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The device is a wonderful shovel for land or snow - how to choose by characteristics, manufacturers and prices


But just the other day, under the drizzling rain, I decided to transplant old raspberry bushes to a new place for rejuvenation. For these purposes, I took that very shovel and dug holes for new bushes. But with the digging of old, I had to tinker. But the trouble was not at all in this. After some time, the reinforced shovel works cracked. At first, I thought that I had cracked, as usual, the cutting, but when I cleaned the shovel from the clods of earth, a crack opened that covered almost the entire central part. I had to say goodbye to the Chinese "rail steel".

After such a failure at the dacha, I decided to again run through new alternative inventions. I have already written about some of them, but this time I decided to insert for clarification videos with reviews of the capabilities of these hand tools, so to speak, in action. As they say, it is better to see once than not to read once.

Garden Cultivator "Mole"

This is probably the most famous invention of recent years. About the spade-mole we have already written on the site. So you can read in more detail about the device and technology digging there. In the meantime, I advise you to watch the video "Mole" in action, at least three times gain in time and quality. But I already wrote that this invention is not suitable for all types of soil, and besides, the weight of the device is not for everyone to do. This design has many variations that were invented by inventors from different regions of Russia. But not all of them, unfortunately, are suitable for digging fat loam or turf.

The tool for the garden and gardening “Farmer” replaces several types of equipment at once (forks, shovels, rakes), and also facilitates the work, as you can dig without using your hands.

There are special adjustments on the instrument to change the destination.

Garden tools storage

Any garden tools for home and garden must be properly stored, then he will be able to serve for many years.

Preparation of the instrument for storage consists of several stages:

  • cleansing from dirt, grass or other debris,
  • drying (every part of the tool must be thoroughly dried, so the wooden parts will not rot and the metal parts will not corrode),
  • lubrication of metal tools with oil.

Hacksaws, pruners, saws are best kept in covers. If there are petrol saws or cultivators, it is recommended to drain the fuel.

An important role is played by the way the instrument is stored. It is desirable that each instrument was suspended.

Storage should be completely dry and dark.

Garden Organizers

In order not to waste time searching for the right tool, you need to make or buy special organizers and shelves for storage.

The organizer board has long been used in the kitchen, in the office and for storing garden tools, it also works great. It has many cells in which you can put a small tool. Thanks to its small construction, it can be hung anywhere.

Wall garden organizers can have not only cells, but also shelves. There are also boxed organizers with a large number of boxes.

In principle, most organizers can be made by hand.

For example, wooden pallets can be used to store large and long tools (shovels, forks). In order that the pallet does not fall, it is better to fix it to the wall.

Different hooks also help to keep the tool. The hook takes up little space and can be attached absolutely everywhere.

On the rack with cutouts it will be convenient to store tools with different handles (for each tool you can make the corresponding cutout).

To the time in the country always pass in pleasure, choose a tool that is right for you. Pay attention to its quality and price, so with a low price tool can not be of high quality.

Observe safety precautions when using sharp and cutting objects. To properly use a complex tool, always read the instructions.

Spade with oval holes

Spade with holes - A handy tool in the garden and in the garden plots. This tool is used during the digging of tubers and digging the earth, loosening of individual sections of soil.

This shovel has a pointed bucket of 210 x 280 mm in size with narrow oval-shaped holes made in it. Thanks to these openings, the lumps of soil do not stick to the bucket; large roots and stones are retained when digging.

This greatly facilitates the work, since it is not necessary to often bend down and remove everything adhered by hand from the bucket. In addition, because of the holes, the shovel has less weight, and when working on large areas you will be less tired.

This shovel is convenient for digging the garden with any kinds of soil, as it digs and loosens at the same time. The tool is made of hardened steel and covered with a protective layer against rust.

Spade Tip Pitchfork

Pitchfork-shovelhave, in addition to the teeth of conventional forks, one located on the edge of the bayonet. This tooth is different from the rest of the greater width and sharpness.

The tool is indispensable when digging heavy types of soil, as its design allows you to not make a lot of effort at work. The bayonet of this shovel easily enters the layer of earth, and behind it the rest of the teeth.

In the process of digging, for example, potatoes, the vegetable remains on the forks, and the ground slips back. You do not need to bend over and pick up the potatoes with your hands; you can transfer them to the wheelbarrow with one hand movement. In addition, vegetables are not damaged, as when working with a shovel.

Usually, pensioners work at the dacha plots, people are elderly and not always strong in health, so the question is, the better to dig the ground in the country, it sounds sharp.

When working with such forks, there is no need to sit or lean often, the strength of the arms and shoulders is involved in the work, and the loin is not loaded. For older people, this is a very important moment. The less you get tired, the greater the scope of work master.

Flat cut Genius

In this article, several original tools and abilities are considered, but before choosing what is the best way to dig the ground, let's talk about another tool, popularly called “Genius”.

This flat cutter has a metal blade with four cutting teeth on the edge and a convenient wide handle. "Genius" in the work is able to replace the usual shovel, glanders and pitchforks. Ploskorezom can be cut and clean turf, weeds and dry roots.

It is convenient in work between rows of beds, on flower beds and with shrubs. The tool can clear and prepare areas for planting.

When loosening the soil weeds are removed along with the root, which allows you to forget about them for a long period. In addition, the soil layers do not turn over, which keeps the microorganisms needed by the soil, and moisture, along with nutrients, in place.

It is easy to work with “Genius”, its design does not carry the load on the spinal muscles when working, which allows you to work longer and get less tired.

Before you dig the ground, make sure that the height of the tool fits your height. Best of all, when the height of the cutting below your shoulder is 10 cm, if it is an ordinary shovel. In other cases, measure by the elbow bend: the height of the tool should be at the bend level.