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Useful properties of the money tree (elms): how to use the plant of good luck for therapeutic purposes


Tolstyanka true lovers of houseplants is also known in Russia under the name "money tree" or "crassula." Initially, this plant was seen in South Australia and Madagascar. It is an indoor species of a kind of succulent plants, very similar to a small tree, starting flowering between the ages of five and ten years. In the people he has many names, such as "monkey tree", "tree of love and happiness." According to fans of Feng Shui, a money tree brings success, wealth and well-being to its inhabitants in every home, it has the ability to absorb negative energy and that is why it is very actively used in Feng Shui exercises. It also has very beneficial healing properties.

In fans of various plants, it is considered popular because of its not capriciousness to the conditions in which it is grown. Resistant to a variety of pests and diseases, if you say in a few words about caring for them, then Crassula requires a little, it is only regular watering and moistening of the leaves. With a lack of moisture, leaves begin to fall from the tree, and if it is too wet to over-wet, it will simply die. In winter, Krassul enters the recreation center, the growth of leaves becomes slower, so it should be watered much less often.

Water should be at room temperature and at room temperature. In the spring and autumn you need to do it feeding. In summer, the tree is better to keep in the garden, if you have the opportunity, or on the balcony, but it must be protected from the rays of the sun. During reproduction, the plant produces cuttings, which are subsequently planted in the substrate.

Once a year or once in two years, the ornamental tree needs to be replanted, the pot should be chosen larger when compared with the previous one. Soil, which is necessary for transplantation, can be bought in the store, and you can do it yourself by mixing hardwood and soddy soil and sand. Here are two ways to plant a plant. Take the process and proceed. It is good to dry the stalk a little in the air, for a better effect, it can be poured with crushed coal, then landed and wait until it starts. But still the most reliable way is considered traditional, it is very simple, you need to put the appendage in a jar before the first roots appear.

Choosing the soil, you should not forget that the plant is thermophilic and the cacti soil will be the best option, the main thing is to take care of good drainage. It is prepared at home, three parts of leafy earth are mixed, one part of sand and the same soddy soil are poured in there, and also, if desired, humus or ash can be added there. Subsequently, the money tree needs to be transplanted once every few years, not forgetting to use larger pots.

We take into account that the crown of a plant is not easy and in order that it does not turn over, you need to choose a more stable, deep and heavy pot.

The best conditions for the growth of room culture will be those when it stands in a well-lit place, but, most importantly, that it should be protected from the rays of the sun. If the tree stands in the shade, it will negatively affect its development and condition. Crassula also likes to be in the fresh air, so the place where she is located must be constantly aired and, if possible, carried to the balcony or placed in any other ventilated room.

The growth of the money tree is positively affected by a sharp transition from night to daytime temperatures. It is precisely for this that we need to remove it to a ventilated room or a balcony.

Sometimes it is necessary for the correct development of fatty meat to provide her peace of mind from September to March, the temperature in the room where she is located should not exceed fifteen degrees, but if it is lower, then it is even better, the plant does not actually need watering during this period.

With regards to watering, the plant is very negative about waterlogging, it can lead to diseases or worse yet to death. Therefore, watering, you need to follow these rules:

  • need to start watering as the soil dries,
  • take a little water
  • and it must be warm

and once again we remind you that during calm time watering should be practically absent.

Succulents do not need spraying, but care must be taken to ensure that there are no dust accumulations on its leaves, so the leaves must be regularly cleaned.

When choosing fertilizers, give preference to liquid (those fertilizers that are used for cacti are well suited), they must be used twice a month.

Money tree practically does not get sick, and if you still notice painful symptoms, it means that you are not enough or, on the contrary, over-cared for him:

  • not watered during periods of drought
  • or, on the contrary, it was heavily overwetted in winter,
  • doused with cold water
  • it grew with a lack of light,
  • with strong drafts,
  • did not observe periods of rest.

To stop the disease and save the plants simply change the conditions of its existence.

The money tree began to be used in traditional medicine, but due to the presence of arsenic compounds in it, the use is not so extensive, and overdose has negative effects in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, or impaired consciousness.

  • Broth leaf decoction is effective for skin diseases of the head: dandruff, eczema, psoriasis.

  1. To prepare a remedy, you need to cut off a handful of leaves of the money tree and chop it with a knife so that they let the juice in.
  2. The resulting raw material is placed in a saucepan, filled with water and put on the fire.
  3. The mass is brought to a boil and kept for no more than a minute.
  4. The fire then needs to be turned off.
  5. The saucepan is covered with a lid and wrapped with a blanket so that the broth is present.

Cool infusion conduct daily rinsing hair. The thick, remaining after cooking broth, can be used as a mask for the roots of the hair and scalp. Such a procedure will improve the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

  1. Freshly prepared gruel of leaflets and sprigs of the money tree is applied to the sore joint, covered with gauze on top and left overnight. In the morning, the sore spot is washed with water and smeared with cream. Pain should be reduced after the first use. The procedure should be carried out every evening until the complete disappearance of pain.
  2. The tool can be used and not in the form of a compress. It is enough to spread the sore spot with freshly squeezed juice of the plant, wait until it dries out a little and leave for the night.

Nail fungus

  1. On a previously softened nail with cut off dead parts of the nail plate a leaflet of money tree is laid, from the surface of which a thin film is preliminarily removed. The plant is attached at night with a bandage or adhesive plaster.
  2. The leaves of the money tree to grind to the state of gruel. Add a small amount of sesame oil and attach the mixture to the focus of the disease. Gently wrap the place with a layer of gauze and secure with food film. Do not remove the bandage for at least six hours, but it is best to leave it overnight.

Is there any harm to health or not: contraindications to the use of plants in the home

Treatment using the money tree is recommended only after consulting a doctor., as there are contraindications.

    A fat woman can cause allergies, so before you start using any raw materials derived from it, it is good to have a test. To do this, a small amount of juice should be applied to the elbow bend.

The maximum effect of the treatment with Krassoula can be obtained by using the plant in combination therapy with the main drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Krassula deserves the title of the home doctor. The unique combination of decorative, unpretentiousness and a wide range of healing effects leads to the fact that even those who are not inclined to breeding houseplants still live on the window sills.