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Ploskorez Fokina - how to use? Instructions for proper use


Ploskorez Fokina is a versatile device that is suitable for most work in the garden and summer cottage. In operation, the device requires minimal effort. With the help of Fokin flat cutter, you can significantly reduce labor costs and improve soil fertility.

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This tool allows you to spend time spent on the site with benefit and pleasure. With the help of a flat cutter you can perform 20 types of land works, remaining in good physical shape. In addition to the main advantages, the device is acceptable. at the cost of.

Interesting! Ploskorez was invented by Vladimir Fokin after he had a heart attack and was no longer able to perform heavy physical work. The man created a light and strong tool that became his reliable assistant at the dacha.

What is this tool

The disassembled device consists of a bent bracket with a blade and two bolts (a cutting, as a rule, must be purchased separately). Read carefully before assembling the instrument. instruction and read the drawings and a photopresented in the article.

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Assembling a tool is easy. The flat cutter itself is installed on a flat handle with a rectangular cross-section with rounded edges, so that it is convenient to hold it in any position. Stalk should be chosen long, so as not to have to bend down too low. Its most suitable length is 110-130 cm, for a tall person it can be used up to 160 cm.

Advantages of the Fokin flat cutter:

  • the constant use of the tool significantly improves the soil fertility, leaving the soil sufficiently moist, allowing air and nutrients to better saturate it,
  • it is very convenient to use the tool on the land plot, it’s easy to work with it, while working with a flat-cutter, the back does not hurt and there is no discomfort,
  • plane cutter is universal, it can be used to perform up to 20 different operations, changing the angle of inclination,
  • the smallest tools can handle the most difficult areas,
  • the tool requires minimal maintenance, it is necessary to sharpen its sharp edges periodically.

What types of work does Fokin's flat cutter help

Ploskorez Fokina can rightfully be considered a replacement for many dacha tools, for example:

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Partially, this device replaces the spit, rake, shovel and pitchfork. Suitable tool for the following works on the site:

  1. Formation of beds. This type of work is the most important stage. Ploskorez Fokina perfectly forms the beds. First, the reverse side of the device should be used to rake the ground between the rows to the main ridge, alternately, first from one aisle, then from another. The edge of the blade should be perpendicular to the surface of the bed, looking down. The flat cutter should move smoothly towards itself, raking the ground in one place.
  2. Leveling the surface of the beds. Perfect for such work Fokin double flat cutter. The edges of the tool need to be buried in the ground by 1-2 cm and drive the tool like a rake. Additionally lumps loosen the soil.
  3. Loosening and weeding. The sharp cutting edge of the tool makes it easy to deal with weeds. Ploskorez should be sent "to yourself", gradually deepening it into the ground. By performing these actions, weeds can be easily removed, especially in the early stages of their growth and development. You can get rid of various types of weeds, using the method of simple mowing the top layer of the earth,
  4. Clay ground treatment. If there is a need to treat heavy, clayey soil, you need to use the tool as well as a pickaxe or ketmen. The sharp blade is buried in the ground with a narrowed end and chipped off part of the lump. Experienced gardeners often note that they should not dig up the site to a greater depth. The required depth should not be more than a few centimeters. This requires striking a narrow cutting side of the soil. Such work can be carried out by any ploskorezom, but it is best to use the "Fortress" and "Moguschnika",
  5. Hilling. Hilling is best done using the Moguschnik model. The soil between the rows is poured with an inverted tool on each side of the plant,
  6. Gap soil. With this tool, you can easily loosen the soil and saturate the soil with oxygen. To perform this procedure, the narrow edge of the tool should be driven into the ground, as far as the length of the flat-cutter allows it to be made and run along the ridge. In this way, you can cut the grooves for sowing seeds.

Tip! With the help of Fokin's flat-cutter, you can remove weeds and grass to collect them in a heap, cut off your mustache from strawberries, break up earthy clods, collect droppings in the hen-house, and cut green manure.

Country works in the garden using a flat-cutter in the video at the end of the article.

Watch the video! Ploskorez Fokina, working methods with ploskorezom