовать и эфирное анисовое масло. Оно тоже весьма действенно.

Если не растирать масло по телу, то можно его использовать в виде браслетов. For a bracelet, you can take a strap from a children's watch, for example. A few drops of any essential oil drip onto it, then put the strap in a plastic bag, tie it up and leave it for 20 minutes. During this time, in the closed package, the strap is soaked with essential oil. After which it can be put on the hand. Such a bracelet operates at a distance of up to 1.5 meters, and up to 4 hours in time.

If you go back to herbal medicines, you can remember such plants on the basis of which decoctions are prepared.

At 200 ml of water you need to put one tablespoon of finely chopped plants. But you don't need to cook anything, it's just that everything is insisted for 30 minutes. This recipe from decoctions and different - the infusion here is fresh. Then this infusion is filtered and poured into a bottle.

Valerian is used not by fresh plant, but from tincture. 100 ml of water drip a teaspoon of valerian, stir and spray on the skin and clothing. Acts such a tool at a distance of 1 m.

This is all about personal protective equipment. But how to protect the room? If you have your own house, then you can put an elderberry under the windows; the window frames themselves should be treated with a solution of carbolic acid. You can also make a homemade fumigator based on essential oils. But the mosquito net on the windows will help best. This is the most optimal tool.

And another option for protection against mosquitoes of the room is to make your repellent and spray it around the rooms. Of course, the essence of such a repellent is any essential oil.

For example, based on lemon oil, you can make a composition with eucalyptus or basil. For 450 ml of water and 5 drops of lemon oil, you must add 10 drops of eucalyptus or, respectively, basil.

Another composition, in which for 450 ml of water you need to add 5 drops of rosemary oil and 20 drops of citronella.

Options, as you can see quite a lot. However, there are those that are most popular.

Popular folk insect repellents

As it was said, there are many means for getting rid of mosquitoes. However, among all there are more effective, and therefore often used.

Among them, the best means is clove, as well as vanilla. The first has a sharp burning smell that mosquitoes do not like, the second has a sweet taste, which is also not to the liking of these harmful insects.

Decoction of cloves

Carnations are dry myrtle tree buds. Very well, this tool is suitable for those who have children, especially small ones. Used as a decoction of cloves, and clove oil.

For the preparation of the broth you need 5 g of buds, which are filled with a glass of water. Boil for 15 minutes. Then cool the broth and drip a few drops of cologne or any perfume. The resulting solution is applied to open areas of the body.

Apply best using a spray gun.

If you use clove oil, then add a few drops of it to the baby cream and rub the skin with this cream.

This tool, though popular, is not used by many. Although the composition of mosquito repellent based on vanillin is very simple.

For example, vanillin and water. Pour half a glass of water into a dipper, heat it up slightly and pour out two sachets of vanillin. Mix to a homogeneous composition and add another half a glass of water. Now, having cooled this solution, we fill it in a spray bottle and spray clothes, skin.

The second is also a simple option - cream. Any child cream is taken, if you are preparing an ointment for children, then this condition is necessary. On a tablespoon of cream you need to take a bag of vanilla. All this mixes well and is applied to the skin.

This cream lasts about 2 hours. In the absence of cream, you can use vegetable oil. At 150 g of oil, add two sachets of vanilla and mix well. Apply such a composition to open skin.

Another vanilla-based product with shampoo. A bag of vanillin dissolves in a glass of water, and then a teaspoon of shampoo is added. Acts such a tool for about three hours.

Russian folk remedies

There are some more various means, the majority of which are combined from several components.

One common method is to take, cut a lemon in half and put cloves into halves. It turned out something like a flavoring.

Another remedy that uses vinegar. The mixture is quite original in its composition and somewhat long in preparation. We put in a bowl dry mint and lavender, and a few cloves of garlic. Now pour five percent apple cider vinegar and leave to infuse for three weeks. After this period, the infusion is filtered, diluted with water and applied when going on nature.

What other methods are applicable to combat mosquitoes and midges. Long since the smoke of the fire has frightened off these insects. It is enough to throw in him needles or fresh grass. Helps to get rid of mosquitoes in the apartment hung bunches of chamomile.

What does not fit

The fact that it is not suitable for mosquitoes, can be said unequivocally: everything that is not listed above and is the most ineffective means.

Here, I really want to mention one of the means that is challenged. This is tobacco smoke.

Some say that the smoke helps from mosquitoes, others do not.

Another common opinion is that planted tomatoes may scare off mosquitoes. This is also not true 🙂.

Also, if you are allergic to any of the above means, then you should not use it.