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Ostrich meat - the benefits and harm


An ostrich is a rather exotic bird, many have never even seen it. But, nevertheless, ostrich meat is known to some and very much appreciated. What exactly? It is not only very tasty, but also healthy. Details in this article.

Why are those lucky enough to try ostrich meat, so love it? First of all, it is worth mentioning the taste. Ostrich meat is very tasty and tender. By the way, there is very little fat here. And if other types of meat with low fat content are hard and dry in cooking, then it’s impossible to say exactly about ostrich meat. Virtually any part of the carcass is very tender and tasty, if properly cooked (and this is not difficult at all).

Ostrich meat is very much appreciated by people who suffer or have a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases. This can be easily explained. Indeed, in this product cholesterol contains very little, unlike other types of meat. But cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and can lead to blood clots and cholesterol plaques. But ostrich meat is an excellent source of protein, which is very important for the human body, since it is protein that is the real building material for cells, and also strengthens muscles and makes them grow.

Also found in ostrich meat and many other nutrients. So, there is 22 mg of manganese per 100 grams of the product, as well as 350 mg of potassium, which strengthens the heart muscle, and 280 mg of phosphorus, which is needed for the brain and bones.

In general, eat ostrich meat!

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The benefits of ostrich meat

In the meat of this bird contains protein, fully digested by the body. At the same time, it has very little fat. The ostrich file contains quite a lot of nutrients:

For example, 100 grams of fillet contains only 32 mg of cholesterol. In this case, the protein in it will be quite a lot, about 22%. It is because of this ratio that many people prefer to use this very tender meat for food, and not pork or veal.

Due to its properties, ostrich meat is recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart failure. In addition, it helps to restore the body faster in the postoperative period. Meat is easily digested and does not create unpleasant sensations, and therefore, it can be eaten even in diseases of the stomach.

Is ostrich meat harmful?

It is said that the meat can not do harm. The only thing when it can not be eaten, if you have an individual intolerance.

What does ostrich meat look like?

In its structure, the meat is similar to veal. It has a characteristic red color, more reminiscent of pork, but its taste cannot be compared with anything. Such meat is eaten in boiled, fried, stewed and baked form. It all depends on preferences. To get a juicy dish with the maximum number of useful trace elements cook meat at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees.

What does ostrich meat look like

The most common - the thigh, as it is the most meaty (75% of the entire carcass). Rarely use the muscles that pass along the lower back and the pectoral, but this meat is considered second-rate and is most often used for the preparation of sausages and minced meat.

Meat that can be found in stores and on the Internet is a filet of the thigh. It is red and visually more like beef than a bird. To taste the cutting of an exotic bird is similar to veal, but it has an unusual, peculiar taste.

Calorie, BJU, vitamins and minerals

Ostrich fillet is a low-calorie product: 100 grams only 98 kcal, 21.7 grams of protein, only 1.2 grams of fat and no carbohydrates.

In addition to proteins, ostrich meat contains a large amount of vitamins, micro and macronutrients:

  • B vitamins (1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 12),
  • potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • zinc,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • selenium.

Benefit and harm

For full development, growth of muscles, hair and nails, you need a building material - protein. Its high content makes exotic fillets a great product for building a healthy body. In addition, the minerals and vitamins in the composition have a positive effect on the body:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • struggling with anemia
  • strengthen the nervous system
  • supports healthy pancreatic work.

Ostrich fillets are absolutely harmless. The only restriction in its use may be individual intolerance.

How to cook an ostrich in different countries

In countries where there are natural habitats of ostriches, the thigh of these birds is used regularly. For example, in African countries they cook roasts, steaks and kebabs. In Asian cuisine, this meat fell in love thanks to the property of well-absorbed spices and marinades. You can meet ostrich meat in roast, in the form of steaks, as a component of stew, soup, or even as cutlets.

How much is ostrich meat in Russia and Ukraine

Exotic tenderloin has its own minus - it is not affordable for everyone, since the cost is quite high. In Russia, the price of a kilogram starts from 1,800 rubles (about $ 31). And in Ukraine, fillet costs about 400 UAH per kilogram (about 15 dollars). Ostrich fillets are a great alternative to beef we are used to. It is juicy, tender, completely non-greasy, has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Its only drawbacks are the scarcity and rather high price.

How to choose ostrich meat?

Not every consumer in Russia knows how Ostrich Meat looks and how to choose it. In this meat there are no fatty layers, so it refers to the products recommended for proper nutrition.

Ostrich meat is divided into 3 categories. The first is the thigh, from which the most delicious steaks are fried, the second is the outer part of the leg, suitable for chops, and the third is the inner muscle of the leg, intended for goulash and minced meat.

A delicacy is considered the upper part of the thigh - the most nourishing and tender.

Fans of ostrich meat prefer to buy it in large supermarkets or proven online stores. The price per kilogram is from 500 rubles and more. Most often, this product is sold chilled or deep frozen.


People who have never eaten this kind of meat are interested in what it looks like. In appearance, the product resembles top quality beef tenderloin and has a rich dark red color on the surface and a cherry on the cut.

The younger the bird in age, the brighter the color of the meat.

Many experts write about the dietary properties of ostrich meat, which recommend it to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes and anemia. There is practically no cholesterol in it, so it is useful to use it for those who suffer from excess weight.

The composition of ostrich meat is extremely rich. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, it is low in calories - just 98 kcal per 100 g.

Despite the fact that ostrich meat is often compared with beef in color and taste, it is far superior to it, since it is a more tender and useful product. Some people wonder if it can be replaced by pork meat, how much does it cost compared to it. Pork is much cheaper than ostrich meat and is not at all like neither color nor taste.

Useful properties of ostrich meat

Experts say that this exotic product will soon force out beef from the world market due to its rich composition.

Ostrich meat, the use of which has been proven for a long time, has many advantages compared with other types of similar products:

  • low calorie,
  • high protein content
  • minimum percentage of fat
  • small amount of cholesterol.

Poultry has a rich vitamin and mineral composition: vitamin B, which has a positive effect on blood vessels, vitamin E, which has a beneficial effect on muscles, vitamin PP, which gives energy, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, cobalt, phosphorus and nickel.

It is enough to eat only 100 g of ostrich product in order to replenish the daily norm of necessary substances.

This type of meat has other beneficial properties: the benefits are that it has beneficial effects on the digestive tract and nervous system, normalizes blood pressure and sugar levels, strengthens bones, nails, hair, teeth and positively affects the skin.

It can be used by people with various diseases, since it is a dietary product that helps the body recover in the postoperative period.

Harm and contraindications

Ostrich meat is contraindicated only in the case when a person has an individual intolerance to the components of the product.

As for the harm, it can be obtained by improper preparation. It is important not to dry out the ostrich meat, because it can become tough and lose all its beneficial qualities, but it must be ensured that the meat is well roasted.

In its raw form can not be used.

People who eat this meat as a dietary product are not recommended to use spices or sauces, as this will affect not only the taste of the bird, but also reduce its usefulness, while increasing calorie content.

Having bought ostrich meat in Moscow, you should carefully examine the tenderloin. If it is sold in vacuum packaging, it is necessary to check its integrity.

Gastronomic properties

The gastronomic properties of ostrich meat are quite high. It is easy to cook, but not everyone knows how to do it. From it prepare healthy dietary soups that do not contain fat. This product is used in salads, hot and cold appetizers, as well as main dishes. In addition, great sausages and delicious sausage are made from ostrich meat. It is boiled, fried, smoked. Also, the meat is good to cook on the grill.

Most often, for different dishes, the hip portion is taken.. Juicy cutlets can be made from ostrich fillets, which melt in the mouth and quickly saturate the body with nutrients.

Ostrich meat quickly absorbs any spices, so with their choice you need to be careful. Experts advise cooking it easier and faster. It is not recommended to serve complex sauces and side dishes to this meat. Vegetable stew or boiled potatoes are best.

There are a large number of recipes for cooking ostrich meat with a photo, so it is believed that anyone can easily cook it. However, it is necessary to adapt, not to overdo it and remove it from the fire in time, otherwise the product will be hard and dry. It will be better if for the first time this meat is cooked under the supervision of a professional.

Ostrich is perfect as a signature dish for a holiday. If chicken or duck tried almost everything, then ostrich meat for many people is still considered an exotic product. Guests will appreciate its delicate and unique taste.

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Ostrich meat in cooking

Ostrich meat is cooked quickly, if it is not dried out, then it is soft and gentle. The taste of ostrich meat is peculiar and unlike anything else. Although sometimes it is compared to veal. As a rule, on sale you can see the fillet from the ostrich thigh. This meat is perfect for steaks with various sauces, for example, with mustard or orange. On the grill, you can fry other parts of the ostrich, the main thing - do not overdo the meat on the fire so that it does not dry out.

In cooking

Ostrich meat is divided into three categories: to the first applies thigh, whose meat is ideal for steaks, best with mustard or orange sauces, second group - the external fibers of the muscles from the lower leg, from which the chops are made, and the third category - the internal muscle fibers of the lower legs for minced meat and goulash. In the case of an ostrich, contrary to tradition, the delicacy is considered not the breast, but the thigh, while its upper part is considered more nutritious and soft.

This meat is perfect for any side dishes and sauces, especially for potatoes and vegetables, so you do not have a question about what to apply to ostrich meat - even with fish and seafood, it will be eaten in a jiffy. Although the best addition to the ostrich are vegetables, fruits, seafood, and nuts.

Interestingly, ostrich meat instantly absorbs the aroma of spices, spices and other products, so you should not get carried away with overly complex dishes with a lot of components, since ostrich meat has just a unique taste, which is different in itself.

Remember that ostrich meat in the cooking process should not be subjected to high temperatures - it will dry the meat and make it too hard. To preserve its juiciness, it is recommended not to exceed a temperature of 60 degrees during cooking.

You should not keep ostrich meat for a long time on fire, as it is quickly cooked, which is one of its main advantages. If possible, you should choose a fresh product that has not been subjected to freezing.

Gourmet ostrich meat will decorate a festive table, if you serve, for example, bird fillet with spicy crab sauce, liver stewed in red wine, grilled ostrich in sesame, shish kebab in lemon juice or cheese balls. Pre-repulsed ostrich meat is ideal for carpaccio served with arugula, celery, lime and parmesan. The taste of ostrich meat is particularly bright with citrus juice, olive oil and red wine, but the taste of the product is best manifested on the grill, especially if you use nutmeg and coriander as seasonings. On the grill, you can fry any part of the bird, the main thing is not to overdo it on the fire so that the meat does not dry out.

In addition, ostrich meat can be used, like other variants of birds. It is subjected to different heat treatment: boiled, fried, stewed, baked, etc. On the basis of this meat different first and second courses, appetizers and salads are prepared. In addition, ostrich fillets can be chopped into mince and cook cutlets and the like out of it. Ostrich heart and liver are also widely used.

Dishes of ostrich meat are traditional for the kitchens of Namibia and Kenya. After getting the opportunity to breed these birds in different climatic conditions, Italy, Japan, China and Russia began to practice dishes from them in their kitchens.