General information

Herbicide Dialen super, instructions for use of the drug


  • Dialen is super effective against more than 200 species of dicotyledonous weeds. Among the suppressed weeds are such as: ragweed, ragweed, field thistle, bean species, blue cornflower, bindweed species, field mustard, mountaineer species, chemian smoke, middle starfish, Teofrast canthropus, common ground spider, white martyr, poppy seedling, field chaff, pasture pasture , pikulnik, tenacious bed-dodger, field chamomile, wild radish, chamomile species, shchiritsa species, sorrel species, field field, etc.

The mechanism of action of the drug:

  • active ingredients of the drug penetrate into weeds through the leaves, stems and root system. They affect the processes of photosynthesis and cell division in the weed meristem, causing deformation of the leaves and stems, followed by the death of plants. Dialen super due to systemic action, that is, the ability to move inside the plant, destroys the weeds completely. The effect of the drug begins to appear after 7 - 15 days after application, depending on weather conditions.

Shelf life:

  • 5 years (subject to storage conditions in unopened original packaging).
  • 10 l cans


Consumption rate, l / ha

Method, time, features of application

Winter wheat, rye

Spraying of crops in the early spring in the tillering stage of the crop before going into the tube

Spring wheat, barley, oats

Spraying of crops in a phase of 3 - 5 leaves of culture

Method and terms of application:

  • Dialen super is used for ground spraying of crops. The optimal period for processing crops of grain crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats) is in early spring when crops are in the tillering stage before entering the tube (starting from the 4th leaf stage and before the 1st node appears at the base of the stem) . Corn is sprayed in the phase of 3 - 5 leaves of the culture (plant height 10 - 15 cm).
  • The optimal herbicidal effect of the drug is achieved during the period when the weeds are in the stage of 2 - 5th leaf.

Application technology:

  • Before spraying, check the cleanliness of the tank, main pipelines and tips, as well as the condition of the entire sprayer. Then determine the amount and uniformity of water supply through the tips and compare with the calculated data on the flow rate of the working solution per 1 ha.

Spraying should be carried out on actively vegetative weeds in the temperature range from plus 10 to plus 28 ° C in the morning or evening in calm weather, not allowing the drug to be removed to neighboring cultures. Maximum efficiency is achieved when weeds are treated in phase 2 - 3 leaves for annuals and an outlet diameter of not more than 5 cm for perennials (4 - 6 leaves for a field thistle or with a length of shoots from a field binder up to 15 cm). It is not advisable to carry out treatment with abundant dew or if it is expected to rain, if there is a risk of frost.

Preparation of working solution:

  • fill the tank with water to half its volume, add the required amount of the drug to the tank, add water to the required volume, mix the mixture thoroughly (turn on the stirrer). If Dialen Super is used in tank mixes with other pesticides, the preparations should be mixed in the water of the sprayer tank in the following order: SP *, EDC → Dialen Super → EC. Each subsequent component is added after the complete dissolution of the previous one. Continue mixing during processing to ensure uniformity of the working fluid. The working solution should be used on the day of preparation.

* - in the case of application in a tank mixture of pesticide in a water-soluble package, this drug should be dissolved in the sprayer tank first.

The preparation of the working solution and the filling of the sprayer are carried out at special sites, which are subsequently subjected to neutralization.


  • on wheat, barley, and rye, Dialena super tank mixture (0.2 l / ha) with Magnum (7 g / ha) can be used to expand the spectrum of action. The treatment is carried out in the spring in the tillering stage of the culture and in the early phases of weed growth. Dialena Super with Magnum tank mix with a ratio of components of 0.4 l / ha + 4 g / ha is recommended to prevent Magnum from having a negative effect on sensitive crops.

Dialen Super can also be used in conjunction with fungicides and insecticides that are used at the same time, but in each case the mixes should be checked for compatibility.

First aid for poisoning:

  • If inhaled, remove to fresh air.
  • in case of contact with eyes, thoroughly and abundantly wash them with open eyelids with plenty of clean running water.
  • in case of contact with skin, remove the preparation with cotton wool or a piece of cloth (not rubbing it), and then wash it with water and soap.
  • if swallowed accidentally - if the victim is conscious, rinse the mouth with water. Immediately give several glasses of water with activated carbon to drink at the rate of 1 g of sorbent per 1 kg of body weight, and then induce vomiting by irritation of the posterior pharyngeal wall. Repeat this procedure several times for more complete removal of the drug from the body, and then give a glass of water with activated carbon to drink (also at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight). If the victim is unconscious, do not try to induce vomiting or inject something through the mouth.

Information for the doctor:

  • symptomatic treatment. There are no specific antidotes.

If necessary, consult a poison control center: 129010, Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3. Moscow Institute for Emergency Care. Sklifosovsky. Toxicological information and consultation center. Tel .: (495) 928-16-87, fax: (495) 921-68-85 (24 hours a day).

Safety measures during the work, transportation and storage:

  • when working, it is necessary to comply with the requirements and precautionary measures in accordance with GOST 12.3.041-86 and SanPiN 1.2.1077-01 “Hygienic requirements for the storage, use and transportation of pesticides and agrochemicals”, Moscow, 2002. It is prohibited to work with the preparation without personal protective equipment. respiration, vision and skin.
  • during the ground treatment of plants with a pesticide, the sanitary protection zone must be at least 300 m,
  • Spraying of plants using a tractor-mounted tractor sprayers should be carried out at a wind speed of not more than 4 m / s (small drop) and 5 m / s (large drop).

Transportation of the drug is carried out only in the original packaging with a factory label by all types of vehicles in accordance with the rules for the transport of dangerous goods applicable to this type of transport.

Transportation and storage of the drug in conjunction with food and animal feed is strictly prohibited!

Methods for the disposal, disposal of containers and pesticide residues:

  • decontamination and disposal of containers, residues of the drug and wash water should be carried out in accordance with SanPiN 1.2.1077-01 (Moscow, 2002) and the “Temporary instruction on the preparation and disposal of prohibited and unsuitable for use pesticides and containers from under them” ( VNIIPIagrohim, Ryazan, 1989).

Pollution of water bodies for household and fishery purposes directly by the preparation or used container is not allowed. It is forbidden to drain the drug into the sewage system, as well as into any water bodies!

When applying it is necessary to observe the following general security measures:

  • to process plants in the early morning or in the evening after sunset,
  • at wind speeds up to 5 - 6 m / s,
  • border protection zone for bees - at least 1 - 2 km,
  • summer limit for bees - 6-12 hours

The use of a pesticide requires adherence to the basic provisions of the "Instructions for the Prevention of Bees Poisoning by Pesticides", Moscow, GAP USSR 1989, including a preliminary notification to local apiary owners about the nature of the plant protection product to be used, specific terms and areas for its use.

Do not allow the release of livestock to freshly cultivated crops.

About herbicides what it is

Herbicides are chemicals specifically designed to kill weeds. Preparations are processed already growing plants, their first shoots, or introduced into the ground to get rid of the root system, weed seeds.

By chemical composition, they are distinguished: inorganic, represented by magnesium chlorate, calcium cyanamide.

Organic, more numerous and diverse, these include:

  • Substituted phenols.
  • Triazines.
  • Benzonitriles.
  • Amides.
  • Derived from urea.
  • Derivatives of uracil.

Herbicides, depending on the method of exposure, are of several types:

  • Outdoor action, that is, affect those parts of plants, which were introduced.
  • Inner. Once in the soil, they are absorbed through the root system and, once in each cell, cause the entire plant to die.

And according to the degree of impact on crops, experts divide the groups of herbicides into:

  • The common effects are the same harmful for both weeds and cultivated plants. This group includes, for example, chlorates. Use with caution so as not to harm the crops. Often used for soil application to reduce severe debris.
  • Selective, or selective, that is, they are dangerous for weeds, and those plants where weeds are hardened do not suffer from chemical exposure. Each of them has its own characteristics of the structure of the leaves, the biochemical characteristics of the cells, and the effect of herbicides is built on these features. In agriculture at the moment such herbicides are used most often.

When applying the drugs, it is necessary to study the terms of their introduction, the effectiveness directly depends on the observance of the terms of introduction (presowing, together with the sowing, a few days before germination, at the beginning of growth and development) and dosage.

Characteristics of the herbicide dialen super

This is a combined herbicide in the form of an aqueous solution; its purpose is to protect the crops of maize and other cereals from weeds, both perennial and annual. Application allows you to get rid of more than two hundred weed plants. The main active ingredient of the drug is 2.4 D + Dekamba. Used dialen super accordingly instructions.

The solution has a large number of advantages over other substances:

  • wide application: winter, spring, corn, lawns,
  • quickly begins to act, you can visually see the result of the application within 7-10 days after treatment,
  • long retains efficiency, 21-30 days,
  • low consumption, long enough
  • further there are no restrictions on crops of any cultures.

Technology use of the drug

Before starting work, be sure to check the cleanliness and serviceability of the sprayer. How to breed a dialen super? Pour the liquid container half full with water and add the amount of herbicide calculated according to the attached instructions to the pure water, constantly mixing the composition until completely dissolved.

The resulting solution is used directly on the day of preparation.

Spraying is carried out in the morning or evening, preferably in the windless hours, in order to avoid the wind blown on the rest of the cultures.

For work the protective mask, points, special clothes, gloves and the closed footwear are used.

During work, it is forbidden to take breaks for smoking, drinking, eating. After completing the work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse your mouth. All equipment and protective clothing is cleaned and washed.

The rate of application of the drug Dialen Super

According to the regulations for the introduction of the amount of solution needed for the treatment of weeds depends on the type of crops on which they grow:

  • On winter wheat, as well as on other types of crops, monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous annuals and perennials grow. Many have resistance to some herbicidal drugs. The consumption rate is 0.6 - 0.8 l, kg per 1 hectare of the sown area. Spraying is carried out in the tillering stage. The application rate of Dialen Super is from 200 to 400 liters of working solution per 1 ha.
  • Spring crops require smaller doses, 0.5-0.7 l, kg per 1 ha. It is also used before the spring in the tube, during the tillering period. A working solution per 1 ha requires 200-400 l.
  • Corn need the maximum amount of the drug: 1-1.5 l, kg per 1 ha. The treatment is carried out when 3-5 leaves appear on the bush, the working fluid consumes 200-400 l.

Lawn use

Even the most well-groomed lawn instantly loses its decorative effect when weeds appear on it, and in case of untimely control of them, weeds very quickly force out tender lawns, and the works on growing lawns will be in vain.

Dialen Super - a reliable drug used for lawns. Due to its selective effects, it often works as a duet with the Magnum herbicide and damages not only the above-ground parts of the weeds, but also their root system.

To suppress the growth of unwanted plants one treatment will be enough, however, the most survivable of them will require re-spraying. Before and after the treatment, the lawn is not recommended to mow at least 3-4 days for the full impact of the drug on the vegetative parts.

Dialen Super has a number of analogues:

These are systemic post-harvest herbicides used to clean agricultural land, fields and private areas from monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous annuals and perennials.

The drugs have proven to be a tool with low toxicity to humans, good biological efficacy and no harm to cultivated crops. Good in combination with other substances and suitable for tank mixes.

Timely measures taken will help growers to protect their site from unwanted guests. Solution Dialen Super will relieve the lawn from weeds and will not harm crops. Farmers loved him for ease of use, efficiency, a wide range of action and a relatively inexpensive price.

Even more about weed control with herbicides - on video:

Distinctive features

  • Large range of influence: the active ingredients are optimally combined.
  • High-speed prolonged preservation effect: the active ingredients are almost instantly absorbed by the weed, contributing to the complex action.
  • Small expendable volume, since the drug has a high concentration.
  • To use the product there is no need to prepare tank mixes.
  • There are no restrictions for crop rotation of the following crops.

Why buy Dialen Super

Herbicide most effectively protects corn and grain crops from an extensive range of weeds. The price of our company for the drug is loyal, the tool is fully repaid. Agrochemical consumption rates are low due to good concentration, while the protective action period is long. Destroying weed plants. the tool allows grain and / or corn to absorb all the nutrients of the soil, without any competition. As a result, the farmer collects generous harvests and makes good profits.

Application technology

  • First of all, check the serviceability of all equipment and the unit.
  • Adjust the volume and uniformity of water supply so that it coincides with the flow rate.
  • Work carried out in the morning or in the evening in calm.
  • Ensure that the drug does not fall on the field with other cultures.

Preparation of the working mixture

  • Fill half of the unit's capacity with water.
  • Turn on the stirrer, add the required amount of chemical, fill the tank completely.
  • When using the herbicide together with other drugs, the order of addition is as follows: * SP> EDC> SC> CE> DIALEN SUPER, BP (* if the product is used in a package that dissolves in water, add it first).
  • To apply working solution on the same day.
  • Do not turn off the stirrer until the end of the work.


  • If the drug is used according to the instructions, then phytotoxicity is not observed. Do not use chemical above 30 ° C.

The likelihood of resistance

If you follow the instructions, resistance does not occur.

Drug storage

The drug should be stored in a warehouse for chemicals at a temperature: 0 ° С - + 35 ° С.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Hazard Class: 2

Slightly toxic to fish and warm-blooded.

Hazard class for bees: 3 - low hazard.

Composition and release form

"Dialen Super" is a selective herbicide used to protect various cereals from weeds. The main active components of the composition are derivatives of phenylacetic and benzoic acids. Supplied in the form of an aqueous solution (emulsion concentrate) in canisters of 10 l.

For what crops is suitable

The specified drug has been successfully used to eliminate weeds in the fields of maize, winter and spring wheat, spring barley. In addition, it can be used to solve the problem of weeds in other places, only you need to correctly determine the dosage, which is very difficult. The rates of consumption of the drug for cereal following:

  • winter wheat - 0.8 l per 1 hectare of plantings,
  • spring wheat and barley - 0.5-0.7 l per 1 ha,
  • Corn - 1-1.25 liters per 1 ha.
On average, there are 250–300 liters of ready-made working mixture per hectare.

Suppressed Weed Spectrum

According to the instructions for use of the herbicide "Dialen Super", it perfectly destroys single and perennial weeds, in particular, resistant to 2M-4X and 2,4-D plants. The composition can be used for breeding on the site of all types of legumes, cornflowers, bodyworms, bindweed, spider grass, mountaineers, mustard, poppy, teofrast caneenshaft, sow thistle, pikulnik, wild radish, shepherd's bag, sorrel, bed-dead and other common plant pests.

All that is needed to destroy them is to comply with all the requirements for the preparation of working fluid and properly handle seedlings.


There are a lot of reasons for choosing “Dialena Super”, because The composition has the following advantages:

  • flexibility of use (the tool is equally effective in both the processing of spring grain and corn),
  • a wide range of effects (well destroys single and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, which was achieved due to the optimal combination of active ingredients),
  • long-lasting effect (achieved due to the rapid absorption by the parasitic plants of the active ingredients “Dialena Super” and their optimal distribution inside the weed),
  • high concentration of active elements in the composition and, as a result, less consumption of working fluid,
  • no need to create tank mixes and ease of use,
  • no restrictions on the choice of subsequent crops grown on the treated area.
“Dialen Super” is one of the most common systemic herbicides on the domestic market, the action of which is aimed precisely at protecting cereals and maize. It will help to get rid of thistle and bindweed for a long time, as it has a direct impact on the root system of weeds.

Operating principle

Getting on the leaves and roots of plant pests, "Dialen Super" is quickly absorbed into the tissue and moves inside the "body" of the weed in different directions. The active components of the herbicide cause a disturbance in the process of photosynthesis and cell division, as a result of which individual parts of the weed begin to deform and soon die.

The ability of free movement around the plant allows the drug to completely destroy it and makes it impossible to recover.

Spraying method and time, fluid flow

To achieve the highest possible efficiency from the use of the drug can be in the period of active growth of weeds, using traditional equipment with a T-shaped nozzle for applying the composition.

Processing is carried out with a pressure of 2.5-3 bar, and with active stirring, the right amount of herbicide is poured directly into the sprayer tank, pre-filled with water.

Action speed

In favorable conditions, the effect of "Dialen Super" on the "body" of the plant leads to its complete destruction in 7-15 days after treatment, but this is only if it rained not earlier than 5-6 hours after spraying. Otherwise, most of the drug will be washed away and will not be able to affect the weed. At the same time, treatment is not recommended if the thermometer shows a temperature above +30 ° C.

Protection term

Adhering to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the exact dosage at the dilution of the drug, the cultivated plants will be protected from the intrusive presence of weeds for a long time, or rather 4-5 weeks.

More specific indicators of the duration of the impact of the composition are largely dependent on the phase of development of the "pest" at the time of processing and the exact amount of substance used.


“Dialen Super” belongs to the second class of hazard on human and mammal effects and to the third class on effects on bees and bumblebees. The drug can be used near water bodies and fish breeding sites, without fear for the state of the environment. The only thing worth remembering is the strict adherence to the prescribed norms when applying the composition.

Term and storage conditions

Like all other chemicals, the described herbicide must be stored in the original and intact containers for five years. It can be placed in a ventilated warehouse with an air temperature not exceeding 0 ° C. And, of course, children and animals should not have access to the “Dialena Super” storage area.

When using herbicides in your area, always adhere to basic safety requirements for processing, and after contact with chemicals, wash your hands with soap and water immediately.

Accurate adherence to all the instructions significantly minimizes the possibility of negative effects of “Dialena Super” on the body and will allow you to enjoy its effectiveness for a long time.