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Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500 Dehydrator


Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 Dryer - Family Dryer

Universal drying device Ezidri Hydraflow Industries from New Zealand will help preserve fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and other products without loss of vitamins, enzymes, macro and microelements.

Drying of vegetables, fruits and herbs is a well-known method of canning products from ancient times. Previously, only the sun and the wind were used for this, then they were dried in ovens, but today all this can be done with the help of a special drying apparatus.

Drying is the most natural way of preserving food, as such products are well stored. Some do not lose their taste in 3-4 years.

The drying process is similar to the natural. Dried products retain their vibrant natural color, aroma and taste. Medicinal herbs when drying retain all their medicinal properties, essential oils. Shelled apricots, cooked more than two years ago, to taste - just like that just cooked. Three-year-old pear is much better than candied fruit. And when you open a jar of dried strawberries, the room is filled with a pleasant aroma.

The dryer consists of a main platform and round mesh pallets that are stacked on top of each other. For grasses and small berries, a smaller mesh is put into the tray (flexible, removable plastic liner in the form of a mesh facilitates drying of sticky and loose products). For drying liquid products use a sheet for pastes - a continuous removable liner. A lightly oiled sheet serves to make fruit pastila and to dry soups and snacks.

Working with a dryer is easy. Products need to be washed, cut or rubbed and laid out on pallets, turn on the device in the outlet.

The engine creates a powerful stream of air, which, when heated, flows in equal portions to all installed pallets with products. Constantly incoming stream of warm dry air pushes the old one, which absorbs moisture from the products. The unique air flow pattern and microprocessor temperature control give the Ezidri the ability to dry evenly, quickly and with minimal energy.

The main advantage of Ezidri over dryers from other manufacturers is the ability to purchase and install additional pallets, sheets and nets to the basic configuration.

Drying time depends on the wateriness of the product. Greens dry in 2 hours. Mushrooms will be dry in 5-7 hours. Cherries, currants, grapes and blueberries will dry for a day. The duration of the drying of many products is listed in the user's book. Following the instructions in the user's book, it is easy to dry any vegetables and fruits, prepare a marshmallow.

Main characteristics:

  • The basis - ABS plastic
  • Base cover - fireproof polycarbonate
  • Pallets - ABS food grade plastic
  • Net sheet - food grade polypropylene
  • Pastila sheet - food grade polypropylene
  • Cover - ABS plastic
  • Diameter - 340 mm
  • Height - 268 mm (5 pallets)
  • Basic kit weight - 3.4 kg
  • Max. number of pallets - 15
  • Tray design - double wall
  • Passport power - 500 watts
  • Power supply - 230-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Safety - thermal fuse, double insulation
  • Temperature - Sensory (Low-Medium-High)
  • Manufacturer's warranty - 24 months

Basic kit: base, 5 pallets, 1 net sheet, 1 sheet for marshmallow, book of instructions and recipes.

Can be increased to:

  • 15 pallets - for drying greens, herbs and flowers,
  • 12 pallets - for drying fruits and vegetables, as well as meat,
  • 10 pallets - for drying mashed potatoes, appetizers and soups.

Temperature changes sensory, three positions:

  • Low (low) 35 ° С
  • Medium (medium) 50-55 ° С
  • High (high) 60 ° C.

Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500 dehydrator device

The compact model EZIDRI SNACKMAKER FD500 is called a family dryer, an indispensable assistant in the household. It is easy and convenient to dry foods - it is much more difficult to roll up in cans, and finished products do not require a place in the freezer as if it were frozen. The electronically controlled dryer has an elegant design, the shape of the device is close to cylindrical. The base of heat-resistant plastic has a diameter of only 34 cm, the height of the device with five pallets of the basic configuration is about 28 cm. The kit also includes a flexible mesh sheet and a solid tray for the preparation of marshmallow. Manufacturer with 25 years of experience Hydraflow Industries Limited has provided in the design the possibility of increasing the number of used pallets. For different types of processed products a different number of drying levels is recommended. Herbs and flowers are dried with a maximum of 15 trays, fruits, meat, vegetables - at 12, snacks, mashed potatoes - at 10.

Features of the dryer Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500

The preservation of the nutritional value of products after processing in an electronic dryer is due to the unique air supply circuit, as well as reliable control using microprocessors and programmable integrated circuits. The possibility of three temperature regimes is provided: Low (35 ° С), Medium (50-55 ° С), High (60 ° С). In the low-temperature mode, it is recommended to dry medicinal herbs, in the high-temperature mode - fish or meat, etc. Clear touch controls make it easy to choose a mode of operation. The time to achieve a good result depends on the type of initial product, usually it takes 8-16 hours. Double isolation and protection against overheating allows the device to work for a long time without supervision - in case of a malfunction, the device is switched off automatically.

Pros and cons of family electric dryers

The advantages of the dryer, noted in the positive user reviews, are the following:

  • uniform drying of products at all levels
  • reliable temperature control
  • variability of work modes,
  • preservation of taste and flavor of products,
  • thermal protection function
  • the ability to install additional sections,
  • lack of mixing smells of various products,
  • economical power consumption.

By cons, buyers attribute the absence of a timer and on / off button of the device. Additional pallets and timer can be purchased separately.

The international recognition of the manufacturer and the long-term guarantee form confidence in the long, reliable and efficient operation of the Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500 dehydrator. The family dryer is a great gift to the owner who cares about healthy nutrition!

Advantages of Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500

  • uniform convection of warm air throughout the entire volume of the drying cabinet,
  • mutual amplification of hot air flows
  • the presence of built-in temperature control functionality,
  • dried products practically do not change color, aroma and taste,
  • ease of use,
  • inside the drying cabinet the smells of the products do not mix,
  • the presence of a temperature fuse, disabling the unit in case of malfunction,
  • the ability of the electric motor to work up to 3 years without stopping,
  • special texture and density of the material for trays,
  • economical power consumption.

Technical Specifications of the Yezidri Dryer

  • Blow Type: Horizontal
  • Number of simultaneously installed pallets: 5-15 pcs
  • Diameter of pallets: 34 cm
  • Drying temperature of the product: three temperature conditions 35 ° C, 50 ° C, 60 ° C
  • Drying weight: up to 8 kg
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Dimensions (L x H): 340 x 268 mm
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Power consumption: 500 watts

10 trays with marshmallow

12 pallets with fruits, vegetables and mushrooms

15 pallets with flowers and herbs

7 reasons to buy a Ezidri Snackmaker FD 500 dryer:

  • it can dry up to 8 kg of products in a single approach,
  • different products can be dried at the same time - the exchange of odors is excluded,
  • after drying, the product retains its natural taste and aroma,
  • Drying has a long service life,
  • the presence of a thermal fuse and double insulation allows you to leave the dryer without control - in case of emergency, it will turn off automatically,
  • availability of a two-year warranty
  • the ability to make pastilles, muesli, candied fruits, toffee, fruit and vegetable chips, fish and meat snacks and many other tasty products at home.

  • Electric dryer for products professional Ezidri Snackmaker FD500

  • Base: ABS plastic
  • Base Cover: Fireproof Polycarbonate
  • Pallets: ABS food grade plastic
  • Net sheet: Food grade polypropylene
  • Leaf for marshmallow: Food polypropylene
  • Cover: ABS plastic
  • Diameter: 340 mm
  • Assembly height: 268 mm
  • Number of pallets: 5
  • Basic kit weight: 3.4 kg
  • Max. number of pallets: 15
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Power supply: 230-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Thermal cut-off, double insulation
  • Touch control of drying temperature
  • Warranty: 24 months

The basic kit includes:

  • Instrument base
  • 5 pallets
  • 1 mesh sheet
  • 1 sheet for marshmallow
  • Book of instructions and recipes

Basic kit can be increased to:

  • 30 trays for drying greens, herbs and flowers,
  • 12 pallets for drying fruits and vegetables, as well as meat,
  • 10 trays for mashed potatoes, snacks and soups.

Temperature changes sensory, three positions:

  • Low (low) 35 ° С
  • Medium (medium) 50-55 ° С
  • High (high) 60 ° C.
  • Production New Zealand.
  • Warranty 2 years.


Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 is a professional vertical dehydrator that meets the highest international quality standards. This drying device occupies a middle position between the professional Ezidri Ultra 1000 and the simplest single-temperature dryer Ezidri Classic FD300. The dehydrator allows you to dry fruits at home, vegetables, while maintaining beneficial properties, taste and aroma. Such products are stored for a very long time, they are lighter and take up little space. Drying technology allows you to save products for 5 years. To do this, simply place the dried products in a jar, bag or vacuum bag, and store them in a dry cabinet.

Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 has 3 installed temperature settings of 35, 50 and 60 degrees, up to 3.5 kg of products can be dried at a time. And with additional trays, you can load up to 8 kg of raw foods, such as vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, herbs.

All pallets are blown at the same time and evenly (they do not need to be interchanged). The process is completely safe: the dehydrator is equipped with a thermal fuse, and when the motor is not working properly, the dryer immediately shuts off. The walls of the housing of the dehydrator dryer are made of high-quality, heat-resistant plastic, which does not emit an unpleasant chemical smell even when first turned on.

The drying process is quite simple, everything happens in automatic mode. You only need to prepare the products, put them in trays, and then just click on the button to select the automatic drying mode.

Ezidri dehydrators are great for use in summer cottages, in places far from the city. The dryer consumes little power due to the microprocessor that regulates the temperature. Electricity consumption during the work of a dehydrator makes 170-500 W / hour. It depends on the temperature, the number of loaded sections and products. Works dehydrator from the mains 220, 50 Hz.

Due to the presence of microprocessor temperature control with an average drying cycle of 12 hours dryer Snackmaker FD500 consumes 1/2 of the rated power of 500 W / h, which is approximately 250 W / h.