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List of current turkey crosses


Before you talk about turkey crosses, you need to figure out what it is.

Birds secrete lines. Breeders select several birds according to the signs they like: live weight, number of eggs, etc. Poults received from birds should inherit these major traits. Create lines in representatives of the same breed or with the participation of different breeds. Sometimes the lines of birds are crossed. Parents and their offspring form one or several lines cross. Breeds are turkey species that were created from wild birds through selection.

Turkey crosses combine the best qualities of the line.

Turkey crosses

Now the poultry farmers have a great choice: interesting crosses and breeds of turkeys have been bred. We will not be able to tell about all, but it is worth mentioning some.

Big 6 was bred by a British company. Big 6 fell in love with poultry farmers, because it is distinguished by high precocity, and, which is important for poults, viability. They give a lot of meat.

  • on the neck and head - "decoration" of a bright red color,
  • chest wide, bulging forward,
  • legs are long
  • the plumage is white, dense, glitters,
  • at 17 weeks turkeys weigh up to 16.5 kg, turkeys a little less.

Big 6 has a big meat yield - 78-80%.

Cross turkey big 6 has white plumage and a black spot on the chest

Universal was obtained in Russia, for this crossed two lines.

  • the birds have white feathers,
  • at 16 weeks, males gain up to 6.5 kg, and females weigh slightly less:
  • breast bird with good muscling,
  • preservation of turkey poults - 98%,

Despite the fact that the Universal is inferior to foreign crosses, the owners of household plots willingly buy up these turkeys, since for their breeding does not require artificial insemination. In addition, this bird is stress-resistant, easily adapts to new conditions. It is unpretentious in cultivation and nutrition.

Cross Turkey Universal is unpretentious in content

Victoria created two lines of turkeys. The paternal line was distinguished by high body weight. It was necessary to note muscularity of the breast, and the fact that the chicks quickly grew and gained weight. The maternal line - with high energy growth, and still gives a new advantage - fecundity. Victoria turkeys collected all the best qualities of their parents.

By slaughter age, Victoria turkeys gain weight up to 13 kg, and turkeys weigh up to 8 kg.

Hybrid Converter

This cross was bred in Canada. Two breeds of turkeys were crossed: Bronze wide-breasted and White Dutch.

  • white plumage, lush in the tail,
  • wide chest
  • different meat qualities
  • have a high degree of precociosity.

These birds are unpretentious, grow large: turkeys - 19-22 kg, turkeys - 9-12 kg.

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