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Tomato hybrid - Blagovest F1: description and characteristics of the variety of tomatoes, recommendations for growing


Although the tomato Blagovest belongs to the determinant type, the growth of the bush sometimes approaches the 2 m mark. Properly form a bush with 2 stems. Tomato bushes are actively growing and require constant garters to the supports.

Tomato Blagovest

8 tomatoes are formed on one tomato brush, the weight of an individual tomato is up to 200 grams. it turns out that the whole brush weighs about one and a half kilograms.

Recommended for planting on 1 square meter only 3 bushes. Requires constant pinching. Tomato during budding and flowering requires a lot of water when watering.

On a high branched bush there are leafy plates of tomato type, but with a gray-green color.

Tomato Blagovest F1: characteristics and description of the variety

Although the bush of this tomato determinant type, but in height it is pulled out to 1.6-1.8 meters. So clearly you will not name it. Plant shows the greatest performance in the formation of two stems. At such a height, the bush requires an obligatory garter to the support and the correct pinching.

According to reviews of gardeners, not only a bush of tomatoes, as the description shows, needs brushing, as well as brushes of tied fruits (in the photo, the Blagovest tomato variety is represented by massive brushes, which ripen fairly heavy tomatoes in large quantities). On the bags of seeds there is a description in which it is indicated that the tomatoes Blagovest can be planted in open ground, but gardeners say that this sharply reduces the yield.

The hybrid bush is quite strongly branched, covered with an average number of leaves of medium size, grayish-green. The shape of the leaves is customary for a tomato, glossy, well-marked crimped.

In terms of ripening early ripe hybrid. From planting seeds until the first ripe fruits appear on your table 101-107 days.

The variety of tomatoes Blagovest F1, as the description says, resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, late blight, cladosporioza. There is an increased resistance to pests of tomatoes: the Colorado potato beetle, spider mite, wireworms, and medvedas.

According to reviews of some gardeners, the curliness of hybrid leaves is often noted, but they also recognize immunity to the main diseases that tomatoes are susceptible to.

You can get acquainted with their description and cultivation features in detail in special sections of our site.

Advantages and disadvantages

Virtues hybrid:

  • good yield from the bush,
  • resistance to diseases of tomatoes,
  • safety during transportation of fruits,
  • the rapid formation of brushes with fruits,
  • the versatility of the use of ripe tomatoes,
  • almost 100% seed germination.


  • Tomatoes variety Blagovest require cultivation in the greenhouse,
  • the need for tying the shrub and brush plants.

Description of tomatoes Blagovest F1, reviews, photos

It is an early ripe, determinant, hybrid of a tomato, very popular among summer residents. In the middle lane it is recommended to grow it in a greenhouse.

The height of the bush is about 1.5 meters in the greenhouse, in the open field a little lower. Required garter to support and pasynkovanie. The best results were obtained with the formation of plants in 1 and 2 stalks. In the first case, all the stepchildren are removed (side shoots growing from the leaf axils), without exception, in the second case - one stepchild is left under the first flower brush.

The leaf of this tomato is of the usual type, medium size, gray-green, glossy, medium-ripened. Inflorescence intermediate (once branched), medium compact. The first inflorescence is laid over the 6-7 leaf, the next every 1-2 sheets.

Fruit Characteristic

The fruits of this tomato are perfectly even, smooth, round, dense, weighing 100-110 grams each. Ideal for canning, and if allowed to ripen on a bush - it is tasty and fresh. In addition, these tomatoes are lezhki and transportable, not prone to cracking.

Like most hybrids, Blagovest F1 is resistant to many diseases of tomatoes: cladosporia, tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium, vertex rot.

Yield: up to 5.5 kg of fruit from 1 plant (with proper agricultural techniques).

Tomato Blagovest is included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in the Russian Federation in 1996.

Features of growing

Sowing seeds for seedlings spend 60-65 days before the proposed planting in the ground. Picked up seedlings - in the stage of 2 true leaves. When transplanting seedlings to a permanent place on 1 square. m is recommended to place up to 4 plants. Landing pattern: 50 x 40 cm

Further care of the tomatoes consists of timely watering, weeding, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizer, pasynkovaniya and preventive measures to protect plants from diseases and pests.

Tomatoes Blagovest video

In our family, canned tomatoes are not very fond of, so for the winter they have little salt, just for the sake of tradition, so that it will be) And I freeze the excess. You can pre-cut into slices, but I prefer the whole thing: it is easier and less space occupied in the freezer. In winter, I give a little melt so that the knife can catch on, do not slide off, and cut it. Very easy to cut. Frozen slices, as well as fresh ones, are added to various hot dishes. Only for salads, they are not suitable - limp.

Reviews gardeners

Srednerosly, tomatoes 100g, red, the usual taste. . In the open ground did not like, in the closed-normally! It is better not to pinch!

Lina Sakharnova

Constantly soot Blagovest - in the greenhouse. Half smooth, same, tasty.


I BLAGOVEST planted last year. Bush high 150-180 cm. Tomatoes are large. Tasty. Suitable for salads and canning. In general, it is recommended for greenhouses.


I plant tomatoes for seedlings at the beginning of March, and at the end of April I plant them in a greenhouse. Soot mostly Blagovest - he never let me down. Of course, for the sake of experiment, I always try other varieties, but Blagovest is still the leader for me.

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As for the ultra, I will not say, and the middle-early ones are 2 good, proven varieties, Blagovest and Verlioka. And the food is good, and for canning. Very regular, even shape, not large.


Blagovest - a tomato that has every chance of your sympathy. Caring for him is standard, and the yield is quite impressive. It is a lot of fruits, all equal, beautiful. One caveat - grows better in greenhouses, in the open field may not show the declared productivity.