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The benefits and harms of the Amazonian Guarana


Many people know about drinks and drugs for weight loss with the addition of guarana, but very few people know what it is. It is an evergreen creeping shrub, common in Brazil and Paraguay. The plant has inflorescences with red flowers and fruits, inside of which there are seeds resembling the human eye. This feature gave rise to the legend according to which the child, the pet of the whole village, was killed by an evil god. The inhabitants of the settlement were overwhelmed by longing and in order to console them, the magnanimous god took both eyes from a dead child. He planted one of them in the forest, as a result of which Guarana began to grow in abundance, and the other planted in the village, which contributed to the development of the plant by people.

Guarana can be found in Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. Of the whole plant, only seeds are used. They are released from the shell, fried and fray with water - it turns out the paste. Then it is dried and make guarana powder, which is used for the preparation of beverages and medicines.

What is useful guarana

Caffeine, which is part of this plant, is slowly absorbed, so it does not irritate the stomach wall and gently affects the body. Guarana berries act as a powerful stimulant and have an effect 5 times stronger than coffee. Unlike coffee, they do not cause heart palpitations and overexcitement.

The tannins in guarana help to get rid of intestinal disorders, and guaranin has the same effect as tianin present in tea.

As a remedy, guarana seeds can help with dysentery, arthritis, migraines and fever. They help get rid of spasms, sexual disorders. Seeds increase desire.

The plant stimulates the nervous system, improves concentration and memory, and also increases efficiency.

Guarana is often used for weight loss, as it can improve metabolism, remove toxins and excess fluid from the body, reduce body fat, and also dull the feeling of hunger.

The moderate use of guarana helps to improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol and improve heart function. The plant relieves chronic fatigue and depression, increases endurance, relieves irritability and normalizes the emotional state.

Guarana application

For the first time, Indians began to use guarana. It served as a sedative, restorative, toning and invigorating agent. Later, the plant became popular. Now it is used for the production of drugs and food additives. On the basis of guarana make energy drinks that quench thirst and give energy.

Harm and contraindications of guarana

Excessive use of guarana can lead to deterioration of the heart and nervous system, can cause insomnia, increased pressure, tachycardia and nervous excitement.

Great care should be exercised to the elderly, lactating and pregnant women, as well as suffering from atherosclerosis and hypertension.

The unique properties of drinks with guarana

Soft drinks with guarana are just as popular in Brazil, Portugal, Venezuela or Uruguay, as is kvass in Russia. They are very tasty, perfectly quench thirst and struggle with drowsiness. Alcoholic cocktails with guarana in nightclubs in South America are always bestsellers. Young people have long appreciated their unique properties.

They, as if by magic, remove the feeling of fatigue, restore the body's energy balance and allow you to have fun all night long. At the same time, unlike coffee, Amazonian guarana, which is a part of drinks, does not cause heart palpitations and overexcitation. Acting more gently and without irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa, it is practically safe for the body. Moreover, slowly assimilating, it prolongs the effect of its use.

The benefits of guarana for weight loss

Along with nutritional supplements for weight loss, tea with guarana is in high demand in pharmacies. This drink is not only a source of strength and good mood. Its use helps in the fight against overweight, but not directly, but indirectly. What does it mean? And the fact that without regular classes in the gym and compliance with the principles of proper nutrition, even used in large quantities, tea with guarana will not give the proper result.

But the complex effect on the body - training + balanced nutrition + special tea - will be very effective. The benefits of guarana is that it stimulates metabolic processes, accelerates the process of burning fat and reduces appetite. At the same time, the guarau-accepting person is exercised more easily, recovery is faster and does not feel tired.

Guarana for weight loss is used more often than other similar products. Pharmaceutical companies prefer this exotic supplement, because it rarely causes side reactions, and the harm that its use can cause the body is minimal. Of course, subject to the instructions enclosed by the manufacturer in the box with the cherished tool. Exceeding the recommended doses is fraught with serious consequences, therefore it is better not to tempt fate and trust the annotation made by doctors to a particular drug.

Amazonian Guarana = "Liquid Chestnut"

One of these rather popular means of weight loss is “Liquid Chestnut”. The manufacturer claims that the effect of its use is simply amazing. Despite the original name, the main ingredient of the product called “Liquid Chestnut” is nothing but guarana powder. And despite the fact that, unlike the latter, “Liquid chestnut” has a more expensive cost, in their desire to lose weight, people are ready to give even large amounts of money in the hope that the miracle remedy will quickly “eat” the extra kilos.

In the network you can find a lot of positive reviews about the tool "Liquid chestnut", in which people describe the results of their struggle with obesity and the unique properties of this fat burning supplement. It allows not only to reduce weight, but also to keep it normal even after drug withdrawal. In addition, "Liquid chestnut" helps reduce cravings for sweets, normalizes digestion, eliminates disruption in the endocrine system, improves cognitive abilities and memory.

There are not so many contraindications. Refrain from its use is for people with hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy and some mental disorders. All the rest of its application is recommended according to the attached instructions. However, keep in mind, the toning properties of the drug can be a source of problems with sleep.

Indications for use

  • Amazonian guarana helps to improve the performance of the body, including during increased physical exertion. In addition, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, helping to overcome depression and stabilizing the emotional background.
  • The properties of guarana allow you to use it to remove excess fluid and toxic substances from the body.
  • Preparations containing guarana extract, normalize the work of the heart muscle, improve the condition of blood vessels, activate blood circulation and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • The beneficial properties of guarana are due to the presence of antioxidants in it, making any product that contains extracts from this plant, an excellent prophylactic against aging and the development of cancer.
  • The benefits of guarana are in tannins that are part of the plant, which help in the treatment of intestinal disorders and, in general, have a beneficial effect on the bowels.

Short description

Guarana is a dried biomass obtained from seeds under the scientific name. Paulinia cupana or P.Sorbilis.

These are the seeds of lianas growing in Brazil in the delta of the Amazon River.

Husk seeds, as a result of their processing, partially fall into the finished product, giving the latter, a taste of bitter chocolate.

Guarana extract is in demand because of its caffeine content.

As a source of vitality, it has become one of the ingredients of food and sports supplements, and modern medicines.

Daily intake and dosage

FDA Official Conclusion (controlled by controlling the quality of medicines and products), guarana extract is considered safe for health.

Therefore, the plant is added to the composition of various drugs, including anorexigenic.

Guarana use has become an integral part of life for most of the inhabitants of South America: they take it daily.

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You can buy it in such forms as:

  1. Tea,
  2. Alcohol extracts,
  3. Energy drinks,
  4. Capsules and tablets
  5. Elixirs and extracts.

Despite the not very widespread supplements in Russia, you can still find it as part of the products listed above.

An approximate daily dose of guarana ranges from 200 to 800 mg.

When using more than 3 grams of extract per day, side effects are possible.

The maximum safe dose of caffeine for a person per day should not exceed 250 mg (about 3-5 grams of guarana).

Extract properties

According to widespread information, the drug increases brain activity without affecting the rapidity of the pulse.

In addition, guarana reduces fatigue, appetite, improves and uplifts a person's mood.

The extract helps with headaches, excessive fatigue, hangover, menstruation and neuralgia.

In addition, guarana is effective as:

  • aphrodisiac,
  • diarrhea medicine
  • prophylactic drug for dysentery,
  • Supplement to normalize appetite (which herbs reduce and promote weight loss is written in this article),
  • prophylactic against malaria,
  • drug for skin diseases
  • stimulator of the nervous system.

Caffeine in guarana is absorbed much slower than in its pure form, it helps to avoid irritation of the stomach walls.

Berries Plants act many times stronger and more efficiently than coffee, but, unlike it, do not cause a feeling of excitement and rapid pulse.

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The presence of tannins in the extract helps to get rid of intestinal disorders.

Guaranin however, it has a similar effect with another element - Tianin, which is present in all the well-known tea.

The first who began to use guarana were the ancient Indians.

They used it as a tonic, enhancing, invigorating drug.

Now, this supplement has acquired internationally important value, becoming an integral part of a number of medical preparations and food products.

Caution and side effects

In the composition of guarana, as mentioned above, the prevailing caffeine content.

Abrupt termination after regular use of the drug also leads to side effects in the form of headaches and irritability.

Guaranu must be taken wisely. If the following symptoms appear, see your doctor:

  • a sharp increase in the amount of urine in the body,
  • insomnia,
  • excessive excitability
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • increased excitement
  • cardiopalmus,
  • tremor,
  • the occurrence of seizures,
  • arrhythmia,
  • headache and migraine.

In which cases it is not recommended to take the remedy. Pay attention to these 6 points, before taking guarana:

  1. Preparations containing guarana extract can harm women during pregnancy.
  2. You can not take the drug for people suffering from chronic migraines, gastric ulcer (about symptoms, treatment and diet read here), diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes without first consulting a doctor.
  3. Use of the extract when taking Theo-Dur periodically is dangerous to health. Consult a doctor before combining these two remedies.
  4. Taking supplements by people suffering from arrhythmia and heart disease sometimes leads to side effects and aggravations of the disease.
  5. Guarana is not recommended for patients with hypertension, hernias in the esophagus, acid reflux and ulcers.
  6. If you experience side effects, reduce, rather than abruptly stop the use of guarana. Otherwise, the symptoms can only worsen.

Helpful advice

Despite the claims of the World Health Organization, which claims that guarana is completely safe as a food additive, one should not blindly trust advertising.

About the harm that can be done to the body when taking guarana, look in the video.

What is guarana

The effect of this plant on the body is enormous, but before resorting to intensive therapy, it is necessary to figure out what it is. Amazonian chestnut guarana from the genus Paulinus (Paullinium) is a native Brazilian, growing in the Amazon delta, it reaches 12 meters in length. The leaves are oval with cloves at the ends, the flowers are round and bright red, the fruits are richly yellow, contain healing seeds.

Guarana helps to solve a number of health problems in a timely manner. Medicinal extract is prepared from ripe fruits, and seeds are ground to create therapeutic powder. In medicine, this innovative tool has proven itself as a panacea for many diseases, and an effective ability to maintain body tone. Such a grand effect provides the natural composition of the plant, its pharmacological properties.

The active component of this exotic plant is guaranin, which by its pharmacological properties resembles caffeine. Its presence in the chemical composition of the Brazilian chestnut maintains the tone of the human body, encourages it, fills it with vital forces. This component has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes appetite, but this can significantly increase the heartbeat.

In modern medicine, such a plant has recommended itself from the best side, and this is due to the presence of other active substances of plant origin that are beneficial to the body:

  • tannins,
  • essential oils,
  • polyphenols and amides,
  • theobromine, theophylline, taurine,
  • xanthine alkaloids,
  • saponin
  • magnesium, zinc, sodium, manganese,
  • vitamins of group B, PP, E, A.

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Outwardly, it is an inconspicuous climbing vine, on the branches of which medicinal fruits with unique pharmacological properties sprout. Guarana berries contain a large concentration of guaranine, increase the production of adrenaline. If used improperly, they can cause insomnia, irritability and even aggression. No wonder this natural product is part of the energy drinks, which temporarily increase the vitality of the body.

Berry seeds contain more caffeine than coffee beans are harvested, so there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this natural product. Before buying, you need to consult a doctor, to exclude harm to your own body. It is also important not to forget that this is a natural toxin, the increased concentration of which provides a negative result of the selected treatment.

The specified plant can be used as a food additive with useful properties. Guarana capsules is difficult to find in the free market, so it is easier to make such a purchase through an online pharmacy or the official website of a natural product. This innovative tool is used not only by modern medicine, but is also an integral part of sports nutrition. If you look at the online store for athletes, the range of products with guarana, useful for the body, will pleasantly surprise.

Guarana properties

There are legends about the beneficial properties of guarana for the body, and the natural composition is considered unique. Modern pharmacists are continuing to study this ever-green shrub, attributing to it new advances in medicine and sports nutrition. The benefits of food supplements are expressed in increased activity of guaranine, which simultaneously affects the nervous, digestive, endocrine, muscular, immune and even the reproductive system. We are talking about such changes in the body:

  • reducing the number and intensity of migraine attacks,
  • suppression of spasms and fevers,
  • beneficial effects on cognitive abilities
  • effective method of dealing with depression and bad mood
  • eliminating fatigue, increasing physical endurance,
  • strengthening and maintaining the tone of the whole body,
  • extermination of bacterial infections
  • productive treatment of diarrhea, arthritis,
  • elimination of symptoms of hangover,
  • strengthening the body's immune response,
  • эффективное лечение многих заболеваний кожи,
  • подавление чувства голода, устойчивый диетический эффект,
  • intensive nutrition of the brain and not only valuable vitamins, trace elements,
  • effective prevention of dysentery, malaria,
  • elimination of symptoms of chronic diseases of the digestive tract.


This climbing vine, growing in the delta of the Amazon River, has proven itself as a natural energy and effective medicinal plant, relevant to the appointment of many diseases. The value for the body are the seeds of the plant, which are additionally dried, processed and receive healing powder. Guarana is widely used in sports, medicine, modern dietetics and cosmetology, and the results of its regular use are obvious in the shortest possible time and pleasantly surprise even categorical skeptics.

In sports nutrition

Being engaged in sports, a person strives to form a flawless muscular corset, increase endurance of the body and completely get rid of body fat. Guarana for athletes helps in every direction, it becomes an important component of sports nutrition. Before its use does not hurt to consult with your doctor and trainer, determine the form of release, dosage and method of application in practice.

Guarana for an athlete - a reliable assistant to achieve the goal. With it, you can form an athletic silhouette, strengthen the body. This natural product increases endurance, increases permissible physical activity, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level, while protecting the immune system. The pharmacy does not find such an effective stimulant for the body, it is better to visit a specialized sports nutrition store (for example, sport nutrition).


In the world wide web you can find popular reviews that guarana slimming works wonders. This is true because of its pharmacological properties, it is a natural fat burner and a natural antioxidant. In the first case, it contributes to productive disposal of the fat layer, and in the second case it ensures the smooth elimination of free radicals from the body. Interested in the topic: "Guarana - what it is," it is worth recalling that guaranine productively reduces appetite, guarantees a feeling of satiety earlier.

How to take guarana

The seeds of this natural energy are unique, therefore they are used in food additives of several forms of release. Guarana capsules are well established, but there is still liquid for oral administration. To avoid health problems, you must first contact your doctor and carefully study the instructions for use of the tool.

Amazonian guarana is present as an active ingredient in numerous products of modern dietetics and pharmacology, it is very useful for the body. It is difficult to buy such drugs at the pharmacy, but you can buy them cheaply via the Internet. The powder must be pre-diluted with liquid, and the capsules should be drunk before eating, preferably in the morning.

This energetic has an affordable price and high efficiency for the body, so it is so popular among the masses. The action of guarana extract is almost instantaneous: reduces appetite, increases stamina, productively removes signs of blues and apathy, treats avitaminosis. It is recommended to take it with special care and not to overestimate daily doses. Otherwise, the pulse quickens, and the effect on the nervous system is too aggressive. Judging by the customer reviews, the need for the body extract of guarana is as follows:

  • how powerful aphrodisiac
  • for the prevention of malaria and dysentery,
  • for the purpose of productively treating diarrhea,
  • to reduce appetite
  • in the fight against chronic fatigue and depression.

This is an effective tool for the correction of problem areas of the figure, the recovery of the whole organism. Guarana tea has an affordable price that easily replaces any other drink. You can take it to increase vitality, and prepare one of the recipes in the instructions. If you look at the photos of women who have tried on the dietary effect of guarana, it becomes obvious that this “fruit” really works in practice. In addition, tea helps to reduce pressure, increases the content of vitamins, strengthens the immune system.

In medicine

For medical purposes, use the fruits and seeds of guarana. The seeds of the plant are rich in vitamins A, B, E, PP, and useful minerals. The plant extract is used in the composition of drugs, in particular in some countries make guaran paste. It promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, removes toxic substances and excess fluid, regulates the level of cholesterol in the vessels. Guarana seeds are effective for headaches, dysentery, arthritis, fever. This plant perfectly restores strength after exercise, promotes weight loss and burning of the subcutaneous tissue. Athletes often resort to the help of a tonic natural stimulant - guarane, using a drink that gives inexhaustible energy. The plant is an excellent aphrodisiac for both men and women.

Contraindications and side effects

Increased urination, agitation, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, tremor, vomiting, arrhythmia, convulsions are possible side effects of guarana. If you experience these symptoms from the use of plant drugs should be abandoned and consult a doctor.

It is undesirable to take drugs of the Amazon plant to children under 18, pregnant women and nursing mothers, because there is a high risk of miscarriage and harm to the health of the baby. Persons who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, peptic ulcer disease, chronic headaches, diabetes, hernia of the esophageal opening, guarana products (including the so-called "liquid chestnut") are prohibited for ingestion.

In cosmetology

In cosmetology, Amazonian guarana is especially revered, thanks to its rather pronounced antioxidant properties. The unique composition of the plant makes it possible to activate metabolic processes, correct problem areas of the body and its weight, slow down the process of aging and aging of the skin. Guarana extract is often present as a component in slimming creams, toning lotions for weakened, loose and depleted skin, shampoos for the care of brittle and dull hair, anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

In other areas

In sports nutrition

Due to its analgesic properties, guarana as a dietary supplement has been successfully used in sports medicine. In addition to the anesthetic effect, the plant is able to remove lactic acid from the muscles, relieving muscle pain during exercise.

Guarana drinks contain caffeine, as well as theobromine, which increase concentration and memory. In addition, they increase the efficiency of a person and are effective for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Many athletes take into account all the positive qualities of supplements, trying to take this natural dope before sports competitions. Guarana is also used for weight loss: the most famous product aimed at suppressing appetite and reducing weight is “liquid chestnut”. Experts recommend taking "liquid chestnut" for weight loss strictly on the recommendation of a doctor and under his supervision.

Guarana is used for the production of pharmaceuticals, as well as food supplements. On the basis of this exotic plant make a variety of energy drinks. They perfectly quench thirst, tone up, give energy and vigor to the body. By the way, the above-mentioned "liquid chestnut", containing guarana in its composition, also has tonic properties.

Botanical description

Guarana is an evergreen climbing vine of the Sapindaceae family (Sapindaceae), which often reaches 10 meters in height. The leaves are large, pinnate, regular oval, on long petioles, serrated along the edge. The flowers are small, white, fragrant, clustered in inflorescences-panicles. Guarana fruit is a box of red color, up to 8 cm long. When ripe (January-February), the skin of the fruit cracks and opens one black or purple-brown seed, resembling a grain of coffee. Due to the presence of caffeine, its high concentration (up to 6%), guarana seeds are protected from the harmful effects of pathogens, including fungi. The plant begins to bear fruit in the third year of the beginning of life. Up to three kilograms of fruit can be harvested from a young shrub of five years of age.

Preparation of raw materials

For harvesting use ripe fruit. Remove the pulp, then remove the seeds. The latter are washed, then dried well and ground to a powder. Such a powder is the basis of the energy guaran drink.

Seeds are prepared in another way. After ripening, the fruit is peeled off the shell, then triturated with water to form a paste. Pasta is rolled up in the form of sticks, then dried or smoked. The sticks harden, they taste astringent and bitter. To prepare the drug in gelatin capsules, guarana fruits are fried and then ground to a powdery consistency.

Chemical composition

A distinctive feature of guarana fruit is its high caffeine content. They also contain tannins, saponin, amide, zinc, sodium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, theobromine, theophylline, vitamins PP, E, B1, B2, A and guaranine.

In guarana, the main component is caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system. The caffeine content in the plant is from 3.5 to 5%. It also contains some theophylline and theobromine. Guarana is also rich in storage substance - starch, tannins, very useful in diarrhea.

Pharmacological properties

Guarana is a powerful stimulant. Contains in its composition a large concentration of caffeine (guranin), which is absorbed slowly, thereby not irritating the gastric mucosa. As a result, the plant helps reduce appetite, as well as the loss of excess kilograms. The tonic effect of guarana drink lasts up to 5-6 hours. Guarana caffeine, unlike caffeine, coffee beans do not cause overexcitement and rapid heartbeat. The tannins contained in guarana do not slow down the effects of caffeine. As a result, an increase in urination is observed, platelet aggregation, glycolysis, lipolysis, and gastric secretion are suppressed.

The healing properties of guarana are due to its rich and unique composition. This is a great tonic, stimulant, indispensable for migraines, headaches. Thanks to tannins, guarana helps to normalize the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the functions of the nervous system, and improve the health of the body. Guarana preparations are indicated for chronic fatigue syndrome (asthenia), depression, mild diarrhea, obesity, dysentery, arthritis.

Guarana is produced in various forms: tablets, ampoules, capsules, in the form of a liquid extract. In the stores of sports nutrition or in an ordinary pharmacy, it is possible to purchase guarana preparations. The use of such tools is effective immediately before the most sports training. As a result of active metabolic processes, the body spends its internal supply of fat. Within a month, with guarana dietary supplements, it is really possible to lose weight up to 5 kg, but always with subsequent physical activities. After a six-week administration of the stimulant, it is imperative to take a break to avoid getting used to the drug. In addition to the above indications, guarana can cause increased sexual desire, helps with atherosclerosis, protects blood vessels from cholesterol plaques.

Guarana preparations are shown to enhance the activity of the cardiovascular system. Guarana accelerates metabolism at the cellular level, effectively influences the blood circulation, including the blood flow in the brain.

The effect of the means based on the Amazonian plant on memory and mental abilities has been proven, since caffeine is indispensable for the brain (accelerates neural processes). Guarana contributes to the development of adrenaline. As a result, after consuming the energy drink, all the senses are aggravated, the reaction rate increases. Regular intake of guarana has a beneficial effect on the liver, cleanses it from toxic substances, enhances bile secretion.

Guarana drink can suppress pain, being a natural powerful analgesic. Also, plant preparations relieve a person from the manifestations of asthenia, are used to stop diarrhea in a mild form. Guarana is an effective remedy for active intestinal motility, successfully fights against constipation of a chronic nature. Locals prepare a paste or ointment for treating arthritis, skin lesions and dermatitis from a plant powder.

Use in traditional medicine

In folk medicine in South America, they use the fruits and seeds of guarana, from which they prepare healing energy drinks, decoctions, and from guarana powder - ointment. Apply the plant for the treatment of asthenia (chronic fatigue), a mild form of diarrhea is treated with guarana powder. Guarana tonic tea is used as a remedy for depression, fatigue, and to reduce appetite. Locals prepare a paste or ointment for treating arthritis, skin lesions and dermatitis from a plant powder.

And finally, guarana is an excellent remedy for improving male potency, since its intake significantly improves the local circulation due to the tonic effect of guranin (caffeine).

History reference

Guaranes are pioneers of the Indians. The drink served as a tonic, sedative, invigorating and invigorating for them. In ancient times, travelers, landing on the shores of Latin America, were surprised by the endurance, strength and speed of the reaction of the Indians. Found that the cause of these qualities was a local plant guarana, its exotic fruits and seeds. In the 19th century, Guarana became interested in the world. Today, the popular energy caffeine drinks effectively quench thirst, drugs are used with a medical purpose for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Interesting fruits of guarana. Black seeds look out of the scarlet fruit, resembling a human eyeball. This biological feature of the plant gave rise to the myth that the child, who was loved by all the inhabitants of the village, was killed by an unkind, black god. All were sad and yearned for the baby. Good God had mercy on the inhabitants, giving people both eyes of the baby. One was planted in the forest, as a result of the thickets of guarana, and the second was planted in the village as a cultural form of the plant.

Harvesting and storage

Fruiting guarana occurs in January and February. As a medicinal raw material and in the food industry use the seeds of the fruit. In this regard, the pulp is separated, and in order to achieve this - the fruits are soaked beforehand. After that, the seeds are washed, dried and roasted. In this form, they are used to prepare tonic drinks, for which this plant is especially valued.

Toasted seeds can be crushed into powder, which contains a significant amount of caffeine. Such a powder when dissolved in water allowed the ancient Indians to get a drink that eliminated fatigue and added stamina. In dry form, guarana extract can be stored for up to two years if stored in a dark place in a closed package.

Application in everyday life

Today, guarana is mainly used for the production of energy drinks, which can be prepared at home. It is added to sweets and candies, and Brazilians based on the taste of guarana produce a variety of products, including toothpaste. In dosage form is used by athletes to restore the physical forces of the body. It is recommended to take energy drinks based on guarana instead of the usual instant coffee, because in this case there is no irritation of the gastric mucosa, and in addition, the hydrolysis of fats in the body is enhanced and adrenaline is released.

Composition and medicinal properties

  1. The most important and main component of this plant is, of course, guaranin, also called caffeine guarana. The caffeine content is higher than in coffee beans, about 2-2.5 times. This caffeine is not aggressive, gently and gradually absorbed by the body, and the stimulating effect is several times stronger than from coffee.
  2. Other active substances include theobromine, saponin, pectin, tannins, starch and gums.
  3. Of the trace elements can be called magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and vitamins of groups A, B and E.

Guarana tonic tea as a remedy for depression, insomnia and fatigue

Bring the water to a boil, then cool to 85 degrees. This temperature is optimal, because when scalding with boiling water a significant part of the aroma is lost. For a better disclosure of the taste of tea, the teapot should be slightly warmed and wiped from the inside with a dry cloth. Две столовые ложки чай гуараны заливаются водой при температуре, указанной выше и настаиваются в течение 2-х минут.

Полезные свойства гуараны

Полезные свойства гуараны обусловлены содержанием в ней кофеина. Поэтому гуарану применяют в качестве тонизирующего и стимулирующего средства при головных болях, мигрени и иных недугах. The tanning substance contained in guarana has a positive effect on gastrointestinal upset. Guarana normalizes fatty exchanges in the body, increases the efficiency of the body, and also stimulates the function of the nervous system.

Due to the fact that guarana reduces appetite, it is used in the fight against extra pounds. Guarana has a good effect in chronic fatigue syndrome.

Guarana in sports

What do athletes need the most? Of course, proper energy nutrition, which facilitates the path to victory. To date, guarana is the best natural remedy, restoring strength in athletes after exercise and workouts. Guarana increases physical activity, increasing calorie consumption during exercise. The guarana contains trace elements such as theobromine and caffeine, which increase concentration and counteract fatigue. In addition to all these advantages, guarana also improves the functioning of the heart. If we compare the effect of coffee and guarana, then guarana has a more positive effect on the body. Guarana extract speeds up the metabolism, which means that fats are burned faster in the body. Guarana removes excess toxins and fluid that the body does not need from the body.

Sports nutrition, which includes guarana, is a good start to the day for an athlete.

Guarana Slimming

Even in ancient times, guaranu was used as a means for losing weight. For example, then the seeds of guarana were added to coffee, thus improving their memory and losing weight, without causing harm to their bodies.

In the summer heat, when there is no place to get away from the high temperature of the air and you want to drink something tonic and relieving from thirst, a glass of regular guarana will be better than any tonic.

Guarana contains such substances that reduce appetite, especially if you engage in physical sports. Guarana is used in the manufacture of supplements in food for weight loss.

From any diet a person becomes irritable and tired, but from taking guarana, the body not only calms down and is strengthened, but also such useful substances as tannin, potassium and magnesium, vitamin B1, which together improve the functioning of the heart.

How does guarana lead to weight loss? Guarana, entering the body, stimulates the processes of metabolism, accelerating fat burning and giving the body additional calories needed to help increase endurance during workouts. A person receiving guarana, losing weight, receives nutrients and no longer feels tired in training. A person, taking guarana, becomes stronger and can lose weight in a short time and not causing harm to his body, but on the contrary, helping him recover from exercise.

Guarana is used not only for weight loss, but also as a drug for people suffering from obesity, and those who can not cope with cellulite. Guarana is used in the deterioration of blood circulation, memory and reduced potency. In addition, people taking guarana reduce cholesterol levels, improve bowel performance.

In order to lose weight guarana can not be used for more than six weeks. The best way is to take a break during the month. This month you need to stick to a balanced diet so that the thermogenic effect does not decrease.

Contraindications to the use of guarana

When taking products containing guarana, be careful not to exceed the dose, as this can lead to increased excitability of the nervous system and even insomnia. Older people and people with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart disease are not allowed to use guarana at all.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take guarana to avoid unwanted effects.

Expert Editor: Kuzmina Vera V. | Dietitian, endocrinologist

Education: Diploma RSMU them. N. I. Pirogov, specialty "General Medicine" (2004). Residency at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in "Endocrinology" (2006).