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The best varieties of Dutch tomato seeds for greenhouses and open ground


Tomato varieties of Dutch breeding today are well known throughout Russia and abroad, for example, in Ukraine and Moldova, where they are successfully grown. Some well-known varieties and hybrids are among the top twenty of the most popular due to their durability, growth power, high yield. Let's talk in more detail about how they differ from domestic varieties, what is their popularity, and present to our readers the best Dutch tomatoes that may be on your table.

Features of varietal tomatoes from the Netherlands

In our time, on the shelves of stores you can find many varieties and hybrids of tomatoes from different manufacturers. A rather large market share belongs to companies from the Netherlands, for example, Nunhems, Seminis, Syngenta, Bejo. Among imported seeds, they are certainly leaders.

As an edible crop, tomatoes were not used in Europe until the 18th century, although they had been imported from America two and a half centuries before. As for the Netherlands, despite the thermophilic culture, it quickly took root in this country. Very often for this reason, our gardeners choose exactly Dutch varieties of tomato. The Netherlands is a country with a minimum number of sunny days per year, it rains there very often, so when crossing, breeders try to bring varieties resistant to such conditions and hybrids.

Among the Dutch tomatoes there are those that can be grown in greenhouses, and those that are intended for open ground. However, do not be deceived: for each specific hybrid or variety, it is necessary to withstand the conditions for which it was bred. Disease resistance is a huge advantage, but many domestic tomatoes tolerate most diseases and viruses, which makes them equally popular.

Important! When selecting seeds, pay attention to the information from the package.

The ripening period, taste qualities are important for someone, and for others it is more important to preserve the tomatoes, the ability to transport them or even such qualities as the height of the bush and the complexity of caring for the plant.

If you buy seeds of hybrids or varieties in the store, pay attention to the fact that the information on the package has been translated into Russian. Important information:

  • resistance of a tomato to diseases,
  • ripening period of tomatoes,
  • sizes of plants and fruits
  • yield from a bush or square meter,
  • use and taste.

As the competition in the market is great today, new greenhouse farms are built annually, experts advise from time to time to try new breeding, including imported tomatoes.

Review of the best varieties of tomatoes

Consider the most popular Dutch tomatoes in Russia today. They are found on the shelves of most gardening shops. Some gardeners, in general, do not pay attention to them, believing that imported products are not suitable for cultivation in our conditions. This statement is incorrect.

Below is a brief table of basic parameters, which is very convenient to navigate. A detailed description of these hybrids and varieties is given below.

Maturation, in days

Growth type bush tomato

Fruit Size, in grams

Productivity, in kilograms from one square meter

It has a high growth force, but it will not work to collect seeds from such tomatoes for further cultivation.

The late-ripe hybrid "Bobkat" is intended for cultivation in the open and protected soil. Most often it is grown to make tomato paste and sauces. Tomatoes turn out fleshy, red color with good tastes. Well stored, transported over long distances, safety is 10 days. Hybrid resistant to verticillosis and Fusarium.

Dutch hybrid "President" is among the five best varietal tomatoes for cultivation in Russia. It is no coincidence. It is successfully grown both in open ground and in greenhouses. It is resistant to a whole complex of diseases, so it is appropriate to acquire it in case of chronically contaminated soil in greenhouses and film shelters.

Tomato bush requires care: pasynkovaniya, formation. If everything is done correctly, the yield will be very high. One more plus of a hybrid is excellent tastes of tomatoes. Every breeder dreams of growing such a tasty tomato. The skin of the fetus is dense, which prevents cracking. You can sell such a product as a top class product.

One of the novelties of the Russian market. The new hybrid is represented by meaty tomatoes with excellent taste. The skin is dense, the tomatoes do not crack. To form a plant and stepchild it is necessary.

Attention! Experts advise growing a hybrid in two stalks.

Tomatoes need to be sown in early March, while they do not need soaking and disinfection. Springs together, each bush reaches one and a half meters.

Hybrid "Half-grain" is represented by early ripe tomatoes with excellent taste. It grows well both in open sunny areas and in greenhouses. The bush is determinant, of limited growth, therefore, caring for a plant is not very complicated. Three months after the appearance of the first shoots, you can count on a rich harvest.

Hybrid tomato resistant to fusarium and verticillus. Fruits do not crack, are perfectly transported, have an excellent presentation. Eating a tomato is possible both fresh, in salads, and for canning.

Rio grande

Describing the best varieties of tomatoes, one can not forget about the "Rio Grande". This versatile variety is represented by small red oval tomatoes. He is somewhat afraid of significant temperature fluctuations, so the greatest success in yield can be achieved if you plant seeds in the southern regions. Germination there is so high that it is possible to sow tomatoes directly into the open ground, without using the seedling method. The variety "Rio Grande" can be grown in film shelters.

The variety of tomatoes is resistant to the main diseases, ripens for a long time, but the tastes will not leave anyone indifferent. Tomatoes do not crack, they can be transported and stored for a long time due to the dense skin. The use is universal. Preservation of this variety is convenient because the size of the fruit is small tomato.

Good video about this sort of tomato: