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A variety of nicknames for a rooster and why it was called it a rooster


The household has a rooster, he is already 3 years old, it’s time to come up with a name

Of course, the most common, with your permission, "name", usually Peter. But, I think, like all animals and birds, of course, you need to call based on their individual characteristics and character. You can call the Alarm Clock (Budya - abbreviated), Zadira, for example. Yes, as your darling please.

The most common name for a rooster is Petya. You can play with this name, type, Petr-Petushok, Petr, Petrushka, Petrukha, Petro, Petunia, Petrunya, Petsenka, Petrunya, Petruccio, Pietro, Pedro, Peter, Petros, Petrya, Petrik, Petrzej, Petushevich, Petrenko, Petushenko,

You can go ahead and call him the name of a famous person named Peter. Peter the First, Peter Tchaikovsky, Peter Stolypin, Peter Bagration, Peter Nalitch, ...

Roosters are well-known teasers, so the names of admirals, generals, military commanders will suit them: Alejandro, Archibald, Macedonian, Suvorov, Napoleon, Ricardo, Stёpka Razin, Pugachev, Samson, Rokossovsky, Rooster Khan, ...

You can give a nickname in accordance with the nature of the bird, derived from the type of its activity:

Alarm clock, Gorlopan, Kukaramba, Placido Domingo, Klitschko, ...

Pirate, Dictator, Buyan, Anarchist, Killer, Bandit, Caesar, Caesario,

Topchan, Razgulay, Macho, Sultan, Padishah,

If you recall the show "Voice" - the connection, I think, it is obvious! Then the names of the jury members will suit them as well as possible: Rooster Gradsky, Lyonka-rooster, Rooster Bilan and chicken Pelageya. Perfect option. :-) And no subtext.

Many give the name of the appearance of the bird:

Nelson (one-eyed), Lame Joe, Pirate, Blackie (black), Mr. White (white), Raphael, Picasso (colorful tail), Glamor, Grebenschikov (on a bright crest) ...

If you remember the old ad for chicken bouillon cubes, you can give the rooster a nickname Knorr. And Maggi, Galina Blanca is more suitable for chickens.

And you can call a bird a funny nickname Bouillon. Respectively, Pate, Naghetts, Ham, ... the name of any dish that can be cooked from a rooster.


Journalist Alexander Kuchinsky in his work "Prison Encyclopedia" noted that the suit "rooster" appeared in prison after 1961, when the Soviet leadership carried out reform in the penitentiary system. According to its provisions in the structure of the Gulag, there was a division of the camps into five modes: general, reinforced, strict, special and prison, better known as indoor.
As a result, the first-comers and young boys unfamiliar with prison concepts, being isolated from repeat offenders who adhered to certain principles of life behind bars, began to punish those who were guilty through his forced conversion into a passive homosexual.

According to Valery Abramkin and Yuri Chizhov, the explosive nature of young people played a role in the growth of the “roosters” caste, which, in the absence of elders, was in a state of constant competition and the establishment of its dominant status.
In addition, they did not rule out that the operatives themselves invented the custom of dropping prisoners, for whom he became a “weapon in the fight against the negative” (prisoners who interfered with the work of the corrective labor institution or had a bad influence on other prisoners).
Valery Chalidze, determined the time of the appearance of the "roosters" of 30-40 years, when teenagers were imprisoned since they were 12 years old, and were forced into sodomy. And Danil Koretsky, admits that a significant increase in the number of “roosters” in the 1980s is connected with the cessation of the practice of attracting convicts to work by third-party organizations, where they had the opportunity to at least secretly meet with a woman.

Why cock?

There is no unequivocal answer to the question why the rooster became the symbol of the most humiliating prison community.
According to one version, it is connected with the habit of the bird to the vociferous singing, and in the criminal jargon the word “singing” means nothing more than a denunciation or squealing to the authorities.
According to another variant, the English jargon “cock”, which is translated into Russian as “rooster”, is also to blame, but it is also used in the homeland in the meaning of the genital organ.
Some see the connection of this insult with the rather contemptuous role of the rooster in the Jewish ritual of the “kaparot” sacrifice, where all the individual sins of a person are transferred to the bird, and then they kill it.
It is believed that the term "rooster" is derived from the word "cock", which was called the rape process in the area.

Alternative dove

Perhaps the culprits of the appearance of this humiliating concept were representatives of the sect of the Khlysty, in the 1930s, in a large number of people who were in the dungeons of the Soviet camps. They practiced ritual celebrations, ending in unbridled orgies with unlimited sex with no sexual distinctions, affectionately called each other silver doves.
Having become prisoners, the Khlysty, among whom there was a large percentage of same-sex love fans, continued to call themselves pigeons, and the “thieves”, mocking at their subtle mental organization, began mockingly calling them “roosters”.

Gibraltar cock

Choosing a name for the lower caste of prisoners, Soviet cons could hardly assume that in nature there is a rooster from Gibraltar, who is an adherent of nontraditional sexual relations.
40% of the males of this incredibly bright bird species with orange-black plumage, an impressive crest, do not engage in competition for females, preferring to mate with individuals of their own sex.

Version five - historical

In the novel of V.G. Yana “Baty”, the tradition of Mongolian-Tatar tax collectors is described to raise debtors from bed with shouts of “wake” cocks. These, as they would say now, tax inspectors took with them specially trained birds, which they used not only as alarm clocks, but also put them out for battle (somehow, it was necessary to have fun between raids on extorting taxes). And in the area where the city Petushki is now located, collectors from year to year set up their camp. And cockerels there was apparently invisible.

It is already impossible to establish which of these options is true. Choose the one you like!

Principles for Choosing Chick Names

First of all, you should pay attention to the appearance of a fluffy lump, which you are going to name. If it is white, the name Chernysh clearly does not suit him. But the nickname Snowball will be perfectly combined with its snow-white plumage.

The nickname chicken is often selected in appearance.

Be sure to take into account not only how the chick looks at a tender age, but also what it will become: in the end, the appearance of an adult chicken may differ significantly from its appearance in childhood. The tiny cock-bentam, of course, will not be offended if they call him Guy Gantsky, but it is better to choose a name that is not so heavy and more appropriate for his size. And, on the contrary, the imposing hen-brahma is not very suitable nickname Baby.

If the chicken is purebred, then you can call it taking into account its roots: the nickname Wang, Li or Chan will suit the fluffy Chinese, and the Japanese baby, Yuki, Gin or Aiko.

Important. It is easier to choose a pedigree chicken for a talking nickname than a purebred because its appearance is already known in the future, unlike the appearance of a purebred or hybrid chick.

And, of course, there is a very simple option that does not require much thought - to name a chicken after a favorite character from a book, movie or cartoon.

When choosing a nickname it is worth considering what the chicken will be in the adult form.

How to call cock

The name for the chicken and rooster, which he is to become in the future, should reflect the proud nature of this bright, cocky and gallant bird with the ladies. It may hint at other features peculiar to a particular bird: its color, character, dimensions, attitude to other inhabitants of the hen house, if the cockerel lives among its own kind, or to the owner, if it is the only pet.

Here are the nicknames that are suitable for cock:

  • Ami, Achi, Arnie, Orange,
  • Benny, Bubba, Boss, Buka, Bubochka, Bowtie, Baron, Boyar,
  • Van, Venia, Willy, Walenok,
  • Huck, Gray, Guf,
  • Dusty, Dan, Dipper, Jay, Jasper,
  • Eska, Hedgehog, Elec,
  • Beetle, Yellow, Gigolo, Jojo,
  • Marshmallow, Plant,
  • Izya, Yo-yo,
  • Koko, Screamer, Cucaracha, Baby, Handsome,
  • Lucky, Larry, Lee, Lavrusha, Luke,
  • Cartoon, Kid, Miko, Mavr, Mike,
  • Noir, Nikki, Nathan,
  • Olaf, Ori, ollie,
  • Petya, Motley, Pepe, Pierrot, Paphnutius, Jumper,
  • Rory, Rocky, Rust, Ralph,
  • Sancho, Snowball, Chintz,
  • Tyrant, Toto, Tank, Ace, Toshka,
  • Phil, Frant, Felix,
  • Juan, Crested, Braggart,
  • Little Chick, King, Caesar,
  • Chico, Chocobo, Chupa-Chups,
  • Noisy, Shushik, Shaman,
  • Yashka, Jason, Yarilo, Yappi.
A beautiful dwarf rooster can be called a Screamer, Felix or Jason.

Of course, it is not necessary to choose a name for a chicken from this list. But one of them can be a great option for your chicken boy.

Important. For the beauty of plumage, males should be given a multivitamin complex along with the food. Then the bright outfit of your pet will be truly gorgeous.

Call the chicken

Males are noisy, restless, and brides, while chickens are modest, slow, quiet, and peaceful. A soft, sweet “ko-ko-ko”, imposing walk, modest plumage in comparison with a bright rooster outfit - the difference between the sexes in chickens is as noticeable as in humans, and in many respects it is much stronger.

Therefore, choosing a name for a girl should focus on the softness, femininity inherent in chickens:

  • Aiko, Aya, Aurora, Astra,
  • Lady, Bunny, Basya, Bella, Becky, Squirrel, Bead,
  • Vita, Veta, Vesta, Cherry,
  • Gita, Ganna, Gadget,
  • Dita, Day, Dana, Dasia,
  • Herringbone,
  • Jacqueline, Pearl, Firebird,

Dwarf chicken fit names: Dana, Molly or Ryzhinka.

  • Zina, Dawn, Zosia, Zlatka,
  • Igrunya, Toffee, Sparkle,
  • Coco, Pryushka, Pretty Woman, Kalinka,
  • Lily, Lola, Swallow,
  • Molly, Minnie, Baby, Matryoshka,
  • Nick, Nana, Nyusha,
  • Olly, Olive,
  • Peppa, Peggy, Polly, Bum,
  • Ryaba, Rose, Fish, Ryzhinka,
  • Snowflake, Sun, Sima,
  • Taya, Tina, Tom,
  • Flora, Fairy, Fifa, Fifi,
  • Hannah, Chloe, Crest, Horoshka,
  • Chika, Chara,
  • Shusha, Shima, Noisy,
  • Abby, Eureka, Ale,
  • Yumi, Yuki, Yukka, Yulka,
  • Yara, Yanka.
  • Over time, the hen will get used to his nickname and will resort, if you only call her: these birds have a good memory, and they quickly become attached to the host.

    Council Communicating with chicken, squat down - so she will perceive you as someone of approximately equal size, and will not be afraid.

    Let the child name his pet.

    Long thoughts on how to call a chicken or a rooster often do not lead to anything good: from the set of beautiful nicknames, each of which is good in its own way, it is so hard to choose the most suitable! In this case, it is worth remembering that often the very first name that came to mind at the association level is the very one that truly characterizes an animal.

    If the chicken was presented to the child, it is better to allow him to give the pet a name.

    Therefore, if you bought a chicken for your child, do not impose your choice on him, let him give his pet a nickname, focusing not on your opinion, but on your own fantasy and on your ideas about how you should call his new furry friend.

    Why cock called cock

    There are many folk names reflecting the bird's singing abilities: singing, singing, petun, rooster, petka. In Slavic languages ​​it sounds like this:

    • singing - in Belarusian,
    • peven - in Ukrainian,
    • petao - in Serbian
    • loops - in Bulgarian and Macedonian,
    • petelin - in Slovenian.

    The biological task of the cock song is a roll call with possible rivals. Wild bankivsky chickens, from which modern chickens originate, very carefully guard their forage lands. The availability of food ensures the survival of the population. With the song the male informs that the feeding area is occupied. The louder and vociferous the song - the more weight its performer.

    The vocal leader of the coop has many names. In the old days, a castrated cat fed for meat was called a capon (etymological dictionary of A. A. Krylov).

    The name was often found in French dishes, which divided chicken meat by type: chicken, chicken, capon and fowl (fatty fattened chicken). With the appearance of meat breeds, the need to specifically fatten the usual petka has disappeared, and the word has been preserved and is still found in the names of restaurant dishes.

    Another name for the symbol of dawn is the kochet, which is derived from the word “kokot” and interprets the sounds that chicken usually emit when the rest of the herd is convened. This name was assigned to the bird in some European languages:

    • cock - in English,
    • cocos - in Romanian,
    • coq - in French.

    Latin designation "Gallus" stuck in Italian, Spanish, Latvian and some other languages.

    Nicknames for roosters

    The most common nickname for a chicken leader in a private household is Petya. In addition to her vociferous courtyard handsome can have a few more everyday names that reflect his appearance, throat or habits. He can be called Gorlopan, Kukareka, or give the name of a popular singer or a surname, come up with a derivative from the name Tchaikovsky, Petruccio.

    The nature

    After the vocal qualities note the fighting properties of the rooster:

    • if he is very cocky, then - Zabiyaka, Buyan, Bandit, Pirate, Eagle, Rambo, Jackie Chan, Armageddon,
    • conflict and short stature - Napoleon, very tall - Peter I,
    • clever - Jack Sparrow, Pythagoras,
    • it is important to stroll around the yard, not entering into conflicts - Padishah, Sultan.

    By coloring

    In private farmsteads with a small herd, birds often get the nicknames of more chickens. In such cases, they reflect the peculiarities of the coloring of the chicken teenager: Ryzhik, Sapsan, Snowball, Zheltopuzik, Spark, Little Imp, Matroskin.

    Who is the forest cock

    Forest roosters are birds of the order kuroobraznyh living in forests.

    Another species of chicken living in the forest zone is pheasant. The distribution range of this bird is Central and Central Asia, Ciscaucasia, China. In Europe, the pheasant is found in a half domesticated form. These birds live in forest or river thickets, in small clearing.

    The names of the rooster from the time of the domestication of chickens have accumulated a lot, as well as symbols of worship. The bird is depicted on the arms of several countries - Kenya, Sri Lanka, is a national symbol of France, its images are minted on various coins.